Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life on the Hilltop

Ok, so I totally failed at taking pictures today - I was just so exhausted! I feel like ever since I got here its been just running around from one event to the next and staying up late and waking up early. So I took this photo from the NSO website, because I like it :) Its the entire freshman class on, I believe, Monday night? All the days blur together. I honestly have trouble remembering what I did this morning... Regardless, this was a fun night! The whole freshman class went to the football field, got tshirts and candles, and made a huge "HOYAS" in lights!

So I was planning to go to bed early tonight! I was like, I'm going to go back to my room and crash. It's past midnight, still up. Oh well, that's college right? I have my first classes tomorrow (so excited!) but thankfully they're not until 11:15 - I got lucky right? My earliest class is 9am and its only once a week :)

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I'm meeting up with a friend from Minnesota from tomorrow and I'm going to make her take pictures for me, so you will hopefully get a full-fledged outfit post AND some pictures from gtown! Sorry for all the caps. I feel like I normally never do it, but it feels appropriate right now :)

Have a good night, get some sleep (I could sure use some ^^)

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  1. good luck on your first day of classes!



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