Sunday, October 31, 2010


Sorry for my lack of regular posting (yet again), life has been crazy (yet again. in fact, does it ever stop?) Here are some photos from last - and I know this post is technically on Sunday since its almost 2am, but by last I mean Friday - night, when Nicole and I went out in costume

Aren't we cute? Guess who we are....

Did you guess? (I sound like Dora the Explorer)

I'm Alice in Wonderland (as I've already told), and she's Meg from Hercules! We didn't quite know what to do for a costume for Nicole, but we were looking through my closet and this look just popped out! The best ideas are the unexpected ones :)

Since this is a sort of an outfit post (or at least the closest I've gotten to one this weekend), here are some detail shots of my costume

And my clutch. Not really Alice-related, but you always need something to put your keys and phone in while out, and I thought this was the most appropriate for the occasion! And don't you think the dress is just the best color? It was one of Nicole's old homecoming dresses, and even though it's strapless, it's the closest to the real color - most everyone could tell who I was! (or they were too drunk to tell, but that's not my fault. But they all got a kick out of the fact that my name is Alison, which sounds like "Alice in". good times ^^). We hung out with a bunch of people from our floor before getting separated, then didn't know where else to go - and it was freezing. so. cold. - that we just went back to the dorm room, put on sweatpants, walked around in fuzzy socks, made hot chocolate, watched tv, and ate cookie dough. Yes, this is my life. Yes, I love it. 

And tonight I was babysitting. It meant that I didn't get to go out, but I don't mind. This I get paid for :) And anyways, there was some rap concert going on that I didn't want to go to, and that basically everyone else was at. And where I babysit, they feed me. Like legitimately home-cooked, good food. It's amazing. 

Oh, and also we went to the "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear" on the National Mall today! It was lots of fun, and I will put up some photos tomorrow, along with an outfit if I'm not too much of a slob. We shall see, it is a definite possibility, considering I've done no homework whatsoever this weeked, as per usual.

Well, according to my clock its already Halloween, so have a fun day!

Friday, October 29, 2010

OOTD: Green and Tan

Probably some of the most overdone colors this fall. I know. But I just love them! And sorry that this post is technically on Friday. It's Thursday's outfit, I'm just a college student and therefore never seem to get things done before midnight :)

vintage necklace
h&m button down
martin&osa tshirt
old navy skirt
jcrew bracelet
minnetonka moccasins

I promise my skirt wasn't this short when I was walking around today. I think it just got bunched a bit in the photo-taking process. I had a kind of crazy evening post-economics, so we couldn't take photos until around 11:45. But such is life

So this evening Nicole and I attempted to go shopping for Halloween costumes... since trick-or-treating is tomorrow... no big deal :) But we did it! Suprisingly, it's always the things you aren't thinking about that end up working! Nicole had an old homecoming dress that is a perfect Alice color, and while just browsing through my closet Nicole found a dress that inspired us to put together a Meg (from Hercules. best. disney movie. ever) together! Now we are all ready for our speed-trick-or-treating tomorrow afternoon!

Ok, so normally I would say more about my day, but its late and my contacts are starting to hurt. I think I'm going to skip my econ recitation tomorrow morning. Don't judge me. But I did well on the last midterm and I understand everything we have done so far, and I need to continue my healing process, something that I think won't happen if I have to get up that early. So I plan on not setting an alarm (ok, maybe I will set one, just as a safety precaution. But for like 10:30), and getting well-rested for what I am sure will be a fun-filled Friday!

Hope you are all resting up for an amazing Halloween weekend, get your beauty sleep :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OOTD: Back to the Real World...

Sort of. I mean, I am wearing real pants, and a cardigan. And rain boots! It was raining on and off, and I used that as an excuse to wear my rain boots aaaallll day :)

I still look a bit messy though. That's why I cropped out my face, even though I said I wouldn't do that. But I'm wearing my glasses and all together my face wasn't cooperating :)  Soooo, last night I looked at my eyes in the mirror and they were really bloodshot! I took out my contacts but they kept hurting all last night and into today, so I decided to give them a break for a day - otherwise I looked like I a) had just cried my eyes out b) had just woken up... not a bad option.... or c) was a druggie. And with the recent events of Saturday, we can't have that, can we? Not at all.

nordstrom cardigan
jcrew tshirt
old navy pants
norstrom bracelet
hunter boots

A few detail shots. In the one above, you can see my birthmark! It's so odd, just a little blob on the top of my left hand. When I was little my dad told me it was a spiderbite - apparently I did get bit pretty badly by a spider when I was little, but that wasn't the cause of this mark. And when I was in middle school, my friend used to draw little faces on it every day. Don't  you miss those days? Sometimes I do....

Good news: I've decided on a costume! And with no time to spare, trick-or-treating is Friday afternoon... after a little brainstorming session in the library earlier this evening, Nicole and I have each selected an option for Friday and are going shopping tomorrow! I am going to be.... drum roll... Alice in Wonderland! It seems like a pretty easy costume to pull off, I have a blue top and skirt which, when combined with a white apron and black-bow headband I'm going to find are going to be adorable and, most importantly, recognizable as a costume! I have to make a disclaimer that I feel kind of bad here, as my sister basically is Alice in Wonderland. She has the perfect hair for it, not to mention this adorable vintage blue dress that she wore to be Alice in a choir pageant. But since we are in different cities, I figure we can share for a day :) Nicole is probably going to be Cindy Loo Who, which I think is the cutest thing ever! Now if we can just get all of the missing pieces it should work out quite well.  Phew. Just in time.

As I am still sick, I am still planning on sticking to my bed-before-midnight routine. Thankfully, this semester I seem to have little to no work at all times :) Have a good night!

p.s I promise to do a  post with real photos somewhere else than my room with a self-timer soon! To all people whose first view of my blog is my last few posts, look into the archives! Things get more interesting than this :) My life has just been a little crazy (and sickly) for the past week. But I'm working on it....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Sorry for my lack of posting. After a whirlwind of a week with all of my visitors, I seem to have gone and gotten myself sick. So here is a picture of me wearing leggings as pants... I know, I wore them all day, they are sooo comfy and I feel I deserve them since I'm so miserable-feeling 

topshop necklace
hanes tshirt
ae cardigan
gap leggings

Sooo, while not posting, I've been sleeping. A lot. I skipped French yesterday and instead napped and watched tv. Basically I didn't leave my bed for hours, and it felt great. Nicole brought me soup, Allie (from my french class) brought me tea and butterscotches, and my roommate bought me tea and saltines. Can I just say that she is the sweetest ever? The room was a tornado this weekend because of Jenny's visit, not to mention that Jenny accidentally used her towels thinking they were mine. I actually came back to find Jackie chatting with Jenny, who was wearing her towel, and she literally didn't say a word about it! She is such a sweetie - when I woke up from my nap she asked me if I needed anything, and has let have some of her cold medicine. I feel so blessed to have such nice people around me while I'm sick, I couldn't imagine being sick without my family otherwise :)

This has been my life for the past few days - my bed and tea. Also I've been making myself drink obscene amounts of water and eat at least three clementines a day. I get at least 8 hours of sleep a day and have been napping for at least 1 more during the afternoons. Hopefully, with this regimen, I will be healthy and happy by Halloween weekend! Which reminds me... I don't have a costume!? Any suggestions for something easy I can come up with by Friday afternoon? That's when we have our SFS trick-or-treat at the embassies :)

Also this weekend is the rally put on by Stephen Colbert and John Stewart, which should be lots of fun, not to mention Halloween day itself. I worked tonight and will also be working tomorrow night. Ugh. Oh well, I get paid and tonight they fed me. I got sausage, asparagus, and real chocolate from Godiva! I am sooo spoiled. Well - I ran my poor, worn out, sick-voice ragged reading books for their child, shouldn't I get something? :)

Now I plan to watch a bit of tv (since I got back a little too late to go up and watch glee. sigh) and get to bed before midnight. Hope you are all healthy and happy!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

OOTD: Sightseeing

Jenny and I had a lovely day in the city yesterday! Here are some photos of our outfits, experiences, and purchases...

nordstrom bp cardigan
(jenny's) raybans
target tank
forever 21 blouse
vintage necklace
citizens of humanity jeans
minnetonka moccasins
vintage coach bag

rayban aviators
jcrew top
hudson jeans
jcrew flip flops
b.makowsky bag

These photos were taken outside of the FBI building, Jenny's future :) After that we wandered around more in the Federal Triangle area, past the EPA, the IRS, and other fun buildings like that... As we walked and were kind of tired, we stopped in at Starbucks for a coffee break (where we made the astonishing discovery that coffee is cheaper in DC than in MN. Weird.) then decided to go back to gtown for a movie afternoon. We invited Nicole and Mary Clare over and proceeded to watch Fool's Gold. Kate Hudson and Matthew Mcconaughey rom-com. Enough said, lots of fun to make fun of :)

My new purchases, both from forever 21. It may have been the most gigantically huge forever 21 in the history of mankind. It was stressful. 3 floors filled to the brim with clothes, and no conceivable method to their madness. However, I have been looking for a fluffy scarf for some time, and I think this burgundy color will complement my wardrobe quite well. And I do love large sparkly rings :)

After our movie afternoon we went to Chipotle for dinner, then came back to get dressed up to go out. Sadly we found no where to go, I'm assuming mostly due to an unfortunate incident that had occurred on Georgetown's campus earlier that morning (if you don't know what I'm talking about, type Georgetown into google news. You will find it. sigh.) So we ended up going to the 4th floor to watch the end of snl and a movie in a friend's room. Not exactly a party, but at least Jenny got to meet some people. I feel bad for the hospitality that Georgetown has shown her this weekend (in addition I have been horribly busy in the mornings - not that it matters to her, she just sleeps while I do things - so I feel I have not been the best host). But oh well, she seems to be enjoying herself? Now we are going to go make some ramen noodles and go to the library. Sound fun? I think so...

Have a lovely, relaxing Sunday for me - I will be studying. Get out and enjoy the lovely weather!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

OOTN: Blackout

In case you were wondering, I changed it to OOTN, or outfit of the night, since this is what Jenny and I wore out today. It's kind of been a crazy day, what with trying to catch up after avoiding so much when my parents were here while still trying to spend as much time hanging out with Jenny as possible. But today after I was done with a bit of theater stuff we went out to dinner, and here is what we wore...

bcbg top
forever21 skirt
hue tights
h&m flats

So Jenny and I had a bit of an adventure getting to the restaurant this evening. I got back from painting and staining for the show around 7:30, and our reservations were at 8:45. You'd think we could get there on time, right? Wrong. After unsuccessfully trying to pick out an outfit for Jenny for the first 30 minutes, I finally got her to stick with something only for her to have to do her make-up, when we had an 8:20 bus to catch if we were ever going to make it to the metro with enough travel time. I make this all sound like Jenny's fault, which it really wasn't - or maybe it kind of was, but she was a trooper. She went barefoot from my dorm to the bus stop so that we could walk quickly and try to make it, even though it was freezing, and put up with some fast walking for the rest of the night (and the fact that I messed up the bus schedule on our way back and we had to wait outside in the cold for about 20 minutes... but details ^^). Regardless, it was a crazy travel evening, but we had a lovely dinner! And Jenny discovered that she is more of a carpaccio person than a tartare person, a valuable discovery :)

topshop necklace
necessary clothing dress
manolo blahnik shoes
Aren't  you jealous!? I know I am. Jenny is one lucky girl, and got herself a pair of signed manolos. She bought the shoes and then went to the store and actually met him! She wore the shoes around the town tonight, which I applaud her for,  more than I could do in stilettos...

Look at the mess that is my room! Jenny always managed to make my room a tornado at home in MN, and I guess here is no exception. Ugh, I'm going to have to clean this up before I go to bed, I won't be able to sleep with all of this clutter and disorganization....

I promise to get back on a regular schedule of posting next week, but in the meantime hope everyone has a fun-filled weekend, I know I plan to!

Friday, October 22, 2010

OOTD: Schoolgirls

Sorry that I haven't posted in foreveeerrr, but my family was in town visiting me this past week so I have been back in my room with time to spare for approximately no time. However, while at their hotel Natalie and I did a photoshoot, something I have really missed. Here are our results....

Natalie stayed over Tuesday night and I dressed her the next day in my clothes (can you tell?) so I can cite her outfit too:
h&m cardigan
h&m shirt
target skirt
hue tights
minnetonka moccasins

I missed this :)

Lovely gardens too, don't you think? Mom and I stayed here last time we were in DC while I was still trying to figure out my college decisions, and we absolutely loved it here! They have the best rooms and are right on a metro station - actually only one station away from Georgetown! Funny story though - when Colleen and I went out last weekend and were walking around Eastern Market area (near the capital), we totally convinced ourselves that we were right near Woodley Park! Wrong side of the city... I guess we don't know our way around quite that well yet :)

big it up hat
charter club sweater
forever 21 belt
jcrew skirt
gray tights
aldo boots

My week with them was so fun! I already posted about Tuesday, but on Wednesday we went to get cupcakes in the morning before class (they didn't like Georgetown Cupcake, but I took them to Baked and Wired and they loved it there, so there you go ^^).  In the afternoon we went grocery shopping and got lunch - I have good bread and cheese now! My roommate was laughing at me because I was just sitting on the floor scarfing down a huge chunk of bread. I missed it so much... Wednesday night we all went out to dinner down by their hotel, then picked up some desserts and ate them at the hotel while watching a pay-per-view movie. I stayed the night there, and it was ah-mazing. I slept in a huge, comfy bed (like a rock may I add. I don't think I moved until my mom woke me up), and showered in a clean shower without  shoes. May I repeat: I was wearing no shoes. And it was sanitary. So. Exciting.

On Thursday we got breakfast by the hotel, and Nicole came and ate with us! We normally get breakfast on Thursday mornings, and since I wasn't going to be at Georgetown I thought she could come to us, and meet my family! It was fun, and quite a good breakfast. Post-Russian class I was free for the afternoon (since I made what I would call a very wise - and parent supported - decision to skip Econ). We got lunch at the hotel, walked around the city, and did a little shopping. Then we got dinner at the same pizza place we got lunch at the day before (it was really good. plan on going back there again), and we said goodbye. I'm going to miss them a lot! But, my dad will be out in two weeks for business and is staying the night so that he can hang out with me, and I will be home for Thanksgiving in basically a month. And Jenny is here now! It's going to be such a fun weekend, can't wait to be done with class so I can enjoy it...

Glad to be posting again, hope you all had a lovely  middle of the week!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

OOTD: Hand-Knit Vest

My vest is from my Grandma! She knit it for me last year as a present, and for some reason I didn't bring half of my sweaters with me so my mom sent it to me in a box - I just love it! It dresses down a white button-down and my little stack of chains quite well I think

 Doing a little jig on the way back - sooo excited to have my family here! They arrived this afternoon, and after hanging out with them in their hotel room my parents went to a work dinner; my cousin Ashley, sister Natalie, and I went to dinner back near campus! It was so great to just catch up with them on their lives and how high school is going. We got thai food and ice cream, it was quite tasty

vintage necklaces
old navy shirt
vest knit by my grandma :)
vintage purse
gap jeans
minntetonka moccasins

I was planning on putting this up before midnight so that it would actually be Tuesday's post, but I ended up getting in an hour-long chat with people from my floor - Natalie wanted to meet people, so she was happy to see what I do everyday.
Tomorrow we plan to get the free cupcake (because we all know that is a regular event for me ^^) then after Russian get lunch and go grocery shopping - can't wait for some good bread! Then we'll all go out to eat again tomorrow, since my parents couldn't come to dinner last night. It's been so much fun to see them. And my friend Jenny gets in Thursday afternoon, so it's a crazy, but super-fun week

You are probably all sleeping... so sweet dreams!

Monday, October 18, 2010

OOTD: Brown and Blue

This is one of those outfits that looks so much better in my head - I tweaked it a few times throughout the day, still not sure if I ever got it completely right, but oh well! You can't look perfect every day ;)

martin&osa sweater
heritage1981 belt
zara skirt
minnetonka moccasins

You actually really can't tell, but I belted the bottom half of the sweater, just to give the outfit some shape...

On the bright side, my camera was a lot more cooperative today, with not blurriness whatsoever - and I really like this photo!

My parents get here tomorrow! I can't wait to see them. Straight after economics I'm going to head over to their hotel so that I can spend as much of the evening as possible with them (that's also why I'm going to try and finish a 5-page paper for my seminar tonight. wish me luck^^)

Don't really have much to say today. It was a pretty chill day. I read and took a nap in between classes, I went to the gym for the first time in two weeks, just got back from dinner after my production meeting. Probably this will be the last chill day I get for the next week, so I should savor it. Please excuse the insane ramblings that may follow in the next few posts, understand that I am probably operating under extreme time constraints just in general for life :)

I'm going to savor my free evening, enjoy yours!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

OOTD: Stripes Again

I'm starting to feel so unoriginal! After hitting the snooze button a few too many times this morning and taking a shower that was just a bit too long, I had very little time to put together an outfit before going to my first day babysitting - and a striped tshirt and cardigan is just sooo easy for me! 

old navy tshirt
zara cardigan
vintage necklace
jcrew pants

I'm sorry for the obnoxious blurriness of my photos lately! I don't know what is up with my camera. For anyone with a semi-manual camera (the Sony HX1 to be specific), if you have any tips for me feel free to share. I hope to take one of the free classes that came with my camera when I get back home, but until then I am slightly baffled.

One of the benefits of college - free tshirts. Seriously! I have 4 already, and I get another one with my basketball tshirt. With that one I will be up to 5 - and I haven't even managed to get all the ones that were available! Nicole has 5 or 6, and she wasn't even here this weekend to get these 2. I know, two free tshirts in one weekend, it's intense :) I will be set for pajamas and lounging-in-the-room days for the rest of my life.

My vintage coach! I just love this little bag sooo much, and I've been carrying it this weekend for various events and getting compliments on it so I figured I would share it with you - I've worn it before in photos, but I don't think I've ever done a close-up... regardless, I just think it's so cute, it's like a mini-briefcase! Ok, done ranting about my bag :)

So, this morning was my first experience of my new job! If you don't already know I'm babysitting for a family that lives near GW - they have the cutest little girl, and it was quite fun! We read books and played dress-up, but most importantly - we carved a pumpkin! Well, I carved a pumpkin, she didn't want to get her hands dirty. Still, it was something I didn't think I would get to do in college. And I get paid, so it was a fun afternoon :) Oh, and funny story - as I was walking back on campus, I decided to quick swipe into the dining hall and get some lunch. I walk in to find that they are still serving breakfast. It's 1:30 in the afternoon! I've been up and working for over three hours! And people are still eating breakfast!?! Lucky ducks... welcome to college life.

I'm off to the library, trying to get as much work done for this week so that I can spend time with my family. Have a lovely evening, rest up, tomorrows Monday...

Night Out!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I didn't get back to my dorm until late and just wanted to go to bed. It's parents weekend here at Gtown, which is a little awkward for me since my parents aren't here (they're getting here Tuesday, its not like they're just abandoning me ^^). Regardless, everyone that I normally spend time with is out with their parents. So I got to go hang out with Colleen! It was really quite fun

old navy cardigan
eyeshadow tshirt
necessary clothing skirt
black tights (which now have a hole in them. sad)
h&m flats
unknown clutch

Sorry for the shoddiness of these photos, I wasn't about to bring my new camera with me, so I brought my old one, and it doesn't do the best in low light. So, first we went and got dinner at this place Colleen found near the capital, called Cafe Mezze. It was reaallly tasty - they gave us a basket of pita bread and Colleen and I were both so starved for good bread that we ate two baskets of it!

yummy french fries with cheese
tzatziki - how we missed this from our Greece tour two years ago! Throughout the entire meal we were sooo excited to eat Greek food again, it really is the best

Some random person took this on the metro for us when they saw me struggling to take it myself ^^
Just thought I would include it, since it represents sooo much of our night - random traveling and waiting. Post-dinner, we took the metro to chinatown to get a cupcake, then sat on the steps of the National Portrait Gallery, then searched for a bathroom in the galleries (making a pit-stop in Urban outfitters...  see photo below ^^). After that we decided we wanted to go to a club, since I had never been before! Her friends at Catholic told us to go to Hawk n' Dove, and we decided on there since all the other clubs were in really sketchy areas. But we got there and nothing was happening! It's technically a bar that turns into a club when lots of kids get there, but no one was there! They kept saying, just wait, it'll happen. But when? It's 11:00 already!?! But they weren't lying. People did come, and it was super fun. I definitely enjoyed my first experience clubbing

We tried on everything furry in the store. Just doesn't work on me...

Oh, and random anecdote - when trying to figure out what to do when it seemed like Hawk n' Dove wouldn't work out, I suggested I could try and find something for us to do back at Georgetown, since there are always parties going on there. Colleen said that since it was parent's weekend that probably wouldn't be true. Lies. Definitely got hit on by a group of drunk guys while walking back on campus, kind of amusing when you're sober... Regardless, moral of the story is never underestimate how much Georgetown kids like to party :)

Have a lovely, relaxing Sunday!

Friday, October 15, 2010

OOTD: Little Military

Day two in the stairwell - Mary Claire took my photos, and we were trying to be quick so that we could get to Midnight Madness. What is Midnight Madness you ask? Something that apparently we had to stand in line for tickets, and stand in line to get in, and stand during, for about a total of 6 hours. It was a pep rally for the basketball team. They are a big deal here. Still. 6 hours? My feet hurt.

h&m shirt
necessary clothing dress
black tights?
h&m flats

I'm wearing a bit of military-inspired garb today - I put on my new dress with some tights, and since it is quite short I wanted to balance it with something more oversized. Enter one of my newer shirts from h&m! I quite liked my outfit today :)

Crazy spinning shot that didn't quite work out - I still kind of enjoy it though :)

This morning I finally got my econ midterm back! I did really well, which was beyond exciting for me! My first college midterm, and I was kind of unsure on the subject. Regardless, I think this is a good start to my academic career at Georgetown :)

Other than that, and Midnight Madness, not much has happened today. I might go to someone's room for a movie party, but who knows... there is a post-rally dance party going on outside the gym, but my feet hurt. A lot. And I'm going dancing with Colleen tomorrow, so I will live if I don't get to dance tonight. We shall see

Hope everyone has a great start to their weekend!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

OOTD: Rain Boots!

Guess what - it rained today! 

Sorry for the slight blurriness of all today's photos - I must have been moving at all the wrong times, and Nicole had to leave quite quickly. She's going out of town to a wedding this weekend, and I'm not happy - I had to go to brownies and quesadilla night by myself, not to mention Midnight Madness tomorrow night! Not a fan. Oh well, I guess it's what I did to her last weekend. 

target tank
forever 21 blouse
old navy cardigan
gap jeans
hunter boots
sophie watch

I was enjoying my rainboots a little too much today - going out of my way to splash in puddles, annoying the guys on our way to lunch. "Why is it girls are allowed to have boots that let them step ankle-deep in water? I'm going to go buy myself a pair of girl-boots" - please, you go do that :) Regardless, I really enjoy them and wouldn't mind if it rained again... does make it a bit chilly though, and umbrellas can be tedious. But such is life.

I was sooo productive today! I not only finished my homework that's due for tomorrow, I did some homework that's not due for awhile! I think it's because I was planning on having a quiet weekend (since its parent's weekend and mine aren't coming until next week, I figure it will be pretty quiet around the dorm), but it turns out I have a lot to do! Midnight Madness (official beginning of the basketball season - veerrry big deal at Gtown ^^) Friday night, gospel choir events and going out with Colleen on Saturday, my first day babysitting (my new job - sooo excited!) and more gospel choir on Sunday. Oofta. Lots to do. So I will have to be very productive when I get free time. We'll see if that happens...

I ate horribly today, but it was tasty. Hope you all had a tasty day too :)