Friday, October 1, 2010

OOTD: New Vest

I love my new vest! It's kind of menswear-ish, reminds me of a waistcoat with the silk back and tie, and is just overall very nice feeling. To keep it simple I just paired it with a white tshirt and skinny jeans, along with my much-worn (I know, probably too much) black flats - a good go-to Friday outfit I think!

I'm really liking this location! It is the apartment-style living complex right next door to my dorm, and while wandering around it earlier today for show-prop-related-things (not that interesting of a story so I won't tell it) it just popped into my head that it reminded me of the winter Chanel ads! I featured them in a story a while back as my favorite ads at the time ("Ads Done Right") and all the stairs and levels of Village A just really resonated with me! So I decided to take my photoshoot-of-the-day down there. Colleen and I took a lot of photos, so here are a few more...

hanes tshirt
gap vest
h&m jeans
h&m flats

Colleen made me put this one up - "You look happy! Different from all the other photos on your blog" - thanks? I am not a huge fan, but she is a helpful photographer, so I will oblige :)

Sooo, rough morning. My alarm went off at 8:30 (I know I'm spoiled) and I was this close to turning it off and going back to bed. But no. I got up and took a shower and went to my optional econ recitation so that I would be prepared for my midterm next week. Got to be honest, I don't feel any more enlightened post-recitation. At least I can say I tried :)

I had to do Grab-n-Go for lunch today (because of a two hour Russian class. fun fun fun ^^), which I am reeeally not a fan of. There sandwiches are ridiculously unhealthy, and not that good either. But I got a chicken caesar wrap and ate around it so that I could just get the chicken and the (strangely green) tortilla part - and no, I don't mean that the tortilla was old and getting green. The whole tortilla was bright green. I don't know why. There were also orange ones... 

This evening we are going shopping! We are toodling around M street until the shops close, then having a sort of quasi-sleepover in my room - both Nicole and I have absent roommates this weekend, and Colleen is staying over to make her commute to the airport easier tomorrow morning. Yay for more unhealthy eating!

Hope everyone has a fun Friday night!


  1. Jst stumbled upon ur lovely blog..loving ur vest...u look cute!!

  2. I love your vest its really nice. New follower right here.

    Love from

  3. i love vests, they really make a difference to an outfit :) x

  4. really cute outfit, simplistic and classic!
    We like it :)

    Cheers, B & Liv
    B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥


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