Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Purchases!

Sooo, I was kind of tired from life this morning so I put together a completely uninspiring look of a tshirt and jeans. And flip flops. I know, don't judge, it doesn't happen that often :)

So now you all get to see what I bought over the weekend!

Black dress from forever 21; other two from necessary clothing

I love these dresses! I've always loved the banded dress thing, but have never been brave enough to try it. But I decided to try on the black dress at forever 21 just for fun, and we (Beth and I) loved it too much to let it go - the back has some sheer panels alternating too near the top, soo adorable! And the other two are good easy dresses, but I think I could easily dress up the purple one (and probably the patterned one too, for that matter) for a night out

from left to right: forever 21, necessary clothing, uniqlo

I am in love with this first skirt! I wore it in my first outfit photo in for New York, Part II, and it is beyond cute. It's a tiny bit small since I had to buy it in a small, but it is worth it. I think of it as my incentive to stay healthy. And the middle one is another take on the banded look (I know, from 0 to 60 right?). But I tried it on with the white tshirt and chunky necklace I was wearing at the time and it was cute just like that, and so I thought why not? And the third is kind of a fun take on the leather trend, with the flouncy layers. Should be fun to play with...

necessary clothing; forever 21

The top on the left from necessary clothing is in the second half of my post for New York Part II. I love the little foxes! And the pocket and interesting back are so great, but thankfully don't necessitate any different undergarments :) And the second top is just so simple and chic I couldn't resist...

So there you have it, my purchases from my NYC weekend - I can't wait to wear them all! In case you were wondering, I had my Russian quiz that I was complaining about yesterday, and I think that it went well! We will see when I get it back later this week... 

My family is coming a week from today! I can't wait, it has been sooo long since I saw them last. And my sister will be staying the night with me, which will be so much fun! Also, they are bringing with them my birthday present from my Grandma since it couldn't be shipped, and I can't wait to get it!

It feels like it's a Monday, but it's a Tuesday! Doesn't get better than that, does it?


  1. i love the dress on the right! the silky print & the banded waist <3 i've been meaning to wear more waisted stuff. hope you enjoy your time with your family :) when i was staying in the dormitory, a group of friends & my sister dropped by once to give me a birthday surprise & my sister stayed over too, so i kind of understand your excitement! ^^ thanks for dropping by my blog & for the lovely comment <3

  2. I love commenting on your blog :) Love the clothes, can't wait to see them! The bandage dress is cute, I'm so obsessed. I want the real Herve Leger thing haha. And miss you :)


  3. I love all three dresses :) and the band skirt is a gorgeous colour :) yay for seeing your family xx

  4. nice shopping trip! i love the purple dress and all the skirts :) x


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