Sunday, October 3, 2010

OOTD: Army Green

Sooo, this is my outfit for Saturday, it's technically Sunday now, but it's just really late at night (or early morning if you want to think about it that way). Regardless, here are a few photos I just snapped of myself before I go to bed. As Sunday is generally sweatpants day, I felt I should put up some sort of outfit post for the weekend :)

topshop necklace
h&m shirt
target tank top
h&m jeans

We went shopping yesterday! Here is one of my new shirts - I hadn't gone shopping since getting here (probably a personal record for me), so I probably spent more than I should, especially since I'm going to NYC next weekend, but whatever. 

Today I spent the majority of my day cleaning out a theater - sorting metal pieces that may or may not have given me tetanus,  inhaling large amounts of dust that inevitably was circulation throughout the space, those sorts of fun things :) Seriously though, I got there at 10 and didn't get to leave until 6 in the evening. Ugh. It was fun but I felt dead by the end.

After dinner, a group of people decided to go to the monuments at night. It was lots of fun! We walked there, which I've decided isn't actually that bad. However, it has gotten chilly in D.C. Never thought I would be unhappy for it to get cooler, but I was thoroughly unprepared for tonight! I was a bit chilly...

Tomorrow is homework day as per usual! I have done nothing (literally nothing) productive all weekend, so I really need to buckle down. I have leftovers from Thai food on Friday night, so I probs won't even go to the dining hall for lunch. Such is college life.

Hope everyone had a fun evening!


  1. I love your shirt. Rocking the military look i see.

    Lots of love

  2. I like your bedroom! and your military jacket!

  3. I love the jeans and the jacket so cute :) your monument walk sounds really fun haha :) x


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