Friday, October 22, 2010

OOTD: Schoolgirls

Sorry that I haven't posted in foreveeerrr, but my family was in town visiting me this past week so I have been back in my room with time to spare for approximately no time. However, while at their hotel Natalie and I did a photoshoot, something I have really missed. Here are our results....

Natalie stayed over Tuesday night and I dressed her the next day in my clothes (can you tell?) so I can cite her outfit too:
h&m cardigan
h&m shirt
target skirt
hue tights
minnetonka moccasins

I missed this :)

Lovely gardens too, don't you think? Mom and I stayed here last time we were in DC while I was still trying to figure out my college decisions, and we absolutely loved it here! They have the best rooms and are right on a metro station - actually only one station away from Georgetown! Funny story though - when Colleen and I went out last weekend and were walking around Eastern Market area (near the capital), we totally convinced ourselves that we were right near Woodley Park! Wrong side of the city... I guess we don't know our way around quite that well yet :)

big it up hat
charter club sweater
forever 21 belt
jcrew skirt
gray tights
aldo boots

My week with them was so fun! I already posted about Tuesday, but on Wednesday we went to get cupcakes in the morning before class (they didn't like Georgetown Cupcake, but I took them to Baked and Wired and they loved it there, so there you go ^^).  In the afternoon we went grocery shopping and got lunch - I have good bread and cheese now! My roommate was laughing at me because I was just sitting on the floor scarfing down a huge chunk of bread. I missed it so much... Wednesday night we all went out to dinner down by their hotel, then picked up some desserts and ate them at the hotel while watching a pay-per-view movie. I stayed the night there, and it was ah-mazing. I slept in a huge, comfy bed (like a rock may I add. I don't think I moved until my mom woke me up), and showered in a clean shower without  shoes. May I repeat: I was wearing no shoes. And it was sanitary. So. Exciting.

On Thursday we got breakfast by the hotel, and Nicole came and ate with us! We normally get breakfast on Thursday mornings, and since I wasn't going to be at Georgetown I thought she could come to us, and meet my family! It was fun, and quite a good breakfast. Post-Russian class I was free for the afternoon (since I made what I would call a very wise - and parent supported - decision to skip Econ). We got lunch at the hotel, walked around the city, and did a little shopping. Then we got dinner at the same pizza place we got lunch at the day before (it was really good. plan on going back there again), and we said goodbye. I'm going to miss them a lot! But, my dad will be out in two weeks for business and is staying the night so that he can hang out with me, and I will be home for Thanksgiving in basically a month. And Jenny is here now! It's going to be such a fun weekend, can't wait to be done with class so I can enjoy it...

Glad to be posting again, hope you all had a lovely  middle of the week!

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  1. J'aime beaucoup ces petites tenues! Très preppy.

    Un grand merci pour ton adorable commentaire; j'aime beaucoup ton blog, je te fallow ;)

    Bon weekend!
    ♥ Chloé.


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