Friday, October 15, 2010

OOTD: Little Military

Day two in the stairwell - Mary Claire took my photos, and we were trying to be quick so that we could get to Midnight Madness. What is Midnight Madness you ask? Something that apparently we had to stand in line for tickets, and stand in line to get in, and stand during, for about a total of 6 hours. It was a pep rally for the basketball team. They are a big deal here. Still. 6 hours? My feet hurt.

h&m shirt
necessary clothing dress
black tights?
h&m flats

I'm wearing a bit of military-inspired garb today - I put on my new dress with some tights, and since it is quite short I wanted to balance it with something more oversized. Enter one of my newer shirts from h&m! I quite liked my outfit today :)

Crazy spinning shot that didn't quite work out - I still kind of enjoy it though :)

This morning I finally got my econ midterm back! I did really well, which was beyond exciting for me! My first college midterm, and I was kind of unsure on the subject. Regardless, I think this is a good start to my academic career at Georgetown :)

Other than that, and Midnight Madness, not much has happened today. I might go to someone's room for a movie party, but who knows... there is a post-rally dance party going on outside the gym, but my feet hurt. A lot. And I'm going dancing with Colleen tomorrow, so I will live if I don't get to dance tonight. We shall see

Hope everyone has a great start to their weekend!

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  1. I am adoring the shirt!! But gosh 6 hours! Hope you gals had fun!



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