Wednesday, August 31, 2011

first photos back

It's my first set of outfit photos taken back at Georgetown! And poor Nicole is back to having to take photos for me... Well at the very least this was taken about 100 yards from our dorm and took about 2 minutes. She's really good at rapid-fire picture taking. Which is good, since about 99% half or so of my photos are unusable due to my weird facial expressions. Here are the ones that worked out:

 old navy button down
uo skirt
vintage necklace 
thrifted coach bag
born sandals

It's my favorite shirt again! I was talking with my dad the other day about the size of my wardrobe (he's appalled) when he said: "So you probably own 50 or so shirts, so you only wear them a few times a year, right?" - that's if they're not this shirt. Seriously I'm sure that if you look back in the posts I've worn it a couple times in the past month. There are just some shirts that go with everything, you know? Or that work as a good fallback when you wake up and realize you have literally no idea what to wear...

Ok, got to be honest and say that there are these pink dots all over my skirt and I have no idea if they're supposed to be there. No, not the red dots, I'm not stupid. But see those little pink splotches? What are they? Did I get drugged and attacked with a pink highlighter? It's a mystery I fear I may never solve.

First day of sophomore year is officially under my belt! Russian was surprisingly not as much of a massacre as I expected it to be (considering I remember nothing, that is. Is that a problem?) and all the rest of my classes were just intro stuff and got let out early! So now on to the gym tonight, in preparation for the cupcake I'm going to eat tomorrow :) My first cupcake of the semester! Needless to say I'm pretty excited... Hope you all had a lovely Wednesday

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

new room

Just to warn you all in advance, dorm rooms come complete with horribly unflattering fluorescent lights, so don't judge me too harshly for the odd lighting in these photos - I did what I could. Also, you should all know that I cleaned before I took pictures. I don't know if you should be thanking me that everything was neat or if I should be thanking you for forcing me to clean my floor? Probably the latter

My desk, in all its chaotic organized glory. Note the picture in the top right corner, which corresponds to the empty spot on my wall you will see in the last photo. It fell off the wall today. While I was napping. It fell on my head.

I hope Nicole doesn't mind me putting pictures of her side of the room on my blog? Regardless, I just wanted to show you all her adorable photo mural-thing! She actually spent forever on it! And is her lovely roommate in any of those photos? No. Actually there were no good pictures of us together. Quite sad.

A contained explosion of all my make-up and jewelry. It has actually become a bit of a joke with everyone to compare my side of the vanity with Nicole's. For while she has jewelry and make-up too, she doesn't have it to the same degree I do. And the contrast is hilarious. And below is my closet! While it has more hanging room than I remembered when I came to visit, still not nearly enough for all my dresses, skirts, and button-downs - of which I own a copious amount.

My bed! I have all my cute pillows and blankets, which will go amazingly well with the quilt my friend Elizabeth (and her mom) made me for my birthday! Since it's so hot here in D.C. (for so long. Like actually - oh and I had no room in my suitcase. Shocker I know) my mom is bringing it out to me when she comes for parent's weekend in October! It's a lot of light blue and purple, which will go so perfectly! And in reference to the fallen picture, I believe I've given up on it and am going to buy some posters. Something classy, like a Monet waterlillies print. Pretty excited for that... Now Nicole just came back from dance and we are going to watch "The Lying Game" - classes start tomorrow, send good vibes!

Monday, August 29, 2011

new favorite

While out and about on M Street with my dad last night I discovered a new favorite store! All Saints - I'm sure those of you from Europe have heard of it, I knew of it (as I'm slightly obsessed with the U.K?) but I'd never actually seen anything of their clothing. All I have to say is love. Actually, I just sent in an application to work there! And now that I actually have retail experience, I may actually have a chance? Anyways, here are some pictures from the store, as well as a few new purchases (they're a bit on the pricey side, so sadly I probably won't be getting as much as I'd like from them in the future)

 image via washington post

images via

My gorgeous flamingo shirt - kind of in love with the fact that the print is flamingos... I seem to have something with animal prints on shirts? Like the bird print shirt I got today at Forever 21 - do not worry readers my friends now have me on a full-on shopping ban. There will be no more new clothing for quite a while... Regardless. Love this shirt. It also seems really good quality, believe their silk is Italian printed? Also, think I bought it a bit of a larger size (they have a lot of UK sizes), but since when have I shied away from an oversize shirt? Actually, that's about all I own...

And my moth shirt! I actually think this is so cool. I showed it to my roommate and she looked quite skeptical, but conceded that it looks like something I would wear. That seems to be a theme with my dressing - people not quite understanding, but agreeing that I'll pull it off just fine. Love the dip between the front and the back hems, they just have such great detailing at this store!

Moral of the story - if you ever happen to find yourself at an All Saints store (or check their website - they have an Archive section where you can buy clothing from past seasons at deep discounts), this is what I would recommend it for:
  • beautifully printed silk tops
  • fun (but kind of dark) graphic tees
  • gorgeous leather pieces and intricately beaded skirts and dresses (if only I weren't a poor college student...)

I'm all moved in! My room is significantly smaller than last year (pictures to come soon), but it all fits and looks quite cute if I do say so myself! But honestly: the hurricane was a joke. Now I don't mean to belittle the places that really got hit hard, but here in D.C. it was honestly just a bad rainstorm with a bit of wind added in. Come to Minnesota in the winter and I'll show you a weather emergency. I mean honestly.

Going out with the girls tonight, but for now I think I need a nap. What is it about school that makes me so darn tired? Oh well. Hope you are all having a lovely week

p.s. Decided to add their banner to my right-hand column, I just really love them! Check them out if you feel so inclined...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Alison attempts to wear color

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I go back to Georgetown tomorrow! Well, if Irene has anything to say about it, maybe not, but... assuming I can land despite tropical storms and such, I will be moved in by Sunday! Kind of bittersweet. Obviously I can't wait to be back, see my friends, and start new classes. But I'm going to miss my family and friends here so much! It's hard having two lives, isn't it? I'd say anyone else in college could agree...

old navy dress
born sandals

So this is something your probably haven't seen in awhile (ever?) - me wearing color! When I was working at Old Navy back a few weeks ago I saw this on a rack I was processing and fell in love with the cut. Since it's a medium it's a bit big, but the low back (see two below) is so pretty! And I like it tied with the little floral tie. Weird, isn't it? Don't worry, I won't  be becoming Rainbow Brite anytime soon

Woah. Can we just stop for a second and process the fact that I have nicely done nails!? I know. Weird. We shan't reference that previous post where my nails were, ummmm, let's just say not fit for the Internet. But Elizabeth and I went out for lunch today (and got 3 amazingly yummy desserts to share between the two of us. Yes, I did say 3) and afterward I convinced her to go down to the little cheap nail salon nearby and get a mani-pedi with me! After all the time I spent on my feet in Old Navy lately, I decided my feet needed a little pampering.

It appears yesterday was the day of notes and today is anecdotes: so I came down to the den yesterday with a pair of earrings in my hand and said to my mom - "Mom, will you please inflict the pain on me that I can't do to myself and re-pierce my ears for me?" Literally, word for word. Needless to say it was a painful few minutes in the bathroom, but that's what you get for not wearing earrings for upwards of 4 months...

Seriously though, hurricane Irene better not get in the way of me getting back to school! I mean, I'm sad to go, but I've set my mind on being back tomorrow, and waiting around a few extra days in Minnesota due to inclement weather is not going to make me feel any better about leaving. Grrrr. Now I need to go finish up the dregs of my packing

One more thing though: due to the fact that no one responded to my post yesterday claiming a prize, I won't be sending out my prize. I'm sorry if this makes anyone unhappy, but I gave everyone who entered a full 24 hours to jump in and ask for it. I still love you all for reading, thank you for all your support! Have a lovely evening and, for those of you on our Eastern Coast, I wish you luck. Send good vibes towards my flight :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

packing is hard.

Sooo, ummmm, I leave for school in 2 days? And I just started packing? And my parents are only giving me 3 bags? No, I don't know where all my clothing is going to go either. This should probably tell me something about the size of my wardrobe? But I'm going to ignore that something. Instead, I'll show you the clothing mountain: 

Oh, and all the jewelry I have to go through. Note: we aren't even looking at my jewelry box here. Just all the jewelry strewn across the top of my dresser. Yes I know, problems. Where is this all going to go in my dorm room, you ask? I honestly don't know...

james perse tshirt
charlotte russe shorts
old navy cuff
minnetonka moccasins

Note: Today is one of those days where I apparently don't smile in any photos. Mostly because I looked really unattractive in all smiling photos. Also note: apparently I'm giving lots of notes in this post. Regardless, isn't my new bracelet sparkly?! I'm kind of in love (see detail shot below), despite it kind of getting in the way of me packing - which happens to be my general gripe with bracelets, but whatever, I'm over that now. Oh, and can we also note how happy I am to have a pair of brown moccasins again? Seriously. Missed them so much.

Funny story about this shirt. It being so oversized and everything, there is no bending over while wearing it. Unless you want to flash everyone your leopard-print bra? I for one really don't. As you can see, we are getting close in this photo. But not quite. And, you can almost see, even though I cut off the top of my head, I'm smiling. Wait, how many commas did I just use in that sentence? Wow. I'm not even going to delete that, it's such a good example of my grammar issues! Clearly packing is putting me off on some weird tangents, so I'm just going to be done typing now!

Oh, and one other note. We have a bit of a problem here. Apparently no one who signed up for my giveaway actually feels like receiving free stuff? Awkward. So, new rule: first person (who actually signed up for the giveaway while it was still open) to comment on this post gets the prize! And if no one does, then I guess I'll just keep it? I know, that seems like a bit of a cop out, but what to do? As I said, awkward. That's all. Have a lovely night :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

cheap skirt

Guess who found her second $0.97 piece of clothing in the Old Navy clearance section? This girl right here. Sale ninja. And this time, I even got to use my employee discount, so it was only $0.87! Pretty excited. Bad news though - Tuesday was my last day, and said that it is just easiest for them to just end my summer employment now and rehire over the holidays - a.k.a. my employee discount is gone. Sadness. I was sooo looking forward to 50% off at Gap to get new school clothes this fall! Like I actually need any? In all honesty, this may actually be good for me...

gap tank
old navy skirt
born sandals

 When Natalie saw the skirt in my shopping bag, she was like, "Did you buy a pair of men's boxers? I mean, I know you like menswear but..." Yes, the pattern is slightly boxer-like. But it's so cute, with the little pockets and button detail! And for 87 cents, why not?

Today we went downtown to try out the food trucks! I am such a fan of this idea - good food places get vans to drive around cities and hand out yummy street food and good prices! So mom, Natalie, and I each picked a line to stand in (they can get a bit long) and picked a bunch of food to share. Plus, I got mini donuts. Needless to say it was a pretty yummy lunch!

Ok, now I'm going to end this post, since Ashley and I are watching House Bunny and it's kind of hard to focus! Hilarious movie... have a good night :)

 But one more thing - I'm sad to say that our winner Carrie didn't respond to the post in time, so I've picked a new winner! So Leah, from "We are okay..." comment on this post and the prize is yours! Hope this one works out!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

new pants + announcement!

Hello all! It's been a while since I last posted, mostly due to my being in a car/hours upon hours away from my camera and/or computer. But I have survived the trip to Colorado, helped Mckenna move in, and have returned (and interned. and worked a 6 hour shift). Before I make my little announcement (can you guess what it is?), I just wanted to show you a few new things I picked up! And this is what, the third post or so of it's type in the last month. Getting a little worried about my shopping binges? I might be...

Yay for J. Crew! They always, always come out with some cute stuff, and when I found these cords I couldn't resist. And did you know that if you are a college student you get 15% off your purchase - well now you do. Pretty cool huh? And they come in my new favorite color - lavender! That, along with forest green and burgundy, are definitely my obsessions for the moment. Also, can we put on the record that I now own 3 pairs of green pants? Somebody stop me. Please. But when they come from Gap, and are the comfiest jeans to ever exist in the world (like pajama jeans, but real and not at all shameful-looking), how can you not? Since they're upstairs (a.k.a. I'm too lazy to get them to go photograph them - not like these photos of the cords are that awe-inspiring), you will see them some other time. I also bought them in black. In the meantime, since these pants shots from me are slightly cringe-inducing, here is the photo from J. Crew's website! Lovely, aren't they?

And now, my announcement! Drum roll please.... The winner of my giveaway is Carrie, from "My Life as Carrie!"  Now you have one more hurdle to jump - comment on this post in the next 24 hours to accept your prize! Afterward we can communicate on addresses and shipping details on such... However, if you don't reply in the next 24 hours I will be forced to give it to some other lovely reader! So you might want to show up :)

Thank you everyone for entering and supporting my blog, have a lovely evening! love you all xx

Friday, August 19, 2011

I like bracelets?

GIVEAWAY GIVEAWAY GIVEAWAY! Imaging me singing that in an operatic voice, that's what I always think of when I put things up like that...

I like bracelets?
So, I've had a bit of an epiphany this past week! After purchasing an adorable crystal embellished cuff bracelet this week at Old Navy, I've discovered that I kind of like bracelets. To be honest, they were always my least favorite type of jewelry. I mean, rings are always fun, you stack them on, you all know my weakness for long chain necklaces, and earrings, well, they're ok, but can definitely add something to an outfit. But bracelets? To me, they always looked kind of ungainly, got in the way, and I was never a huge fan. But now I have this cuff, and I keep seeing all these bracelets around that I want to buy. It's weird! Because for one you all know, I most definitely don't need any more jewelry - well, maybe you don't know? I haven't really posted any pictures of my jewelry box lately or anything. Just believe me. I do. And for two... I don't really have a two. This whole thing is just kind of weird for me. Regardless, I just wanted to put up a little post cataloging my newfound love. Enjoy :)

p.s. Tomorrow I work from 9am - 6pm and then my friend Mckenna is picking me up so we can start our drive to Colorado! I don't know if you all remember this but back in May I flew out to Colorado to help her move out and be a companion on the drive back. Now, I'm doing it again, but the other way around. So, you may not here from me for a few days. Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

family photo time

So... considering that I'm going home kind of soon, I will most likely be ending my GIVEAWAY within this next week! Sign up while you can...

This  morning was Natalie's senior pictures! Which means she is going to be a senior this year, which is totally unacceptable, but I suppose there's not much I can do about that... regardless, before the picture-taking of her started, we had a little family photo-shoot! Wish I could show you the results, but alas the photographer says we probably won't get them for a few weeks. Regardless, here was the outfit I was taken, with pictures taken by yourself truly! A.k.a. they're not as good as the professional ones are going to be...

necklace from Greece
old navy tank
j brand cords
born sandals

Just got this shirt yesterday after my shift! So basically I'm doing exactly what they want me to do and putting my paycheck right back into their store. Regardless I'm loving the color, and the little lace detail! And it looks lovely with my new cords. One problem: the cords are reallly low-rise, and when you're working the denim wall (a.k.a. expected to bend over to find things and such), things can get sketchy. So, not to self: don't wear low-rise pants when you're constantly needed to bend over. Oh, and I've managed to stretch out the straps on my sandals so much from pulling them on that they basically don't stay on my ankles anymore. So basically I'm a mess.

We just got back from dinner at Black Sheep Pizza, and it was quite yummy. We always get a large assortment of salads and vegetables to start to share, it's my favorite! I eat too much pizza. It's a problem... And now we're about to engage in some ubercompetitive friendly card playing. Have a good night!