Monday, August 15, 2011

stereo hearts

Hey. I have a GIVEAWAY. Wait, you already knew about it? Can't imagine why... 

jcrew button down
vintage necklace and skirt
h&m flats

 Another day interning, another semi-business-casual outfit. You know, spending all my days either interning or at Old Navy is really cutting in on my summer wardrobe options. I miss my fabrically-challenged sundresses and sandals, my basic tshirts, etc... I mean, it's nice to be forced to dress up - it makes me avoid the "it's summer and it's darn hot, therefore I'm going to wear as little fabric as possible, regardless of whether or not it's fashionable" rut that I often find myself in during the summer. But still. Everyone loves a good sundress, right? Unless you're in an office, or bending over to restock the denim wall. I feel like my supervisors may not appreciate the underwear shot... Thoughts?

You can't really see in most of the photos due to my gorgeous, voluminous hair (haha yeah right...), but this shirt has an adorable little white collar. I haven't worn it as much this summer since it's made of a thicker cotton than my other button downs, but I'm a fan! I really like blue button-downs, as you can see - see how I linked each of those words to a different blue button down? Aren't I cute - such a versatile, easy color (and it goes well with any neutral I think - which seems kind of obvious maybe, to match with a neutral, but there are some colors that don't go well with some neutrals, you know?)

 Below are some really cool pictures Natalie took when we were out shooting. I felt I couldn't let them stand alone as a post since they don't really show off the colors of my outfit, but I like their vintage-ey patina and quite slightly blurry look, don't you?

Tomorrow is another internship day, so maybe in lieu of another business-casual look I'll put up pictures of some of my new wardrobe acquisitions! Coming off my birthday (and of course you know I shop too much regardless) I have lots of fun new items to show you - especially the ones that you might not get to see for awhile due to their lack of season-appropriateness (a.k.a I probably won't see fall until November...)

Well, now it's off to eat some fudge and read Teen Vogue. Have a good night all!

p.s. the title is referring to my new favorite song "Stereo Hearts" - not only is it catchy, it features Adam Levine, and I love him. A lot. Sorry to be creepy, but check it out!


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