Sunday, August 7, 2011

cedar ridge post 2

First things first, don't forget about the GIVEAWAY! I would suggest you click on the link, since the original post is now two posts down, and with the amount of pictures I've been putting up, that's a lot of scrolling.

Yay for more pictures! These are less of an outfit post, like the previous post of Mckenna and I looking adorable and countrified out in the pastures, and more of a post with pictures from our afternoon. So here you go!

So first of all we have this adorable coffee-shop place where we went for lunch. Isn't it cute? They had knick-knacks everywhere, and even played old-timey music. And as I said yesterday, they had the best pie. I would've posted a picture of it, but I ate it too fast... oops? They even had a thrift store next door, but Mckenna said it isn't very good, so I skipped it. Not like I need to shop anymore anyways, right? Sigh.

And here is Mckenna riding her lovely pony, Brass Ring! Honestly, I didn't know much about how well she was riding (all the horseback riding knowledge I had back when I was 10 and still rode seems to have slowly filtered out of my brain...) but you gotta love her pink jodhpurs, right?

Another pair of her lovely boots! These were a gift from her Grandma Mary Kay I believe, and are going back to CSU not for riding but for fashion - although I would say her riding boots are pretty cute too.

In addition to shooting pictures out in the field, I did a little photo shoot with Mckenna and Ring in the barn, where we went to the end of the stall where a huge fan was going and used it as an impromptu wind machine. Awesome, right? Her pony was a very good poser, despite his penchant for turning his ears the wrong way just as I took a photo.

And, just to make you smile, IT'S A BABY! There were two little foals out in the pastures with their mamas, and they were absolutely adorable! I love their long legs and little knobby knees. That's all for now my lovelies, have a good night :)


  1. This is all so fantastic and it looks like tons of fun :)

  2. Lovely post!
    Loving your blog!
    Maybe we can follow eachother?!

  3. Lovely post.


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