Friday, August 12, 2011

I can't move my legs...

Remember how I said that I sweated off half my weight yesterday at yoga sculpt? Well I woke up this morning and could not, by any means, move my legs. Yesterday I said it was too difficult to go down stairs. Yesterday I didn't even know how difficult going down stairs could be. Ugh. Ok... sigh. Done complaining now... You know what wouldn't be something to complain about? Winning a GIVEAWAY! So enter :)

urban outfitter tshirt
martin&osa shorts
flea market jewelry
sorry I'm barefoot...

 Today was one of those days where I wasn't really planning to leave the house at all, so I was like, what to wear? If you are going to put up photos of yourself on a blog, you should probably not be in your pajamas. Ever have those days? So I decided to put on something comfy but still remotely cute (isn't the shirt's lace detail adorable?) and leave it at that. Inspiring, aren't I?

I do love my jewelry today though. In total, I spent $9 on jewelry in this post! Both are from the flea market up near my cabin in Wisconsin. I just love flea markets for random little trinkets! The ring is made of an old spoon, and the key was from a tin full of old keys, $1 each. Something no one else will have, that looks like it has history, you know? Lots of fun.

Today wasn't the best morning for me (long boring story, so I will just leave it at that) and to make it up to me Natalie made me a little impromptu nectarine crumble-thing! She totally made it up, and it's actually vegan and gluten-free as well! Natalie and her healthy baking weirdness... It was quite nice, and a little bit of sugar goes a long way to perk me up :)

One good thing about this morning though: I didn't have to work! They needed to cut hours, and since I was only going to be working 4 hours this morning, they decided to cut my whole shift. Why thank you Old Navy! I'm actually not even kidding, it made me quite happy. Don't I have just an amazingly inspiring work ethic? Well, considering they scheduled me for 32 hours this coming week, I think I should be ok anyways... So let's put this all together - 0 hours of work last week, 8 hours this week, and 32 next week. Really? Scheduling bi-polarness much? Whatever. At least I'll get some money before I go back to school. Now, I need to go take my lovely dog for a walk! Have a great Friday night :)


  1. I really love that feeling when you ache after a work out! I always take that to mean that I've really worked my muscles! Unfortunately, i got told that I ache because I am so unfit! Hope you're having a relaxing weekend! Take it easy! x

  2. WOw that is such a cool necklace!

  3. I love that you are willing to post casual outfits like this! Some days I feel there is so much pressure as a blogger to always post a perfect fashion forward outfit everyday, so it's nice to see when people are willing to show a look like this. (and that crumble looks divine!)
    Happy belated birthday!

  4. Love your necklace =)

  5. I love your t-shirt & necklace, are great !!

  6. Hey !
    That '' can't move my legs '' feeling is so good, I often have it 'cause I tend to overwork myself at the gym :)
    Anyway, you look super cute

  7. You look beautiful!!!
    Love your key charm necklace!!!
    Hope you're having a great weekend!!!

  8. I love your look. That teee is so casual cute. I wanna have a bite on the yummy food. ;)


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