Wednesday, August 31, 2011

first photos back

It's my first set of outfit photos taken back at Georgetown! And poor Nicole is back to having to take photos for me... Well at the very least this was taken about 100 yards from our dorm and took about 2 minutes. She's really good at rapid-fire picture taking. Which is good, since about 99% half or so of my photos are unusable due to my weird facial expressions. Here are the ones that worked out:

 old navy button down
uo skirt
vintage necklace 
thrifted coach bag
born sandals

It's my favorite shirt again! I was talking with my dad the other day about the size of my wardrobe (he's appalled) when he said: "So you probably own 50 or so shirts, so you only wear them a few times a year, right?" - that's if they're not this shirt. Seriously I'm sure that if you look back in the posts I've worn it a couple times in the past month. There are just some shirts that go with everything, you know? Or that work as a good fallback when you wake up and realize you have literally no idea what to wear...

Ok, got to be honest and say that there are these pink dots all over my skirt and I have no idea if they're supposed to be there. No, not the red dots, I'm not stupid. But see those little pink splotches? What are they? Did I get drugged and attacked with a pink highlighter? It's a mystery I fear I may never solve.

First day of sophomore year is officially under my belt! Russian was surprisingly not as much of a massacre as I expected it to be (considering I remember nothing, that is. Is that a problem?) and all the rest of my classes were just intro stuff and got let out early! So now on to the gym tonight, in preparation for the cupcake I'm going to eat tomorrow :) My first cupcake of the semester! Needless to say I'm pretty excited... Hope you all had a lovely Wednesday


  1. that outfit looks so comfy and cozy. which is always great for school...i hate being uncomfortable in class.

    xo kait

  2. cute skirt! good luck at school!


  3. lovely blog !

  4. Aww your so cute! Thats a great sounding course!!! I wish I was better at languages! Hope you have a great year!

  5. Awweh cute :) thanks for your comment, I need a rapid fire photographer like your friend!

  6. Gorgeous shots, that skirt is too cute :) And that necklace is adorable, I love it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. Following you now, it would be awesome if we followed each other.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  7. hello dear! haw are you!
    i send you some kkisses from Italy!


  8. Hi! You seem to have very girly yet elegant fashion sense which I quite like! ;) Nice blog!

  9. Looove the outfit! Denim and a cute print is always a hit

  10. At least your go-to shirt is chic and collared! So you always look good ;)

    xx Cristina

  11. That skirt is incredible!

    And now I'm craving cupcakes...

  12. I love your skirt!!, the necklace it's adorable !!, kisses

  13. the little bows on the skirt are adorable! and good luck with sophomore year! :)


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