Thursday, August 11, 2011

happy birthday to me

GIVEAWAY, GIVEAWAY, GIVEAWAY. More people should enter. Why not, it's free? Ok, done being annoying, onto my post!

Guess who's 19 today? I am! So who am I putting up pictures of today? Not me! Does that make any sense to any of you? Ok, me neither... Natalie just looked really cute yesterday in this vintage lace top of mine, and I wanted to show her off. Anyways, I look disgusting since I just got back from a yoga sculpt class and sweated half my weight off. Good stuff, right?

vintage lace top (borrowed from me)
jcrew shorts
shoes? Oh wait she's not wearing any. Happens.

 So how cute is this! I've had this top since last summer, and I have only worn it as a vest, like over a tank or a basic tshirt. But Natalie pulled it out and tucked it into a skirt for our lunch with Grandma (it being a crop top and everything, things got pretty short) Then when we got back she tossed it over her adorable little pale pink shorts and wore it as a crop top! Love it.

 Oh, and yay for fun nail polish! Natalie doesn't really like her toes, but I wanted to show you all her nail polish color since I think it's so adorable! Mint green with a little pink sparkle on top, and she keeps hers slightly better kept than mine -why do I feel the need to keep bringing that up? Mouth shut about my nail grooming habits from now on, promise.

So I got some lovely birthday presents I'd love to show you all (including that top from american apparel I really wanted, courtesy of my good friend Shannon of Lipstick Makes the Girl, a gorgeous quilt, some lovely hair products, and gift cards - a.k.a. nothing to show for them yet, but I will get some awesome stuff soon ^^). Yay for birthdays! Except for when you have to work at Old Navy for them... but such is life. Hope you are all having a fantastic Thursday!


  1. Oh that crop vintage lace top is so fab! I can imagine it going so well with nearly everything

  2. HAPPY HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY! I hope you had the greatest time. :D

    I totally love her outfit. that lace top is so freaking cute. i love it.

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  3. Happy birthday!!
    That top is awesome :)

  4. lol @ sweating half your weight off. maybe i should try that class!?

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hope that it was amazing!

    - Juliet x

  5. Happy Birthday to you!!!!!! today is my birthday!


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