Tuesday, August 30, 2011

new room

Just to warn you all in advance, dorm rooms come complete with horribly unflattering fluorescent lights, so don't judge me too harshly for the odd lighting in these photos - I did what I could. Also, you should all know that I cleaned before I took pictures. I don't know if you should be thanking me that everything was neat or if I should be thanking you for forcing me to clean my floor? Probably the latter

My desk, in all its chaotic organized glory. Note the picture in the top right corner, which corresponds to the empty spot on my wall you will see in the last photo. It fell off the wall today. While I was napping. It fell on my head.

I hope Nicole doesn't mind me putting pictures of her side of the room on my blog? Regardless, I just wanted to show you all her adorable photo mural-thing! She actually spent forever on it! And is her lovely roommate in any of those photos? No. Actually there were no good pictures of us together. Quite sad.

A contained explosion of all my make-up and jewelry. It has actually become a bit of a joke with everyone to compare my side of the vanity with Nicole's. For while she has jewelry and make-up too, she doesn't have it to the same degree I do. And the contrast is hilarious. And below is my closet! While it has more hanging room than I remembered when I came to visit, still not nearly enough for all my dresses, skirts, and button-downs - of which I own a copious amount.

My bed! I have all my cute pillows and blankets, which will go amazingly well with the quilt my friend Elizabeth (and her mom) made me for my birthday! Since it's so hot here in D.C. (for so long. Like actually - oh and I had no room in my suitcase. Shocker I know) my mom is bringing it out to me when she comes for parent's weekend in October! It's a lot of light blue and purple, which will go so perfectly! And in reference to the fallen picture, I believe I've given up on it and am going to buy some posters. Something classy, like a Monet waterlillies print. Pretty excited for that... Now Nicole just came back from dance and we are going to watch "The Lying Game" - classes start tomorrow, send good vibes!


  1. omg! i'm moving into a dorm tomorrow too! lovely layout and i love the photo collage in the shape of your name. Great idea, mind if I borrow it ? lol

    so gorgeous!



  2. I love how organizes your jewelry is!
    Such a cute blog you have! Visit mine, maybe we can follow each other?
    Ask Erena

  3. oh i love your room and the idea with your fotos is so cute and great, that u have put them together to form your name, really awesome!
    love and kiss,mary



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