Saturday, January 29, 2011

apologies and bad news

So firstly, I'm sorry I haven't posted for so long! But with the bad news comes my explanation: yesterday, when sledding with a few friends, I jammed my ankle on a brick of a storm drain. It hurt like crazy so I had to be carried back to my dorm, where I called the student-run ambulance service (free thankfully), to take me to the hospital. After many hours and x-rays and cat scans later, the doctors told me that I fractured my heel bone in several places and may need surgery. I have to go back in for an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon in a few days, but for now they put me in a huge boot-cast-thing, and gave me some crutches and a prescription for vicodin. Soooo, I am out of commission on the whole showcasing outfit thing for a while. I have some photos from the day of, before the fateful sledding outing, but other than that I am without outfits! And since the only thing I own that can fit over my boot are soffe shorts (and the new pair of really large sweatpants I am hopefully going to send someone out on an errand to the bookstore to buy for me), there will nothing cute coming from me for awhile!

But the good news is, per advice from my roommate, I want to use this time without outfits of my own to explore different types of posts on this blog! Perhaps I will do designer profiles, or critiques of store collections, try my hand at polyvore collages, or do posts on my stylish friends (at Georgetown and from home). I think it will be an interesting way to play around with the blog for a while. Who knows?

But for now here is my picture-less apology/explanation post, hope you are having a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

why is this week so long

Once again, I can't come up with good post titles, so now I'm just going to vent my feelings. And currently, I'm feeling depressed that tomorrow is only Wednesday - so long until the weekend! My life is so pathetic that I was procrastinating putting up this post because I was sitting in bed watching tv and my camera was on my desk (about 5 feet away mind you) and I didn't want to get out of my warm bed to get my camera.... Luckily I have the best roommate ever, she brought my camera (and upload cord!) to me. So, to sum this up, I'm still lying in bed. Will have to get up at some point to brush my teeth and take out my contacts so that I can go to sleep, but we're taking things one step at a time here :)

vintage necklaces
zara tshirt
bdg cardigan
gap jeans
target boots

I was really excited to break out these boots this morning - because of all the precipitation and salt on the ground at Georgetown, my suede boots had been relegated to the back of the closet. But today I decided it was safe to bring them out! And not a moment too soon it seems - apparently it's supposed to snow 4-6 inches tomorrow... enough to shut down classes? One can only hope...

Yes, these photos are taken in the room, but surprisingly this doesn't mean they are self-timer photos! I didn't really feel like leaving the room (again, my life is sad), so I had Jackie take a few. Sadly, while most of them are almost cute, I am blinking in the majority. Such is my life.

Tuesday is another one of my three-class days, and it actually wasn't too bad until Econ at 2:40. By the time I get there, I'm midway through my mid-afternoon slump, and the room is so big and dimly lit, with comfortable chairs.... you get where this is going. Of course, I'm now having issues doing my homework that's due for tomorrow, so perhaps I should have been paying more attention?

Fun news - I'm trying to find more things to get involved with this semester, and I discovered that Georgetown puts on a spring fashion show! I would love to be a part of planning it, and applications are going out soon, so wish me luck! Oh, and other exciting news is that I got an interview for volunteering at D.C Fashion Week. I know, I know, clearly not as major as the other fashion week on the East Coast, but still suchhh a great way for me to get involved with fashion in my city! 

Now, I think I'm going to bed. Bed before midnight 3 days in a row? Yes, this may actually be happening. I'm pretty surprised too. Good night.

Monday, January 24, 2011

oh mondays

Mondays are suchhhh difficult days, wouldn't you agree? Having to go back to getting up at a regular time after the sleep-until-whenever weekends never seems to sit well with me. When I got back from singing at mass last night at 10:30, Jackie was already asleep. So, since I couldn't get my Internet to work and technically had finished all my homework for today, I went to bed too. And when I got up at 8:15 to get ready for philosophy, I was still tired. 9 hours of sleep. How much better can you get than that? Silly sleep patterns, trying to mess up my life

 vintage necklace
target sweater
 target skirt
hue tights
jcrew flats

I've decided that this skirt is my catholic-schoolgirl replacement skirt. It's pleated and flippy and I like it. Makes me feel like I'm back in my uniform, but in the best sense possible, you know?

I feel like I write too much in these posts (like waaaayy more than the average reader wants to know about my life) so I've decided to cut back a bit. Things that were exciting/good about this day
1) done with class at 12. Granted I had 3 classes already by that point, but still pretty awesome
2) went grocery shopping (well, kind of. it was at the student convenience store thing-ey ^^) and got cookie dough and ramen. yum.

And a not-so-good thing:
1) had a housing information session for next year, where I discovered that the likelihood of me getting an apartment next year is quite slim. Which means that, considering I currently live in the quite-large handicapped room, I will most likely end up in a smaller room my sophmore year than freshman year. ugh.

That is my day! I've finished my homework, so now I plan to eat some cookie dough and watch some trashy tv. Have a good monday night :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

the last two days, part 2

First of all, I'm very disappointed (and I''m sure my mother will be too, when she see this) - I don't know how I got a hole in these so quickly! They're adorable sweater-ish tights that my mom got for me for Christmas, and I had only worn them two or three times when yesterday I looked down only to find a large hole staring back at me! Depressing is what that is.

target necklace
nordstrom (frenchi?) dress
sweater tights
aldo boots

Actually, just about everything I was wearing is a gift! The necklace is from one of my friends for my birthday I believe, and the dress was a Christmas present from my lovely friend Shannon! She is just absolutely so fashionable, and always knows what to pick out for me (she also got me an adorable ruffled scarf ^^). She'll be happy to know that I got lots of complements on the dress all day, although I also got lots of "What are you so dressed up for?" I hate that question! What am I dressed up for? Life! I like to dress up, and shouldn't have to wait for a special occasion to do so. So there. That's my rant of the day.

Yesterday was my first rehearsal for the chapel choir! As much as I enjoyed the experience of the gospel choir, and I do really think it was a good experience that really forced me out of my comfort zone, it really isn't my thing. So I thought - why not try something else? And although the chapel choir is Catholic (something I'm not), their style of music is more up my alley while still challenging my soprano and helping to keep it in shape, something I didn't get while singing gospel. And - they do back rubs as a warm-up!! For those of you dear readers that don't know about my high school choir, we basically did that every week during warm-ups, as well as just randomly dispersed throughout rehearsal. And with my friends at school. Basically I carried a lot of stress in my shoulders and back rubs were kind a fact of my life :) And now I have them! Yay! So, I will have to go to more Catholic services (I've already done it for 7 years...) but I think it will be good for me.

That's about the only interesting thing about my day yesterday. I had a lot of classes - 4 to be exact, which was a bit exhausting, but its ok because today I'm done at 1! Sacrifices are needed sometimes. And as sad as it is to be in class from 10-4 basically on Thursdays and have an 8:15 recitation on Fridays (though they don't take attendance at that one... hehehe) I am done by 1 on Mondays and Fridays! Which really is quite lovely

Ok, that is part 2 of my description of the last two days. Have a fun, exciting Friday night! Cheers :)

the last two days

My mom texted me and asked "have you given up on regular blogging already?" And the answer is - no! It's just taken a bit of a detour. And although I didn't put up posts for the last two days, I have pictures, albeit self-timer ones, to show you all. So here you go!

 necklace souvenir
h&m cardigan
urban outfitters tshirt
gap jeans
minnetonka moccasins

Oh, and not only are they self-timer photos, but they have no head - the best ones obviously! At least for yesterday's photos (the next set, not these), I had just sprinted off-campus with Nicole to get her wallet, so I was a bit red in the face and yucky. No such excuses for this one. Such is life.

Some detail shots - my necklace is from choir tour to Greece two summers ago. They had the most adorable selection of owl pendants there! A bunch of us came back with one. And also a close-up of the pattern on my shirt - it was my first urban outfitter tshirt, a.k.a the start of an obsession. That obsession has been partly replaced with a love of J. Crew tshirts, but is still there nevertheless.

Sooo, these photos are from.... Wednesday? Yes, Wednesday. And what did I do on Wednesday? I don't really remember, to be honest. This is the danger of saving photos for later and then trying to explain your day along with them.

I remember going to some info meetings for new activities (possibly writing for a student newspaper and/or the student radio's blog?) because last semester I was super-bored and therefore need to find more things to do with my life than watch Greek episodes one after another. Because without sufficient structure to my activities, I am very liable to do that. Ask my family....

Ok, that's enough for the description of Wednesday. I will put up yesterday's photos in a bit, then perhaps (actually) document today's outfit? First I need to take a shower. It was an earrrlllyy morning. Like early as in I had to set my alarm before 8. Difficult. Well, everyone enjoy your Friday afternoons!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

no time

Actually, this title is the exact opposite of my day. But I was just browsing facebook when I saw that a member of the choir I used to belong to mentioning a song she had just listened to by a choir that we had met while on tour in Oregon a few years ago - It's called "No Time" (like the title of this post), by Spivey Children's Chorus, look it up on Youtube. It's probably my favorite song done by another choir over the years I spent going to choir concerts and festivals with my choir. It really is quite beautiful.

Now, on to my outfit. I think it's kind of a repeat of a post I did before break (the dog days are over), but with a slightly different blue button-down. Its my new one from Loft, and it's not as denim-looking as the other one, or as oversized. I might like the other outfit more, looking back. But oh well, this seemed right for today.

sweater knit by Grandma Bev
Loft buttondown
jcrew pants
Star Ling boots

No, I cannot have two days of normal pictures in a row. After yesterday's successful (and if I dare say so myself, kind of attractive? ^^) photos, today's were crazy-eyed and a bit awkward. I think it was the strobe-light flashes. They were really out in full force today, basically every photo. I don't know what makes it decide to do the crazy-flash as opposed to the normal single flash, but it can get a bit painful.

So I said that I would describe my day yesterday in today's post. Nothing interesting really happened yesterday, except that I went to Chinatown to have dinner at Chipotle with my friend from home, Colleen (you remember her, right? We hang out pretty often, so you must hear my descriptions of her fairly often...). She wanted me to come out to her Chipotle (or Chippies, as we - and my dad - call it), and I wanted her to come to mine. So we decided to meet in the middle and call it even. And it was a slightly sketchy evening! First of all I got there a lot earlier and managed to get us a table, as it was a bit crowded at the time. When she got there I left my coat on the table to keep it while we were in line - and when we got back, someone was sitting there! It was extremely awkward, but since other tables were open at that point, we just moved to another one. But that involved me brushing past the line, at which point I accidentally bumped my purse against a different guy, who pretended that I had seriously wounded him as a joke. It was a bit awkward. Then, as we were eating our chicken quesadillas (not technically on the menu, but they will make you one if you ask. It's pretty awesome), some guy asked us what we were eating. He later sat by us after ordering one and asked if you cut it with silverware or if you just pick it up to eat. Good times at Chippies...

Honestly, today was also pretty uneventful. I ended up not having to babysit, so instead I've been watching too many episodes of Greek, which I just started watching from the beginning for the first time because I ran out of other shows and heard it was good. It's awesome. Kind of in love. Yeah... later tonight I'm going to the gym, which I haven't done since getting back and is therefore quite a good idea I think. Oh, and classes were delayed this morning! I mean, not for me, but for lots of other people - because of all the ice we got last night, all classes before 10am were canceled. My first one was at 10:15 - couldn't it have started a bit earlier, and then subsequently be canceled? Oh well, such is life. 

Hope you are all having a lovely day back at school after the long weekend. I know it's hard, but think about it this way - only 3 more days of school until the weekend! Have a lovely evening :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

large sweater #2

Yes, I did manage to steal two cashmere sweaters from my father. Though this one is a bit older - apparently he was planning on giving it away so Natalie stole it (or she just stole it and he was fine with it.... who knows with her ^^) then before I left I saw that she was planning on giving it away and decided that I most definitely needed to bring it back with me. Succhhh a good choice. Woke up this morning and was just tired and cold and thought to myself, "Self? Today is a good day for an oversized sweater" - I sound like my old history teacher. He always talked like that :)

big it up hat
saks5th peacoat

This picture was just to showcase my outwear choices for this evening :) For some reason I'm just really liking how the peacoat looks like over the large sweater with the floppy hat. Kind of preppy with a bit of a twist? I've most definitely become more preppy since coming to Georgetown, so twists are always appreciated...

chains: gold and silver vintage, black jcrew
forte sweater (stolen from dad)
gap jeans
jcrew flats

I'm really liking these flats! Really the only other pair of ballet flats I own are my poor, scuffed-up black ones, and since I don't really gravitate towards really decorated - or more interesting, some would say - footwear, I think of these as one step up. They are metallic, but kind of a brushed, muted metallic, that goes quite well with my wardrobe, like a neutral almost. They were a Christmas present from my lovely sister Natalie, and I think they are just what I need. Thanks bud!

And my collection of stackable chains continues - the black one is new from Christmas. It's from J. Crew, and we aren't really sure if it's a belt or a necklace - I feel like it looks like more of a necklace, but the clasp is very belt-ish. Regardless, I think it adds something interesting, a different texture, to my current stack of chains from my Grandma.

It was quite a successful weekend I would say! Since I last posted - Thursday, I know. I have ALREADY failed my new year's resolution of spending 30 minutes a day on my blog (although I spent lots of time commenting on/reading other blogs on Friday, if that counts) - I went out to club with girls from my floor, which was a blast. On Saturday we explored the National Archives and the other half of the Museum of American History - not as interesting as the half with Julia Child's kitchen and the First Ladies' dresses, but cool nevertheless. We also had plans to go to the Portrait Gallery, but Nicole and I were so dead tired by then that we opted out and headed back to campus for naps. 

Saturday night Nicole had a friend come in to visit so we took her out to a party, which was lots of fun. Sunday was an embarrassingly lazy day. I actually did sooooo little! I woke up and couldn't make myself do anything until about 12:30, when I went to the library. Upon discovering that the coffee shop was closed I tried to do work there for about 15 minutes before realizing that I couldn't stay awake without some caffeine. So I trekked cross-campus to Starbucks where I ran into some people from the 4th floor of my dorm - I ended up sitting with them for a few hours doing work - and ordered a mocha frappacino, a.k.a probs my favorite coffee drink ever. However, in the two or so hours I was there, I only managed to read about 30 or 40 pages. Sad, right? I think so. 

Later that night watched "The Social Network" with Nicole and her friend, which is still quite a good movie. The school was showing it in the ICC auditorium, and there technically isn't any food allowed so naturally we smuggled some in. Except we brought bread in it's long sleeve, and trying to take it out was sooooo obnoxiously loud! The guys in front of us kept glaring back at me. Awkward. Regardless, played apples to apples later that night, always fun, then went to bed (relatively) early, a.k.a 1 am. Couldn't get up until 11 either. Oh well, this is me getting myself ready for the week right? Storing up sleep. I know, I know, scientifically it doesn't work but I will just think it does.

Ok, this post is waaaaayyy long enough so I won't describe my day today, I will save that for tomorrow's post. Because that clearly makes a lot of sense. Oh well. Hope you all had a great MLK day! (And an amazing day off school. And if you are in one of those odd schools that doesn't give today off, I am truly sorry for you ^^)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

chilly thursday

Just as the title says, today was a chilly Thursday! The problem with Georgetown's campus is that the way it's set up, it's basically a maze of wind tunnels. Walking to class, you literally can get blown back by the wind. It's kind of crazy.

So, as a contrast from yesterday's oversized sweater, I decided to wear the new, lacy cami that I bought from Victoria's Secret that I find absolutely adorable! Gotta love the semi-annual sale

jcrew sweater
victoria's secret cami
jcrew pants (my beloved minnies - the original black ones ^^)
aldo boots

The pictures are a bit messy today, my camera had approximately 30 seconds of battery left when we went to the stairwell, so I had about 4 to choose from :)

 Ok I really want to show you all the detailing on the cami with the cream lace and little black bow, but then I'm putting a picture of my chest up and I feel just a bit awkward about that...

So today was pretty good. Got up early to go to breakfast with Nicole, took a long, hot shower while trying to avoid looking at the mold on the shower floor (keeping it clean and classy, thanks Georgetown ^^), first day of real Theology class - it's a little stressful, being put on the spot and required to come up with intelligent, college-worthy insights on religion and philosophy! Then I had a break to take a nap, then off to Economics, which is a hugggeee class, yet I still manage to know no one in it. That's what I get for taking Macro first and Micro second. 

We went to the Tombs for dinner, it's kind of a Georgetown institution a few blocks off campus. Mary Clare has a friend visiting her from California and wanted to take her. I technically had gospel choir, but I'd never been and decided to just skip and pretend I forgot :) I decided to order something that the dining hall never makes, a.k.a fish. And it was the greatest. salmon. ever. Reminds me of one of my favorite restaurants from home, W.A Frost, so its like the little bit of home I need on my first week back :)

Ok, now I'm heading up to brownies and quesadillas, my second dessert of the night (my RA brought cupcakes to the common room earlier this evening ^^). Good night!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

back again...

Why hello there, blog world! Long time no see, right? I know, I know, it's my own fault for being such a bad blogger over my break. But guess what! My New Year's (or new school year, rather, it's a bit past the new year) resolution, is to spend at least 30 minutes a day on my blog - I may do other posts rather than outfit posts if I don't have them, but I really want to get back to being a one-post-a-day sort of blog. Before beginning, let me thank the lovely Jenny for putting up a post for me while I was gone! As much faith as she had in my clothes over the trip, I really am not the best at rocking the apres-ski look. Generally I just look tired and run-down. Which I still kind of am! The long days of skiing coupled with the horrible hotel beds (mostly just the flat pillows) made me quite a tired girl. So now I have a bit of a cold, which I will have to get over while back at college!

 kirkland sweater - stolen from my dad (Costco makes men's cashmere sweaters? ohhhh yes they do ^^)
gap jeans
nordstrom boots (and I finally checked the brand - Star Ling)
forlove21 necklace

Midway through the photo-session in the stairs; it was getting a bit rapid-fire and I got stressed.... :)

So, as I am typing this, I keep having to hit the backspace key to fix all my mistakes since my fingers are turning purple and hitting the wrong keys. Why are they purple you ask? Because our heat STILL doesn't work. When I got back last night and checked it, miracle of miracles, warm air was coming out! But that didn't last long, and now it is beyond freezing as always. Most definitely calling maintenance soon.

So today was my first day back at school! Actually not too bad, despite the fact that for the first time in my college career I had a class before 9:00, and had to be out the door for an 8:50... then go to another class in a building off-campus right after... then go to another class in a building back on-campus after that... but then I was done! And at 12:05 no less! So I grabbed lunch then headed off to the bookstore to pick up all my new textbooks. And proceed to leave my wallet there. Smart, aren't I? Thankfully, I ran back and they had it behind the counter. I suppose that if I had to lose my wallet someplace, a store was probably the best place to do it. They made me show ID to match it with my driver's license in the wallet to make sure it was actually mine!

In other news, my parents are in Sweden! Well actually, they are probably in Amsterdam right now, if they've landed that is. My dad has some business there and my mom is joining him to see the sights. I wish I was in Sweden! Thankfully they are making it there though, their original flight was canceled due to all the snow on the East Coast recently! But now they are safely on their way and we may do some skyping later on. Had to teach my dad how to use it last week, but such is life.... :)

Now it is nearing midnight and I must go to bed! In an effort to not kill our breakfast tradition, Nicole and I are continuing to go to Leo's together in the mornings despite the earlier hour. And we all know how I do on little amounts of sleep! So, bonne nuit!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meet Your Guest Blogger!

So our dear Alison asked me to guest blog for her while she's skiing her heart out at lovely Vail!  She left yesterday for a fun weekend of skiing with her family.  I seriously don't know how or why, but she decided to leave her laptop behind her.  She still has her iPhone with her and I'm sure she'll be checking out her blog so I guess I won't post anything too weird!  Alison's mentioned me on her blog before, my name's Jenny and I'm one of her friends from high school.  I go to USC in sunny California!

Last Tuesday I stayed overnight at Alison's house after I got off of work and we hung out and played some Kirby and Just Dance 2.  Just Dance is so freaking fun!  Does anyone else like to play that game?  I wish I had a Wii at college so I could buy it and play it all the time!  I also helped Alison choose her outfits for Vail so although you probably won't see any pictures, I know she is dressing fabulously.

Minnesota has been so cold as of lately!  It kills me inside a little bit that I can't wear my flip flops everywhere.  And even worse, I received a pair of black sequin Toms for Christmas (seriously the greatest shoes ever!)  but can't wear them around Minnesota for fear of ruining them with all the gross salt that's around!  I had my last day ever of work today!  I work at a Chinese restaurant called Leeann Chin.  It's very similar to a Panda Express, but a bit more upscale IMHO.  It's a local Minnesota chain so if you're from out of state you probably haven't heard of it.  But if you are ever in the twin cities you should deffo check it out!

Since I only wore my lovely all-black uniform today I'm posting some earlier photos taken of me when I first got back to Minnesota and saw all the crazy amounts of snow on the ground!

As you can see the snow is pretty much as tall as my 5'2" self.  I'm wearing a Calvin Klein jacket, black H&M leggings, black studded leather B. Makowsky bag, and boots from Payless.  Those shoes are so awesome!  You can't see the detailing on them but they are black suede and they have buttons on the side.  I'm so obsessed.  They were actually even on an episode of Gossip Girl in the first season as worn by Serena!  In the second photo I'm throwing up the Trojan "V" for victory sign btdubbs.

In random other news, Britney Spears announced her new single "Hold It Against Me" is dropping on Tuesday and I am SO EXCITED.  An early demo leaked earlier today and the song's okay.  Very techno sounding but missing that "Britney magic."  I've seriously loved her music since she first came on to the scene at 17.  Alright, now I need to go to bed...


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

home again

After a fun weekend at the cabin I am back home and back to veging (I'm not sure how to spell that... also not sure if it's a real word...) on the couch - but we are going to Vail tomorrow which should be lots of fun! We got back from Wisconsin Sunday afternoon, and these pictures are from yesterday, which was a fun day of hanging out and visiting my high school which was a, shall we say interesting, experience?

banana republic tank
h&m shirt
school crescent
jcrew skirt
mother's boots (should figure out where they're from, I love them)

Lesson I have learned from this first long trip back home: bring more shoes! I figured that since I was mostly going to be home or with my friends and that we have so much snow that all I really needed were my uggs and moccasins. Wrong. I've been wearing mostly shoes of my mother's and sister's since I have nothing else to do! (And let me tell you, we are close in size, but when it comes to shoes its a bit of a tight fit). For one, uggs are not for wearing anything nice. Only with jeans when I'm hanging out and not doing anything that requires me to look very nice - and even then, I still may feel like looking a bit more put-together and not want to wear them. Moccasins are a few steps up but the problem is they're brown, and I mostly brought black or gray pants and black tights! And while I like to mix neutrals, brown shoes with black tights - not really my thing. So I have learned my lesson and will bring more shoes (namely my black flats) next time. 

Yep, I definitely like these shoes. And they are waterproof, and they are fleece-lined (or some other warm material)! So, can I just have an extra suitcase for all the shoes I am stealing? It seems like the best option, though a bit expensive with airline policies these days...

So yes, I visited my high school yesterday, and it was quite weird - first of all, they put in a round-a-bout (once again, not sure if that is correct spelling...) at the entrance with lots of garish neon signs, kind of my first signal that things had changed. Then there were little changes, like a new cabinet here, a different layout there, that kind of showed that time had passed; to be honest, otherwise I wouldn't have known the difference. I could have just put back on my uniform and fit right in :)

We visited teachers, and while some visits were awkward I genuinely enjoyed some of them too! The second half of the visit was dedicated to just a few teachers that we spent a lot of time talking to, and who seemed very sincere on knowing how we were doing. It's nice to know that they care, and its nice to share with them how well-prepared they left us. 

But as I said, it was odd. I don't really think I would want to go back, but it reminded me how much easier high school was, you know? Being at home is just easier, socially and in terms of my future. At home I can hang out with my old friends, whom I love dearly and know well, and not think about what I will be doing for the coming years of my life. At school, it's all different, it's all new, and it's all on my own. Who knows what will come!

There are my philosophical musings for the day. Enjoy. Today was a little more laid-back; mostly I just watched the Millionaire Matchmaker. Classy tv, right? I think so. I really should start watching that show more, it's actually hilarious! Seeing a few more friends tonight, then off to Vail to ski with the family this weekend! Should be a good trip, it's one I always look forward to. Have a lovely evening!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

evenings out, part 2

Guess what everyone: it's officially a new year!! I mean, not as I write this, as I'm writing it shortly after posting my last post, but when this is officially posted it will be 2011! Weird, huh? I can remember last New Year's so clearly, and now it's a whole new year! Last year was pretty eventful for me: I graduated from high school and completed my first semester of college at Georgetown (and I also started this blog! ^^). All the remember-whens aside, here are some photos from last Tuesday, when I went shopping and out to dinner with some good friends :)

loft shirt
gap jeans
minnetonka moccasins

Ahhh putting my outfit on the floor and taking photos! Not good, sorry my readers. But I technically took these photos after the fact, on Wednesday morning, and I didn't feel like putting the it back and finding someone to take photos for me. It was a pretty laid-back day, I went to the mall to see my friend Brooke, who I hadn't seen since we had gone off to college! We had plans to see the movie Tangled, that had to be waylaid a few hours when the showing sold out! We were pretty shocked since the movie had come out so long ago - however, after seeing it (after about two hours of killing time in the Southdale mall - soooo hard for us, you know ^^), I totally understand! It was the most adorable movie ever, Disney has really done it again. I should do ads for Disney, honestly - I don't ever think you can be too old to enjoy a Disney movie. That rant aside, here are photos from that night, when I went out to dinner with a few more friends and got dressed up:

 vintage vest
banana republic tank
jcrew skirt
sweater tights?
 vintage bag
jcrew shoes

Close-up of my favorite bag from last post. I also stole it (and the shoes) for Tuesday - and my plan to smuggle them back to D.C? Still on... sorry mom... 

Another adorable Christmas present from my aunt,  I've been wearing it for most of the week :)

Dinner was good, but as I said before, it's a good thing that Shannon and I don't go to school together we would go broke - we just fuel each others' shopping and food habits! But I've been told that I'm supposed to mention her in every post - how exactly do you want me to do that Shannon? We don't exactly go to school in the same region of the country. I actually do want to put up some pictures of Shannon, as she took a stage-makeup course at Marquette last semester and had some really awesome looks. If she will agree maybe I will put up a post featuring some of her best looks. Tell me what you think Shannon :)

Ok, as I said this post is being written on Thursday before I leave for the cabin, and now I need to pack! We are leaving in about an hour and I'm still in pajamas, it's an issue. So, I hope that you all had a lovely New Year's Eve (I hope that I did - or do? this whole scheduling posts things mixes up my verb tenses - too). Cheers!