Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the dog days are over

I just bought this song on itunes after hearing the glee version a week or so ago, reminded my how much I like it :) Not really relevant though...

vintage necklace
old navy shirt
vest knitted by my grandma
jcrew pants
nordstrom boots

Another pretty necklace that my grandma sent me - today I'm wearing presents from both my grandmas! I'm happy since this is one of those outfits that actually worked out like I thought it would in my head. Don't you hate it when you think something will be adorable then you try it on and it doesn't work at all? Happens to me a lot I think

Me examining my vest. Cute huh? Probably I was trying to pull it close for some warmth! Apparently they don't heat our picture-stairwell. Thanks Georgetown. We go in here to avoid having to take pictures outside in the cold! Not a fan.

Lots of pictures today! I just liked how the outfit and the photos worked out, one of those rare days that happens. So, we were planning to go out tonight to a party for Relay for Life, but it's really cold, the party was beach-themed, we just couldn't make ourselves walk there, you know the story. It's a little sad, but it's ok because we are most definitely going out this weeked! I'm forcing people to be like me and not study because I need things to do :) Once again, no homework. How odd is that? Whatever, so far tonight I have 
1) Watched Glee.
2) Put up this post
Lots, don't you think? And in an hour I'm going to go eat brownies and quesadillas on the fourth floor and then go to they gym! Yay for people pressuring me into going to the gym, I would never go otherwise. It's an issue. 

On another note, I went shopping today! Nicole needed to buy her secret santa a gift, so we went to jcrew and I decided to give myself a "Merry Christmas to Me" present. I do it from time to time. The first year I nannied I bought myself a cashmere cardigan. This year it's this "boucle bomber" from jcrew, it's wool and alpaca and super comfortable! (which is weird coming from me, since I don't generally like wool). Plus I got it on amazing sale :) I will show it to all of you soon, probably will wear it sometime in the coming week. It's soooo warm :)

Hope everyone will be heading home for the holidays soon, I'm so jealous of the people leaving now or in the days to come! I'm here until the 20th. Oh well, at least it's warmer here! Have a good night :)


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment!

    <3 Maja

  2. I love your denim blouse! I think it looks really cute with a vest- casual yet trendy. Mmmm- brownies and quesadillas... yum!! Hope you enjoyed it! :)

    *Claudia* xoxo
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  3. thanks for leaving such a cute comment on my blog!
    would love to have u as my follower!!

    KISSES from NYC

  4. You are absolutely TOO CUTE and I adore your sense of style. I want to dress like you :) Plus your background is BOOKS, which I also absolutely adore! Can't wait to see more...I'm your newest follower.

    <3 Cambria

  5. Those boots are.............lush! :)

  6. Great vintage gift from grandma, love the necklace. A wonderful casual outfit. It is so cute and trendy and of course stylish.
    I am a Glee fanatic. I heart Finn. I just love the Glee shout out in your post :)
    Your blog is wonderful.
    and thank you for the kind comment you left on mine.

  7. I love that song. Florence and the machines whole album is really great if you havent had a chance to listen to it you definitely should.

  8. I love the top and that necklace!


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  9. love your boots :D
    nice photos!

    followed and linked your blog :) link and follow back if you don't mind :D

    thanks a bunch <3


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