Thursday, December 2, 2010

wardrobe malfunction

I mean, it wasn't that bad, but still it was embarassing. This afternoon I decided to bundle up and head to Dean & Deluca for a little afternoon break to treat myself with good bread and hot chocolate. So I was walking from the dorm down to M street when around Georgetown Cupcake (about 7 or so blocks from where I started), I looked down to see that my dress was tucked up around my jacket. And no one had stopped me! Thank goodness I didn't see anyone I knew, but still. Very stressful. I was on the phone with my mom at the time, and I just started freaking out and she was laughing at me the whole time. Thanks mom.

american apparel cardigan
necessary objects dress
hue tights
target boots

I'm wearing my glasses again today. I honestly don't know what is wrong with my contacts! My eyes have been hurting all day even without them, but everything gets so red when I try to put them in, even for reasonable hours! I just don't know. I will be home in 2 or so weeks, and hopefully we can get my eyes checked out then...

Detail of the boots (which you have all seen numerous times. I just love them). I had a close up of the ruffle, but it just seemed kind of weird zooming in on my chest for a photo, even if it was for detail's sake. Oh well, you can all see it as is :)
I had gospel choir practice for 3 hours today. And guess what? Tomorrow's practice starts at 6 and goes until - wait, I don't know when it goes until. You know why? Because she wouldn't give us an end time. "It will end when it ends, we may be here until 2 am for all I know". Really? Oh, and the practice Saturday afternoon during the 2nd home basketball game? Yep, that's happening too. I'm a little bit bitter, kind of feel like my weekend (the last weekend to really go out) is dying. I mean, we all know I won't be studying during reading days next weekend, but probably everyone else will be and won't want to do anything :( Ok, I will stop my complaining now, on to happier things!

Chelsea Lane, from the amazing blog Zipped, gave me a blog award! Well, she gave it to me about a week ago, but me being the bad blogger I was in November didn't get around to it until now. So thanks Chelsea!

Soooo, now apparently I'm supposed to list 7 things about myself. Here you are:
1. I'm kind of addicted to trashy tv - when I was sick I watched 17 episodes of Gossip Girl in 2 days!
2. When I was little I broke both of my arms (not at the same time thank god)
3. I love to ski and generally go out west once a year with my family for some "hard-core" (my dad would disagree) skiing :)
4. I took Spanish for about 7 years when I was little. One year of French and I forgot it all
5. Up until 6th grade, all I would wear was sweatpants. I hated jeans. I thought they were uncomfortable.
6. I sang a solo in an international choir festival in Italy. Then I wrote my college essay about it :)
7. I don't think caffeine has an effect on me anymore. I drank too much coke and coffee

And now I'm supposed to pass the torch on to other bloggers who I particularly enjoy... Greer, The Mad Twins, Where Bluebirds Fly, The Haute Road, and Instant Flowers - I love reading about you all! 

Well, that was fun! Thanks again to Chelsea, now I am going to finish 90210 and do a bit of reading! Have a lovely night all :)


  1. Looooooove your dress! It's super cute. And thank you for checking out my blog :)

    Love & Labels

  2. Well done on the award! And your dress is lovely, xxx

  3. Hope your eyes are ok, I wear contacts too and know the pain they can be. Cute dress :) x

  4. aww thanks a lot :)
    you're wearing a cute outfit and haha, I love this post!
    I also like to watch GG & 90210 ;)

  5. hi darling. thanks for stopping by me.
    adore those boots- they're great
    hope you're having a wonderful weekend


  6. Thank you so much :) I love your outfits!

  7. haha yay! so cool about the choir festival :)



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