Thursday, September 30, 2010

It never rains but it pours

So I was going to show you all some pretty photos of my outfit from today. I hadn't taken them yet, but I was planning on taking them as soon as I got back from choir practice. Just one problem...

It's pouring. 

And I had no umbrella with me on the way back from choir practice. So despite my awkward running from Copley Hall to my dorm, I was soaked (still kind of damp right now). So I had to take off my cute outfit and put on some dry clothes. Therefore, no outfit photos today. Instead, I'm looking back through my albums from my blogging career (a.k.a the last month and a half or so...) and pulling out some interesting photos that I didn't get a chance to post the first time around

So there you have it... just a few of the pictures taken that didn't make it on to the blog - believe me there are many!

My day today was... wet. As you can see from the title, an English proverb if you are wondering, it poured today at Georgetown. And an umbrella can only do so much if you don't have appropriate shoes - i.e I need rainboots stat. However, good news is that I did well on my second Russian quiz! I honestly wasn't sure how I did, and even though I did mess up a lot of my word order, it all worked out ok. 

Thursday is my unhealthy eating today. I have just come to accept it. For one, it's chicken finger thursdays, so clearly I have to get chicken fingers for lunch (and fries... and soda...). Then, the chaplain makes quesadillas and brownies for everyone in New South on Thursday nights (that's where I'm headed when I finish this ^^) It's so sweet for him to open up his room to us, and he makes good food - I think he's just trying to keep us all in New South on the so-called "Thirsty Thursdays" so that we don't hurt ourselves. I'm not going out anyways, so it works for me :)

Hope it was sunny and dry for everyone else today, looking forward to Friday!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OOTD: I Feel Preppy Today

gap shirt
gap jeans
h&m flats

I didn't have much time to put together an outfit this morning, but this button-down just made it so easy! I like the tie at the neck because I feel like it adds something extra, makes it feel like more than just another button-down, you know?

Remember when I used to wear my moccasins a lot? (I'm sure you are all like "Yes Alison, that was last week. We don't have short-term memory loss") Well yes, I did wear my moccasins a lot. Until this week. Now I wear my black flats all the time! I feel like pretty soon I (and you!) are going to be sick of them! You will say, "Alison, will you please wear your moccasins again? These black flats are getting old." And I know. I will work on it. They are just soo easy...

Freshman 15 here I come. Yes, I did eat yet another cupcake this evening. We decided to try out a different cupcake shop, Baked and Wired, because we had heard that it rivaled Georgetown Cupcake. And they were quite good! A little more expensive, but definitely bigger so that made up for it. I got birthday, which was chocolate with buttercream frosting. And the shop had a great atmosphere - it's a coffee shop, so they have lots of other munchies, and there happened to be live music going on when we stopped by. A pretty fun place, I would stop in there again if I happened to be in the neighborhood. Actually... I think I live "in the neighborhood." Whatever. It was a good cupcake.

I also did a teensy bit of shopping today! Colleen wanted to stop in Gap, and they were having a 40% off sale promotion! So I bought this vest for probably about 75% off or so, with all the discounts. It's so adorable! I will try to wear it in the next week so that you can all see it. The issue is, I don't have a job. And I bought something. And Nicole and I are going shopping Friday. And I'm going to New York next weekend (did I mention that yet? I'm going to go crash on a friend's dorm floor for Columbus weekend - I am soooo excited! Pictures will abound ^^). In other words, buh-bye savings! Help...

Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OOTD: Pretty in Pink

My head is kind of obscured by the sun in this photo but I still like it... 

nordstrom earrings (probs you can't see them...)
jcrew cardigan
gap tshirt
jcrew pants
h&m flats

I really like these pants - they were from my mom, as she decided that she needed to buy a size smaller in her minnie pants. I'll take them! I have a denim pair (what I'm wearing) that have cute little zippers, and a black pair. Thanks very much mom :)

Some photos of my lovely photographer Nicole! She always looks adorable, but I particularly liked her outfit today. As you can tell, her style is fundamentally different from mine - she wears color :)

I love this dress - however, when she washed it earlier, it got a little wrinkled in her laundry bag. So I asked, "Nicole, how are you wearing this dress? Did you find an iron?" She replied that no she had not, but that her closet had magical powers that gotten rid of the wrinkles. Yes, it's been a long day...

I had my second Russian quiz today. Got to be honest, I don't think it went as well as the last one, even though I studied for at least 2 hours for this one... oh well. On a happier note, I got my first college-level paper back today and got an A! I definitely wasn't expecting it, so it was a good start to my early morning.

I had a really fun night last night after posting, so I feel like sharing a synopsis - Nicole and I really wanted dessert but there was nothing good left in the dining hall. So we proceeded to go on this crazy adventure trying to find a shortcut to the student-run grocery store, where we bought cookie dough and pretzels. Then we went back to the room and watched "Modern Family" - by the way, everyone should watch this show, it's probably the funniest thing on tv these days in my opinion. It was a really fun night, and not for an extraordinary reason, it was just fun. Do you ever have nights like that?

Moving past my random tangent, hope everyone has a good night - Glee is on tonight, so of course it will be, albeit not a very productive one :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

OOTD: Sweaters and Shorts

We have the most bipolar weather here in Washington DC - while tailgating on Saturday, everyone was sweating and burning like nobody's business. On Sunday it was chilly, and today it is a weird in-between temperature but rainy and strangely humid... here is what came out of that weather

target sweater
banana republic scarf
martin&osa  shorts
aldo boots

I didn't post yesterday, so here is a quick recap: I wore sweatpants, I went to a choir retreat, and I pretended to do homework (and got just enough done to be ready for today ^^). That was about it. Interesting I know

Today was a Monday and was therefore pretty uninspiring... thankfully I was able to sleep in until about 9 and regain some of the lost hours of Saturday night (staying out until around 3 and getting up at 9 was probably not my best plan) and I read a magazine that my parents sent in a box (Elle - it was lovely, I miss my magazines...) The courses of the day included Russian and French, so thankfully I didn't spend that much time in class

Unfortunately, I have a Russian quiz tomorrow, and will likely be spending the rest of my evening studying for that. So short, but with sooo much material to pull from! Ugh. My only consolation is that I am in macroeconomics and not micro, as just about everybody taking that class was freaking out for the midterm today. I at least have one more weekend to get all of that down... we will see how I feel next weekend... ^^

Hope everyone had a lovely start to a new week!

P.S I need rainboots. ASAP. I was planning on trying to get them for Christmas, but now I don't know... it has rained this weekend, it's supposed to be rainy on and off this whole weekend, and who knows what the rest of the fall will be like. So we shall see...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blue and Gray!

It's homecoming weekend here at Georgetown! Sorry for my lack of posting, my outfit yesterday was actually really cute - though quite similar to one I posted a couple of weeks ago, as my blue-striped dress from old navy has become a bit of a hot weather staple.

Today was the homecoming football game! As you may or may not know, Georgetown isn't exactly known for it's football team - but we WON! Apparently, the last time Georgetown football  won 3 games in a season (their current record is 3-1) was 2005, and no one can remember the last time we won a homecoming game. Sooo, basically it's an awesome time to be a GU freshman :)

Here are some photos from my first college homecoming experience:
1. Homecoming tailgate- you may or may not be able to see it, but there are about 4 trucks full of beer for all the 21+ students and alums in attendance. Tailgating started at 11am. It was an interesting day for some I think... ^^
2.The 80's tribute band and our mascot Jack the bulldog jamming out onstage. The band was actually sooo much fun - I wasn't alive for the 80s but you just have to love the music!
3. Nicole and I during the game. We both forgot to get student tickets beforehand and didn't want to pay $10 for a real ticket, so we just found this ledge (you can see it in the background of the 4th photo) where we could watch the action. Except we didn't see much action, as we couldn't see the right 1/3 of the field, and Holy Cross was pretty much in control for the 1st half and that was their side... they didn't score at all the first half (neither did we, but whatever) so that was good! By the way, my tshirt says "Hoya Saxa" otherwise known as "What Rocks" our school motto :)
4. Holy Cross team running across the field. Noo, it isn't our team, but I liked the photo. I'm not really a huge football fan, but it was actually history in the making at the field today. The last time we won a homecoming game? Who knows. It was pretty fun to be a part of...

So that's my homecoming story. Just got back from chipotle for dinner, because our dining hall closes its upstairs on the weekend, and it is not good. I mean, it's not horrible, but if you don't feel like a burger or pizza don't bother. Oh well. Tomorrow night upstairs opens again, and I'm hoping they have pesto...

Anyways, have a good evening, and HOYA SAXA

Thursday, September 23, 2010

OOTD: Black and Blue

Gotta love self-shot photo shoots in the dorm - I promise it isn't as messy as it looks :)

Sorry for the hair in the face, it just happened - getting my hair cut over Thanksgiving break when I go home!

forlove21 necklace
target tank top
zara skirt
h&m ballet flats

So, now that you have seen my lovely outfit pics, you are probably wondering, "What did Alison do today?" I will tell you - after lunch and russian I went back to the room and did some homework and chilled out , only to look at my email and realize that I had 2 packages waiting for me! I wasn't expecting anything, so it was pretty exciting. One was from my dad, containing a CD of (what I'm assuming) is bad 80's music, to continue our trading of music - it made me very happy. The other was a box full of homemade chex mix from my grandma, miraculously uncrushed from the shipping process - also really exciting! 

My food shelf - between what my parents left for me, the occasional food shopping I've been doing, and all the packages I've been receiving, it is quite overflowing (in fact, there is some food sitting on the floor, not to mention what is in the fridge). Now just to clarify to any friends or family who may be reading this, this does not mean that I don't want packages - in fact I encourage them :) Just thought I'd share

After the boxes I decided it would be a good time for a nap, so I set my alarm for 20 minutes later... I woke up an hour later to discover I set the alarm wrong, and I had about 5 minutes to get to my next class. Now, my next class is econ, which I normally have issues staying awake for,  so add in the fact I had just woken up from an overly-long nap, and I was done for. It was quite, quite difficult to stay awake for that lecture...

Now it is the evening and I am off to a choir rehearsal for a choir that I will hopefully like - I miss singing! After that my friend Nicole (she's the one who takes all the lovely photos for me when I don't do it myself in my room) are going to play bingo - it's homecoming, so clearly that is what you do on a Thursday night :)

Have a lovely evening!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My evening at CUA...

(Catholic University of America, if you didn't know that already...)

This evening I went and spent time with my friend Colleen (she is the one I went to school with in MN) at her college, which is conveniently just 8 (7? I'm not positive...) metro stops away. It was quite hot today in DC and so I was unsure what to wear. How do you not sweat to death outside or die of hypothermia in the air-conditioned class rooms? A scarf of course! Ok, that was cheezy, I just really, really like scarves - this one is a circle scarf by the way, and I didn't even know that when I got it, but that made it way cooler :)

topshop scarf
old navy tank 
old navy skirt
forlove21 ring
minnetonka moccasins
target bookbag
This ring was actually suuuuch an issue for me in class today. It opens and closes just like a normal locket would, so I was clicking it open and shut constantly - it was like a click pen, and probably just as obnoxious for the people around me :)

In case you want to put a face to the name, here is Colleen - she should be thanking me for putting up this picture, there are sooo many worse ones I could have put up. Let's just put it this way - we had a fun photo shoot ^^

Here are some shots of Catholic's campus: the dining hall, the basilica, and a pretty building I can't remember the name of, respectively....

So after getting dinner at the dining hall (a burger for me. ugh I eat so unhealthy sometimes! oh well, it was good^^) we walked around campus so I could get the full tour, and then went back to her room to watch some tv and chill. One of the perks of Catholic that is sadly and conspicuously absent at Gtown is cable - we have no tv :( Sooo, we watched a bit of Bridget Jones's Diary, which is a great movie by the way... Good times

Afterward we hopped the metro and got cupcakes at this new place called Red Velvet in Chinatown. I'm branching out, trying cupcakes from places other than Georgetown Cupcake. I feel like I just need to do a cupcake tour of the town. It's pretty likely. Freshman 15 here I come...

Have a nice day :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

OOTD: Lace Vest

jcrew tshirt
vintage lace shirt
gap jeans
h&m flats

I really dislike tuesdays. So excuse the lackluster-ness of this post - I spent the majority of my afternoon napping in my room (I may be on the verge of getting a cold, trying to ward that off...) and consequently had no one take my picture this afternoon. So, I had to snap a quick few this evening on my own
My flats are falling apart - see those little ripped pieces on the tops!? I know that I got them for cheap, but still, isn't it a bit soon for that?

On a brighter note, I just got back from my room after watching the season premiere of GLEE! As we get no free cable in our rooms here at Georgetown, the majority of people don't have cable. So instead there were viewing parties around the various dorms on campus. It was so exciting! The episode was pretty great in my opinion, and it was good break from evening studying

Actually, I'm basically done with my homework for tomorrow. However, I'm trying to get a start on my french expose which, to be honest, I am seriously freaked out about. We have to present a french news article in the traditional style and then the class gets to ask us whatever questions they want. Mind you this is all in french. yeah. I know this class is good for me and I am glad to be improving my oral french, but....

Oh well. Tuesday is basically done, on to Wednesday! The weeks go by so fast

Monday, September 20, 2010

OOTD: Sailor Dress

I just looked into my wardrobe and realized that I own not one, not two, but three short, horizontally striped dresses. Problem? Perhaps. Obsession? Most definitely...

So here is one of my little striped dresses - I think it is perhaps the most sailor-like of the three, with its rounded neckline and more even stripes. To temper the short hemline for class, I tossed over a cardigan and belted it with a simple brown belt (not my usual one, you may notice - I'm branching out ^^)

vintage necklace
zara cardigan
h&m dress
heritage1981 belt
target flip flops

Today was Monday. Enough explanation? I think so... set my alarm for 9:00 and didn't get up until 9:30, proceeded to do no homework before class anyways, took a nap mid-afternoon, and plan on watching tv shows tonight. I'd like to call it easing myself back into the week :)

I just wanted to show off how I tied my belt - I always see them doing this in catalogues and magazines, but I've never gotten it to work! My belt has always been too short or too stiff to tie. I just think it's soo cute! And the necklace is one of my favorites, and another thing I own a lot of - clock necklaces. Come to think of it I only own two, but I used to have three before one broke... but that's another one of those stories that's more interesting in my head than on paper, so I think I will just keep it to myself :)
A ring I got while on the island of St. Johns (A part of the USVI). It's basically the Caribbean equivalent of the claddagh ring - have the U-shaped thing (the "hook") turned out meaning that your heart is open to love, facing in to mean you are taken. I'm not in the least bit Irish, so I have always felt odd about the idea of wearing a claddagh ring. However, I have been visiting the virgin islands my whole life, so this fits!

It's the weirdest weather in DC right now - in the morning you will probably be chilly, the whole of the afternoon you will be sweating, and by the evening you will be chilly again. And of course add in the huge issue of over-used air-conditioning, and you will never truly be dressed correctly. I did my best today, and though I was a bit hot walking around, I didn't do too badly.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, which means that I have to get up for my 9:15 seminar class, ugh. And go straight to Russian after that. Uuuugh. However, for the time being I need to finish my paper on Eddie Mabo for the aforementioned seminar - just to warn anyone considering writing a paper on him, there is not enough information on the Internet to write a paragraph. Just saying. Excuse my bitterness ^^

Have a lovely Monday...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fashionable First Ladies...

Today, to get off campus we went to the national mall! We actually walked all the way from Georgetown's campus to the mall. At about 2 miles, it was just a bit tiring. However, instead of doing an outfit post, I thought I would switch it up and show some of the photos I got from the First Lady exhibit!

Michelle Obama's inauguration dress! It actually soo gorgeous - It has all of these little jeweled flowers and snowflake-esque details on it. Gotta love Jason Wu

Another dress I was a particular fan of - Grace Coolidge I believe? It was just so different from the rest of the dresses, so much more fun!

Just had to put this in - don't know if you can read all of them, but they are basically campaign buttons for First Lady - soo funny! I liked how the exhibit focused on things other than the dresses (although I love them) because these women did so much work too!

top to bottom (in case you can't read the small captions):
Lou Hoover, Grace Coolidge (again!), Mary Lincoln

So they had sketches of some of the earlier dresses, and I loved them! I took pictures of all the sketches, and I picked a few of my favorites. It was just so cool to see the photos and the dresses, to see how fashion has evolved and changed over the years (for example, you could definitely see which dresses were from the 70's...) and interesting to think about how, not long from now, we will be looking back at the things we wore today and thinking how odd, cool, or different fashion was "back then" Food for thought :)

Ok, I am going to get some homework done before I go out. Not even an option. Last Saturday I said I was going to do homework and I didn't, so I'm going to break the pattern. Hope everyone has a fun Saturday night!

P.S I wore color today, and was told that I should tell you all, since apparently it's a big deal. So yeah. I wore a bright blue cardigan :)

OOTD: Mixing Patterns

Sooo, I forgot to put up my outfit for yesterday, so here I am doing it this morning.
Lovely story from my day yesterday: I had to get up for an econ recitation that was at 9:15 (don't judge, I need my sleep). I was really really tired so afterward I walked over to one of the campus coffee shops and got myself a mocha. As I was walking, I got a call from my mother. So I am holding the phone in one hand, the mocha in the either, and as I walk, I keep getting mocha on my hand. And I don't know why. I watch the top, nothing is coming out from it. Then I realize it is leaking out from underneath the top. I try to drink the mocha before it gets on me even more, but no such luck. I manage to stain the shirt I am wearing, and I have to change. Actually, I stained the shirt I was wearing above too (and possibly the shorts). That mocha was evil. 

....ok that story sounded a lot more interesting in my head, but as I have typed it already, you have to deal with it. sorry.

This was another bad picture day. Hoping its just a phase... :)
boots headband
nordstrom bp cardigan
martin&osa tshirt
martin&osa shorts
jcrew tote

My friend from MN came over again today, and first I took her to our dining hall, so she could experience our food. She was really excited by all of our carbs (not the best thing for me to have on a daily basis...) and that we are a coke school, not a pepsi school (also a daily struggle for me... ^^)

My hair looks almost red in this shot, which it isn't in the slightest. Whatever... I got this headband in England at boots, which is actually kind of a drugstore, but they have everything! I'm kind of obsessed
Showing the various patterns of my outfit

After to going to Georgetown Cupcake (yet again. this could become an issue) we went back and chilled in my dorm. Then we decided that is was a Friday! We couldn't just stay in! So we got all dressed up, and I wore heels for the first time since I'd been here. And let me just say, I know why I haven't worn them yet...

I got these wedges on sale at old navy and I looove them. Last time I wore them, it was out to dinner, which gave me the false impression that they were very comfortable. Quite false. After walking around campus (and off-campus. Quite a bit of walking) my feet felt like I was walking on knives. Not a pleasant experience. I was over 6ft tall though :)

So now it's Saturday. What to do? Probably homework. But first I need some breakfast.... have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

OOTD: New Shirt

Sooo, J.Crew sponsored this Georgetown student shopping thing on Tuesday, where we got 20% everything in store (well, everything full-priced. annoying). And I was like, I'm not going to shop with this craziness! I'm going to go early and pick out what I want before! So I went into the store on Monday to pre-shop, discovered we only got 20% off full-priced items and decided to just buy two sale things then and avoid the craziness that Tuesday was sure to be all-together. And one of the things I bought was this t-shirt!

jcrew tshirt
vintage button-down
old navy shorts
target bag
(don't think you can see my shoes in any of these photos... they are flip flops...)
Thought I would try not smiling in a photo for once. This is the best of the bunch. Oh well. I like this button-down too. It's simple and boxy, kind of military-inspired. Easy to just toss over things for some simple layering, no?

This bag, being my book-bag, is in just about every post, thought I would show an actual picture of it - it's a pretty basic color with a cute little floral print on it. I like it! Definitely a step up from my high school back pack...

So today is Thursday! Already? I know... At Georgetown, this means chicken fingers in the dining hall, which is pretty exciting. There's always a line, but its worth it. They are quite tasty. I only have one more class today, and its in about 2 hours. Don't know what I'm going to do until then. I could do homework, but that would be silly :) Maybe I will watch a tv show... or take a nap... this is my college life. It's kind of great

What to do with the rest of my day? Decisions, decisions. What do you do with lazy afternoons?