Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fashionable First Ladies...

Today, to get off campus we went to the national mall! We actually walked all the way from Georgetown's campus to the mall. At about 2 miles, it was just a bit tiring. However, instead of doing an outfit post, I thought I would switch it up and show some of the photos I got from the First Lady exhibit!

Michelle Obama's inauguration dress! It actually soo gorgeous - It has all of these little jeweled flowers and snowflake-esque details on it. Gotta love Jason Wu

Another dress I was a particular fan of - Grace Coolidge I believe? It was just so different from the rest of the dresses, so much more fun!

Just had to put this in - don't know if you can read all of them, but they are basically campaign buttons for First Lady - soo funny! I liked how the exhibit focused on things other than the dresses (although I love them) because these women did so much work too!

top to bottom (in case you can't read the small captions):
Lou Hoover, Grace Coolidge (again!), Mary Lincoln

So they had sketches of some of the earlier dresses, and I loved them! I took pictures of all the sketches, and I picked a few of my favorites. It was just so cool to see the photos and the dresses, to see how fashion has evolved and changed over the years (for example, you could definitely see which dresses were from the 70's...) and interesting to think about how, not long from now, we will be looking back at the things we wore today and thinking how odd, cool, or different fashion was "back then" Food for thought :)

Ok, I am going to get some homework done before I go out. Not even an option. Last Saturday I said I was going to do homework and I didn't, so I'm going to break the pattern. Hope everyone has a fun Saturday night!

P.S I wore color today, and was told that I should tell you all, since apparently it's a big deal. So yeah. I wore a bright blue cardigan :)


  1. that second dress looks so gorgeous and extremely detailed.
    oh and congrats on the colour ;)

  2. Ohh I had seen this exhibition last summer in New York, I absolutely love the Jason Wu! xx

  3. Thank you so much for your sweet comments!!
    I love this post, I tihnk the first ladies are amazing esp Michelle!!



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