Monday, September 27, 2010

OOTD: Sweaters and Shorts

We have the most bipolar weather here in Washington DC - while tailgating on Saturday, everyone was sweating and burning like nobody's business. On Sunday it was chilly, and today it is a weird in-between temperature but rainy and strangely humid... here is what came out of that weather

target sweater
banana republic scarf
martin&osa  shorts
aldo boots

I didn't post yesterday, so here is a quick recap: I wore sweatpants, I went to a choir retreat, and I pretended to do homework (and got just enough done to be ready for today ^^). That was about it. Interesting I know

Today was a Monday and was therefore pretty uninspiring... thankfully I was able to sleep in until about 9 and regain some of the lost hours of Saturday night (staying out until around 3 and getting up at 9 was probably not my best plan) and I read a magazine that my parents sent in a box (Elle - it was lovely, I miss my magazines...) The courses of the day included Russian and French, so thankfully I didn't spend that much time in class

Unfortunately, I have a Russian quiz tomorrow, and will likely be spending the rest of my evening studying for that. So short, but with sooo much material to pull from! Ugh. My only consolation is that I am in macroeconomics and not micro, as just about everybody taking that class was freaking out for the midterm today. I at least have one more weekend to get all of that down... we will see how I feel next weekend... ^^

Hope everyone had a lovely start to a new week!

P.S I need rainboots. ASAP. I was planning on trying to get them for Christmas, but now I don't know... it has rained this weekend, it's supposed to be rainy on and off this whole weekend, and who knows what the rest of the fall will be like. So we shall see...


  1. i feel your pain weather wise, here one minute its raining the next its scorching sun but windy as hell!
    anyway this is a cute outfit :) x

  2. looove your scarf! :D good luck on your Russian quiz! that's really cool you're taking a Russian class. I wish I could speak Russian!

    Jen & Sher

  3. love your scarf!!!

    come check out my giveaway, coach poppy charm!

  4. Nice blog. Really like your boots in this post :)


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