Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OOTD: Stripes?

Couldn't come up with a creative way to describe this outfit, so I kind of went halfway - stripes is a description of my top (pretty standard), and the question mark denotes my hesitation in using such a basic title :)

h&m top
vintage necklace
target bag (my bookbag...)
target shorts
minnetonka moccasins

Hey look! I graduated from my brown moccasins. I am wearing black moccasins today. They are a different color, and a slightly different design if I do say so myself. The problem is, I haven't completely broken them in yet so they leave black dye all over my feet, which looks pretty gross...

So we are back to self-timer photos. I feel guilty dragging Nicole out for a third night in a row, and my roommate is at a three-hour dance audition (send good vibes!). That will probs change tomorrow (hopefully), as I am not a fan of arranging myself for a timer! It just never looks good. But on a happier note, I really like this necklace. It is from my grandma, and I think it's so fun! The only problem is that the tassels distract me and I play with them a lot, like in classes and such :)

So Tuesday (today, for those of you who aren't up on your days of the week, like I sometimes am before I get into the swing of things ^^) is my only day a week with three classes. Not a fan. I have to go straight from my 2hour Australia class to Russian. It's just a bit much for me! Don't know how everyone else does it. I'll stick with my two classes a day with large break in between thanks :)

That is the end of my ramblings. Going to get a Grab 'n Go meal from the caf so that I can hopefully get some homework done before my last choir audition. Wish me luck!

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