Thursday, September 9, 2010

OOTD: Beaded Belt

hanes tshirt
vintage belt
target skirt
minnetonka moccasins

Sooooo here's my excuse for wearing moccasins again: I had a lot of walking to do today! Right after my Russian class ended, I ran to the GUTS (georgetown university transportation system - great name right?) bus and took it to Dupont circle where I hopped onto the metro to go to Catholic to see my friend Colleen (you remember her, right? She was the one with the cupcakes from one of the posts from last week. Wednesday I believe...) I had to be speedy since she had class at 2:10. So you see, the moccasins were a necessary evil :)

I really like this little gazebo. It's so random! It's on the edge of Dahlgren courtyard, and has this little circular cement thing that I am standing on. Some sunny day, I am going to go sit on that circle and do some homework. Yes. That sounds like a good plan

And here is my belt. I got it at a vintage store back in MN. The tag on it said $20, but the lady let me have it for $10, which I think is pretty exciting. It's probably the most interesting of my belts, and I think it adds a nice little pop to this outfit :)

It's 11:00 and I have done no homework whatsoever! Is that an issue? I guess this is college for you... oh well. I'm sure I'll get to bed before 2. And my first class is an econ recitation at 9:15. Not bad. Not bad at all...

Have a lovely Thirsty Thursday! (as I have heard it being called on college campuses.... don't worry I do not plan on partaking in any illegal activities )

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  1. I love that belt! I've had two of those im my lifetime but they have gotten too small over the years. I love anything Native American inspired though!


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