Tuesday, February 28, 2012

pure perfection

all images from style.com

I know I'm a little late considering London Fashion Week ended just about a week ago, but now that I finally have some free time to look through the fall shows I just felt the need to show some looks from Mary Katrantzou - the artistry and intricacy that go into her prints are really just astonishing! I love looking through the London shows, as there is so much more freedom and whimsicality that go into their collections as opposed to the, albeit more wearable, much more sales-driven New York shows (I mean, this isn't true across the board, but have you looked at the Central Saint Martins show yet? Fascinating, but probably not going to be seen walking down your average street any time soon). 
I haven't really been a fan of the peplums that have been cropping up all over lately, but surprisingly Katrantzou kind of makes me like them - that sleeveless dress I showed second with the box-like drop waist or the gown at the end? Absolutely gorgeous, and if I had a spare couple thousand dollars sitting around, I'd wear both in a heartbeat. And back to her prints - the ornamental lawn dress? How amazingly detailed is that? It's really quite breathtaking.

And there end my raptures on Mary Katrantzou. To give you a little update on my life, today I went down to the new pie shop near Georgetown and bought myself a miniature pumpkin pie, then went back to my room to watch some How I Met Your Mother. So, needless to say, it's been a pretty satisfactory afternoon. Hope you're all having a lovely week!

Monday, February 27, 2012


J. Crew dress; Beth's scarf (I'm sure she's loving seeing how much wear it gets down here now that she's left it behind...); Minnetonka Moccasin boots

So I was looking at all the pictures of this outfit and I was struck by how many stripes there were! It kind of reminded me of a prison uniform (hence the title)... but in the best way possible is there really a good way to be reminded of prison? Regardless, I'd been waiting for a good opportunity to wear these boots, and today seemed as good a day as any. Note their usage with a dress, not pants, as that makes my legs look less stumpy. These descriptions of myself are getting less and less attractive. I should really stop trying to explain the thought processes beyond my outfits.

All I really have to say about my life right now is that I can't wait for spring break. Like seriously. It's been so long since I last saw my family, or just spent the whole day doing absolutely nothing... it's going to be a lovely week. Only three more days to survive and I'll be there! Good night all :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

another skirt and untucked shirt

Forever 21 necklace; Urban Outfitters tshirt; J. Crew Skirt; Frye boots
 As I've noted in the title, in general I seem to post only one sort of outfit on this blog - a small skirt, a pair of boots, and some sort of oversized top. And you know what guys, sometimes I wear pants! And I feel like I should try to show that side of my wardrobe as well - because you see, in addition to miniskirts, I also wear skinny jeans much too often.

So yesterday the weather people just gave up on telling us the weather. As in literally, my phone said "A high of 70, a low of 37, and there's a chance of rain" - how do you get dressed for that!? I was wearing this outfit sans tights for most of the day with my moccasins, had a brief jaunt out in my rainboots, and tossed my leather jacket over it all (in combination with the Fryes I looked a bit like a biker chick). 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

long week

H&M button down; Gap sweater; Vintage necklaces; Target skirt; Minnetonka Moccasin moccasins

 Gotta love having three different pairs of moccasins...especially when the sole of your right brown one literally starts to disconnect itself from the rest of shoe (on a side note does that keep me from wearing them? Of course not). So this is my outfit yesterday, and I think it worked well despite the gale-force winds that kept me in perpetual fear of flashing passerby on my way to class. That being said, who doesn't love a good pleated skirt? The throwback to high school always makes me nostalgic.

I would love to write bore you more with stories of my life, but I have a Comparative Political Systems midterm and paper due tomorrow, and they may be the death of me... so good night, send positive vibes to Washington DC tomorrow afternoon!

Monday, February 20, 2012

leather jacket

Splendid tshirt; Guess leather jacket; Scarf stolen from Beth (or rather, she left it here and I'm taking care of it in her absence); Gap jeans; Coach satchel; Minnetonka Moccasin moccasins
 I'm in love with my new jacket! I've actually owned a leather jacket for years now, one I picked up at a consignment shop back in Minnesota and always told myself I'd wear, but had never managed to take off its hanger. I'd convinced myself I just wasn't a leather jacket person (much to the dismay of my visiting friend Beth, as they are pretty much all she wears) - until I put this one on. It's perfect! It's soft, it's surprisingly warm, and it's just the right amount of slouchy to fit in just right with my look. Yay for visiting friends giving me an excuse to explore the city and find new shopping gems.

Beth got on her bus back to NYC this morning, and although I'm sad that the weekend is ending (we had a blast), I think if the visit had gone any longer we would have both dropped dead from lack of sleep. As I'm typing this, sitting in a room for Economics tutoring (gotta love it when no one comes and I can just do work procrastinate) I can barely keep my eyes open. And I already took two naps today. Good news is I have less than two weeks until Spring break! California here I come and, I suppose in the more immediate future (as in right now), Comparative Political Systems readings here I come... Have a good night all :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

long, fun weekend

So this weekend my friend Beth came down from Fordham to see me, and it's been such an amazing time! We've pretty much been going non-stop since her bus arrived Friday evening - I have to say, we've done a pretty good job fitting everything in. Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day, so we walked around the National Mall, where a lot of these photos were taken (anyone else notice the Gilmore Girls reference in the second photo?). Saturday night we walked over to the H Street area where we grabbed dinner and some ridiculously delicious pie (I believe the actual restaurant name, fittingly enough, was "Dangerously Delicious") and went to H Street Playhouse for what may be the creepiest version of "Peter Pan" to ever be staged.  Creepy, but good.

The food pictures are from this morning's excursion down to the Eastern Market/Capitol Hill neighborhood, where we wandered the stalls and food vendors at the market, then hit up this adorable little consignment shop where I picked up a great leather jacket - so get ready for some pictures of that, coming soon... Then we went for a late lunch with Colleen, her roommate, and her boyfriend Richard, who was also in town visiting this weekend. I had the best burger of my life, and after topping it off with an always-delicious Baked and Wired cupcake, I may never eat again. Except we're going to watch a movie tonight, so of course I will. 

Hope everyone else has had a lovely weekend, enjoy the day off tomorrow! (Except apparently no one else gets President's Day off but Beth and I?) 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

next halloween

Rachel Rachel Roy dress; BDG (Urban Outfitters) cardigan; pendant from street market in NYC; belt stolen from my vintage floral dress; Target boots

 So the title of this post is in no way not particularly related to my day, it's just that I have plans to wear this dress next year on Halloween, belted with twine or something of the sort, with moccasins and a little hat and be Robin Hood. How cute will that be? Personally, I'm pretty excited.

In other news, today has been an interesting day, just got back from a 4-hour-or so hiatus from the room to take my Econ Stats midterm, perform a song with my a capella group, then have rehearsal with said a capella group... all while extremely exhausted/with a head cold. Needless to say I'm going to bed soon. Scratch that, probably going to bed right now. Night all!

P.S. Bright spot in my day? Mom and dad sent me cookies for Valentine's Day! And who doesn't love heart-shaped sugar cookies during midterms? No one. (enjoy the double-negatives, I'm too tired to care)

Monday, February 13, 2012

grandma's vest

Old Navy button down; Vest knitted by Grandma; Levis jeans; Vintage necklace; Nordstrom boots

 Once again, oh so long since I last posted. But don't you love my vest? My grandma knitted it for me a few years ago - she said for Christmas that she'd knit us each one thing and let us pick a piece from the catalog. I of course asked for the men's vest. I like oversized knits, whats new.

So, fun stories you've all missed since I last posted. Yesterday morning I got a rude wake-up call at about 5 am when my building's fire alarm went off. I guess its the special alarm to make sure everyone wakes up, but it pretty much just sounded like a foghorn. I literally fell out of bed I was so startled, and then I was just so freaked out that I couldn't find my glasses and didn't really think the whole middle-of-the-night-in-February thing through, so I just put on flip flops to go with the shorts I'd been sleeping in. Walked outside, it was 10 degrees. There was snow on the ground. Let's just say it was interesting.
Why am I still awake? After waking up with a serious twinge in my throat this morning I've decided that I need to get more sleep this week. Unfortunately for me Economic Statistics exists, so that may happen.  Good night!