Sunday, February 5, 2012

still here

from the Sartorialist

Above is just a picture from the Sartorialist from a bit back that I enjoyed, personally I would never have the guts to wear the vest but it's fabulous, no? Also, I think we've discussed how much I love burgundy, as well as my obsession with boots - so you all know how I feel about these shoes. I just realized I haven't posted in forever and thought I'd check in! Yesterday I was literally in jeans and a sweatshirt all day (kills me too), and although today I look pretty cute for a Sunday, my roommate is locked in the library so I have no one to play photographer...

Spent today trying to catch up on the work I avoided all weekend/attempting to watch the Super Bowl at my friends' apartment - did you know when you stream the game from online, they don't show you the halftime show? Yeah, we were traumatized too. Also, my friend Emily's baby nephew Max came over today, he is literally the cutest thing ever! I would have literally spent the whole afternoon bouncing him and playing with him if only he didn't have to go home... Why aren't there more babies on college campuses? They make such good stress-relievers.

Not looking forward to starting another week, but good news is that I think I've been productive enough this evening that I get to go to bed! Sweet dreams all :)


  1. I would be a little hesitant to wear this too, but she looks stunning in it.


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