Monday, May 23, 2011

oh nature

You gotta love spring! All the crazy thunderstorms, the foliage so green it almost makes your eyes hurt (maybe that's just me? But it does get pretty bright, especially after the aforementioned storms), the flowers sprouting everywhere... it's quite lovely. As I said in the last post, Natalie had a bit too much fun with my camera yesterday shooting the beautiful spring flora of Minnesota. Some of them turned out quite nice, so I thought I'd share, change up my (scarce) posts....

And there's one of the photographer herself... or at least her eye. Very smooth Natalie

Well there's a little quickie post for you, hope you enjoy the beauty of spring in Minnesota, it's quite... chilly. After experiencing what was basically summer in D.C, coming back here to 50 and rainy is a bit difficult, you know? Oh well, it has to be summer sometime soon. I am awaiting that day. Enjoy your Monday everyone :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

lovely evening

So, I'm just going to skip the whole "I'm bad at blogging" spiel and put up some pictures of my outfit - I feel like I always wear something similar with this shirt, but oh well, I like it. This shirt was really worth full-price at Urban, something I don't do often

 urban outfitters top
 jcrew pants
minnetonka moccasins
vintage necklaces

I look very gangster here, slipping on my cheap, rayban-esque shades, right? Ok probably not at all, but that's what I thought when I looked at the photo. Oh, and that's my cousin Ashley in the back, she tried (unsuccessfully) to not be in any pictures

I absolutely loveeee lilacs! They are probably my favorite flower, at least scent-wise. I would just sit and breathe them in all day if that was possible. Well, considering that I don't really have a job yet this summer, that would be possible, wouldn't it? Just kind of sad.

And this is the yummy pizza I made for myself tonight! Mom made some pizza dough then left us to our own devices - so we made some weirdly-shaped individual pizzas, complete with cut tomatoes and freshly picked basil from the garden. Quite lovely I must say. Then we proceeded to eat them on the porch, where I read aloud to Natalie from her french version of "Count of Monte Cristo" (the easy school version, we aren't that good). Helps her catch up from the days she missed, and helps me keep up on my French, and talk out the weird accent I seem to have picked up. Apparently I now speak French with an accent that isn't French, and not really American? Perhaps Russian? What is my life...

So the black moccasins in the photo are the ones I was talking about, the ones I absolutely adore (and/or will be kidnapping back to school with me in the fall). Will probs take some pictures of them, along with the pretty scarf mom brought back for me from California in some post of their own, for the nice detail shots. That, and a post filled with the spring-like nature shots that Natalie went crazy shooting this evening. Some things to look forward to :) Have a good night!

Monday, May 16, 2011

...and I'm home

Once again, apparently I can't post consistently for more than, oh, 2 days? Finally home (well, have been for 2 days) and loving it! Well, to be honest, I miss people from school, but I'm so excited to see all my friends from home that it's ok :) Three crazy-fun months to go with my friends here, then back to school! Crazy to think that my freshman year is done and that I'm now a sophomore... don't really want to think about it.

Regardless, I think I looked cute today (for the first time in awhile, got go be honest) so here you go!

 urban outfitters tank
jcrew cardigan
 vintage necklace
gap jeans

So I just realized that I'm barefoot in these photos... oops! Silly me. Well, for most of the day I was wearing these absolutely adorable black, fringe-y moccasins that my mom has been loaning me. I think I might steal them from her when I get back to school - I believe she got them on sale at J. Crew for like $20. As I said, sale ninja. Regardless, I love them so I'm sure they will be in a future post for you all to see

This is a really cool necklace, one of the many my Grandma has sent up to me. The detail on this photo isn't that great, but if you look really close you can see it's quite a disturbing scene - I think they're breaking someone's neck? I still like it, and open and close it way more often than is appropriate while in public, kind of a bad habit

So, I've had a crazy past few days, and to avoid having the longest blog post ever written, I will give you the short synopsis. Starting from last week:
Thursday - packing up the dorm room, fly home to Minnesota and get in around 10 pm
Friday: Get up at 5:30 am to go back to the airport and fly to Denver, where I meet my friend Mckenna and drive back to Fort Collins, where she goes to college. Spend the day exploring her campus, meeting her friends, and packing up her (obscenely messy) room.
Saturday: Get up at 7:00 am in order to get on the road. Drive all day (literally. all. day) and get back home around 11:00 that night, after spending upwards of 14 hours making the horribly boring roadtrip from Colorado to Minnesota. Good thing Mckenna and I can talk (and jam out, and eat to much junk food) foreverrr
Sunday: Play some golf with my dad, then spent altogether too much time in front of the TV recovering from my past few days.
And today: Spent the day with Jenny, who is thankfully home for the summer! 

Tomorrow I am doing Habitat for Humanity which, while being fun and for a good cause, does not involve cute clothes, so we shall see if I post. But I've missed this! Can someone just remind me from time to time how much I love blogging so that I can stop taking these silly breaks? Thanks... have a great night!

Friday, May 6, 2011

are we there yet?

Why am I still here? I just want to be done with all the work and go home... ugh that sounds angsty. I love everyone here, but I think we all would agree that this week is not a party (despite how much I would like to go out to one right now ^^). Regardless, here is my outfit from yesterday, when I was feeling lazy and not much up to putting together a real outfit

zara tshirt
target cardigan
jcrew pants

So, basically this outfit is the equivalent of sweatpants - the pants are like a step up (or down? depends on how you look at it) and are actually almost leggings, except that when I wear them I don't feel like I'm wearing leggings, so in my head its all ok... don't judge. They look like pants don't they? Just tell my they are :)

Just tossed on the cardigan to give the outfit something interesting. Jewelry just seems like too much during finals, you know? 

Had my first final today. Russian. Sounds like a party, no? I was actually done about 45 minutes into the 2 hour block allotted, so that should bode well... one can only hope. I actually feel ok about it, so assuming I didn't make hordes of tiny, stupid mistakes, I think it should all turn out fine. Then I took a nap and packed up my books to head to the library - living the dream, right? I banged out the final draft of my 8 page philosophy paper, just have to edit it a bit more before I turn it in tomorrow morning, then head back to the library to start studying for Econ! Wish me luck... and hope you are enjoying your Friday night in a more entertaining way than I am!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

finals week

Well, that's a lie. Technically we are just in study days, but outfit-wise, that amounts to about the same thing - a.k.a very little going on in the fashion department. Mostly I've just been really boring, tossing on jeans and a comfortable tshirt. So, today's shiny cardigan is about as good as its going to get this week. It's sad but true. All of you in college (or who have been through college) understand.

 target tank
jcrew cardigan
gap jeans

 Gotta love the sequins. Makes me feel at least slightly dressed up, even when I'm not wearing jewelry and am not allowed to wear eye makeup because I have an eye infection (did I tell this story? If not, just know it was amusing. But long. Much too long for this type of venue ^^)

So the good thing about study days is that they are just what they sound like: days that you can totally devote to studying. However, what you actually do during study days is up to you. So we made cupcakes. Funfetti cupcakes. Does it really get much better than that? I really don't think so. This plate is all we have left out of the 18 originals, and we just made them last night. That's how girls eat during study days. It's pretty nutritious. 

Ok, so I need to go to bed, so that tomorrow I can: go to physical therapy, get lunch, go to a meeting about my philosophy paper (that's due Saturday), study for my Russian exam (that's Friday), and go out to dinner with Colleen and her mom. Oofta. For those of you not from Minnesota, that expresses... well it's hard to explain but basically it means stress. Yes. Good night :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm back!

Sorry for the little unintentional hiatus from blogging I seem to have taken these past few days. It's been kind of crazy this weekend! I mean, not that there's been a lot to do (yesterday I watched Father of the Bride because I didn't feel like attempting to do homework that's not due for at least a week. Just seems so pointless to work that far ahead, you know?) but there's been a fair amount, or at least enough that I haven't been dressing very well. Except I quite liked my outfit from yesterday, hence why I put it back on this morning so I could reenact it for you all since I was too lazy to take photos last night (because clearly that takes so long)

topshop necklace
 old navy shirt
 target skirt
vintage coach bag
sperry topsiders

Two things about this outfit - my skirt wasn't up this high when I was wearing it yesterday, I just wasn't paying that much attention this morning. So don't worry mom. Two - I love my sperrys! We bought them so I could have more supportive shoes for my healing feet, but I haven't been allowed to wear them because of those god-awful tennis shoes. But they are so cute! I would say they are up there (almost as good as) my beloved moccasins - which I need to get a new pair of sometime soon, now that I'm thinking about it...

Just some detail shots of various accesories that I love. Yes, I know that I wore this necklace in the last post too, but since that post was from Wednesday, its not that bad... It's my favorite, don't judge

Colleen and I met in Dupont for a lovely evening yesterday! Except that she was quite late. Let me preface this with the fact that she had a legitimate reason and that its fine (you're welcome bud ^^) However, I spent about half an hour surfing Le Monde's iphone app, trying to keep up with my French while I sat on a bench in Dupont circle all by myself, quite hungry. On the other hand, she picked a great restaurant! It's called Vapianos, and when you go they give you a little debit card that you use as you go around to different stations where they make this amazing italian food right in front of you! And apparently they are all over, which is awesome. We talked and ate, then went and got cupcakes for dessert - all together a pretty good evening if I do say so myself. 

I can't believe this is basically the last weekend of my freshman year! I mean, we have next weekend too, but my school is awesome (not) and schedules finals on Saturdays, so that won't exactly be a party. I feel like just yesterday I was moving everything into my first college dorm room, and now I'm expected to fit it all into boxes and move out? It may just be me, but I think my stuff has multiplied. Like a lot. We shall see how that goes next week. All I have to say is I'm extremely glad my mom is coming out to help me.

Well, I am in Starbucks (a.k.a my favorite Sunday study-spot ever) and I'm trying to make a study guide for my upcoming Map of the Modern World final. Don't you just love studying in coffee shops? It's my absolute favorite :) Have a lovely afternoon!