Sunday, May 22, 2011

lovely evening

So, I'm just going to skip the whole "I'm bad at blogging" spiel and put up some pictures of my outfit - I feel like I always wear something similar with this shirt, but oh well, I like it. This shirt was really worth full-price at Urban, something I don't do often

 urban outfitters top
 jcrew pants
minnetonka moccasins
vintage necklaces

I look very gangster here, slipping on my cheap, rayban-esque shades, right? Ok probably not at all, but that's what I thought when I looked at the photo. Oh, and that's my cousin Ashley in the back, she tried (unsuccessfully) to not be in any pictures

I absolutely loveeee lilacs! They are probably my favorite flower, at least scent-wise. I would just sit and breathe them in all day if that was possible. Well, considering that I don't really have a job yet this summer, that would be possible, wouldn't it? Just kind of sad.

And this is the yummy pizza I made for myself tonight! Mom made some pizza dough then left us to our own devices - so we made some weirdly-shaped individual pizzas, complete with cut tomatoes and freshly picked basil from the garden. Quite lovely I must say. Then we proceeded to eat them on the porch, where I read aloud to Natalie from her french version of "Count of Monte Cristo" (the easy school version, we aren't that good). Helps her catch up from the days she missed, and helps me keep up on my French, and talk out the weird accent I seem to have picked up. Apparently I now speak French with an accent that isn't French, and not really American? Perhaps Russian? What is my life...

So the black moccasins in the photo are the ones I was talking about, the ones I absolutely adore (and/or will be kidnapping back to school with me in the fall). Will probs take some pictures of them, along with the pretty scarf mom brought back for me from California in some post of their own, for the nice detail shots. That, and a post filled with the spring-like nature shots that Natalie went crazy shooting this evening. Some things to look forward to :) Have a good night!

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