Monday, May 16, 2011

...and I'm home

Once again, apparently I can't post consistently for more than, oh, 2 days? Finally home (well, have been for 2 days) and loving it! Well, to be honest, I miss people from school, but I'm so excited to see all my friends from home that it's ok :) Three crazy-fun months to go with my friends here, then back to school! Crazy to think that my freshman year is done and that I'm now a sophomore... don't really want to think about it.

Regardless, I think I looked cute today (for the first time in awhile, got go be honest) so here you go!

 urban outfitters tank
jcrew cardigan
 vintage necklace
gap jeans

So I just realized that I'm barefoot in these photos... oops! Silly me. Well, for most of the day I was wearing these absolutely adorable black, fringe-y moccasins that my mom has been loaning me. I think I might steal them from her when I get back to school - I believe she got them on sale at J. Crew for like $20. As I said, sale ninja. Regardless, I love them so I'm sure they will be in a future post for you all to see

This is a really cool necklace, one of the many my Grandma has sent up to me. The detail on this photo isn't that great, but if you look really close you can see it's quite a disturbing scene - I think they're breaking someone's neck? I still like it, and open and close it way more often than is appropriate while in public, kind of a bad habit

So, I've had a crazy past few days, and to avoid having the longest blog post ever written, I will give you the short synopsis. Starting from last week:
Thursday - packing up the dorm room, fly home to Minnesota and get in around 10 pm
Friday: Get up at 5:30 am to go back to the airport and fly to Denver, where I meet my friend Mckenna and drive back to Fort Collins, where she goes to college. Spend the day exploring her campus, meeting her friends, and packing up her (obscenely messy) room.
Saturday: Get up at 7:00 am in order to get on the road. Drive all day (literally. all. day) and get back home around 11:00 that night, after spending upwards of 14 hours making the horribly boring roadtrip from Colorado to Minnesota. Good thing Mckenna and I can talk (and jam out, and eat to much junk food) foreverrr
Sunday: Play some golf with my dad, then spent altogether too much time in front of the TV recovering from my past few days.
And today: Spent the day with Jenny, who is thankfully home for the summer! 

Tomorrow I am doing Habitat for Humanity which, while being fun and for a good cause, does not involve cute clothes, so we shall see if I post. But I've missed this! Can someone just remind me from time to time how much I love blogging so that I can stop taking these silly breaks? Thanks... have a great night!


  1. breaking someone's neck? and why isn't this a present for me?

  2. You DO look super cute! And I am in envy of the fabulous jewelry your Grandma has given you, they are the coolest pieces!


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