Monday, May 23, 2011

oh nature

You gotta love spring! All the crazy thunderstorms, the foliage so green it almost makes your eyes hurt (maybe that's just me? But it does get pretty bright, especially after the aforementioned storms), the flowers sprouting everywhere... it's quite lovely. As I said in the last post, Natalie had a bit too much fun with my camera yesterday shooting the beautiful spring flora of Minnesota. Some of them turned out quite nice, so I thought I'd share, change up my (scarce) posts....

And there's one of the photographer herself... or at least her eye. Very smooth Natalie

Well there's a little quickie post for you, hope you enjoy the beauty of spring in Minnesota, it's quite... chilly. After experiencing what was basically summer in D.C, coming back here to 50 and rainy is a bit difficult, you know? Oh well, it has to be summer sometime soon. I am awaiting that day. Enjoy your Monday everyone :)

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