Monday, February 28, 2011

oscar night

So in lieu of showcasing something fashionable that I'm wearing (oh wait. that's because I'm not wearing anything fashionable... cough cough sweatpants...) I'm going to do what is probably wayyyy overdone by now and put up pictures of my favorite gowns from last night's award show! a.k.a the Academy Awards, if you happen to live in a hole :)

This is so gorgeous and Victorian feeling! Not to mention it's Florence Welch, and I absolutely love her music. And her hair. She's all together pretty awesome :)

She's 14. 14!? Why can't I be on the red carpet in Marchesa at the age of 14?? Regardless, this is gorgeous and floaty and age-appropriate, I love it.

Love Mila Kunis. Lately she's done these pretty, floaty dresses in such interesting patterns and textures! Like for the SAGs it was that kind of off-beat red pattern, and now with the lavender-ish lace, quite cool. As you can see I'm going for the more spring-oriented dresses. Guess I'm kind of over fall and everything that goes with it (a.k.a the pants that won't fit over my cast)

And one out-of-theme dress I had to throw in. I. Love. Amy Adams. The dark blue (or maybe purple?) goes amazingly with her hair color, and is just so sparkly! And I love the pops of green in the necklace and bracelet, absolutely amazing.

So there are my favorites for you all, now about a bit about my day. It was rainy. Oh the perils of being handicapped in the rain! On my way back from philosophy the downpour had yet to begin (thankfully) but the wheels of my scooter were wet from puddles from last night's storm that had yet to dry. And to get back from my dorm, I have to roll down this hugggee hill, normally filled with lots of pedestrians. Sounds scary even under normal circumstances, right? Now imagine that when the wheels of my scooter are wet, the brakes get kind of sketchy... terrifying I know! And then, after Russian, the deluge had officially started. Thankfully I was heading to lunch with the boys, who knew all about how I need to cover my foot in a trash bag (classy right?) when it's raining so that my cast doesn't get wet. So they pulled it out of my backpack and quick shoved it over my leg and we booked it to the dining hall, getting soaked in the process. After returning to the dorm, I proceeded to not leave my room for the rest of the evening. If I don't have to wrap up my foot, it's not happening. Remind me to document all of these things, so that I can do a post on my life as "scooter girl" for you all, ok?

I don't even know what I'm going to do for the rest of the night. I have absolutely no homework. Pretty awesome right? Well, have a good evening  :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

lovely new discoveries

So this post is a little shout-out dedicated to my friend Shannon and the blog she just started, "Lipstick Makes the Girl"! She is amaaazzing at makeup (and has a great sense of style if I do say so myself) not to mention a very good sense of humor - a.k.a her new blog is lots of fun. She took a stage makeup class at Marquette last semester and showed off all her fun looks as profile pictures as she went along. Now, since she's started her blog, she's posting these looks as well as new things she's trying out along the way. I know I'm biased but I have to say it's quite good! Here are some of her more amusing looks from last semester:

Oh the owl, most definitely my favorite... so cute!

 I miss Shannon! Oh the fun we had at Vis (my high school, if you didn't know), the coffee runs and dinner dates. We actually had quite a few of those over break, leading me to believe that if we had gone to college together we would make each other broke. Our penchant for fine dining will be our downfall :)

So there you go! Check out her blog, its called Lipstick Makes the Girl, and it's definitely worth the read!
As for an update on my lovely condition, I have good news! Last night, I experimented a bit with clothing and my cast, with two results. First, the bad news: although my boyfriend jeans are loose, they are not loose enough to fit over my cast. Bummer. But the amazing, fantastic, all-around-great (can you tell I'm excited?) discovery: if you remember those sweater tights I wore a while ago (just around when I broke my foot), you remember I was sad to have ruined them with a hole in the left calf, so large they were basically unwearable. Solution: cut off the calf of those tights, which are so stretchy that I can now fit them over my cast and tuck them in, making them look like real tights - a.k.a when the forecast stops showing rain (which ends up with me wrapping my foot up in a plastic bag), I will sooo be wearing a skirt and tights!! Looks like I may be able to break out of my nightmare-ish sweatpants rotation before the weather warms up :)

Sooo, two amazing discoveries! A new blog to read, and a solution to what is surely the most difficult of fashion debacles I have ever faced :) Good day I'd say.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm back ... in sweatpants

Well readers (if there are any of you left), it's been about a month since I last posted. As you know from the last post, I broke my foot - or rather fractured it in several places. As far as mobility goes, about the same thing. What you don't know is that at my next doctor's appointment, they told me that I needed surgery, and that I should probably go home to Minnesota for said surgery since it would be about 3 weeks of painful, seriously-drugged recovery. And my dean told me that if I was gone for the full 3 weeks, I should just withdraw for the semester and come back in the fall fresh and healed. I was freaking out. Like really freaking out. I ended up going home, but I didn't need surgery, which was amazing! Apparently my foot is just on the brink of needing surgery and not, with about 2 or 3 millimeters between the fractures, so they should just knit themselves back together. He said that surgery could make things a little bit better possibly, but either way I will most likely have long-term foot problems and having a surgery is obviously very traumatic to the body. So we decided against it. And I'm back at school!

In sweatpants.

Oh readers, you don't know how painful it is! Or perhaps you too have broken your foot and have had to endure the pain of such loose, informal pants. Every. Day. If you've read my blog before, you may have picked up on the fact that my style is generally tight pants or short skirts with larger, flowy tops. I have since actually had to go out to buy more form-fitting tops to go with my larger, fleece-y bottoms. 

Wearing sweatpants all the time reminded me of the Alexander Wang Spring 2010 RTW show - I'm sure you all remember it, the Americana, football-esque show was quite a hit. 

If only me wearing sweatpants could look like this! Alas, the tight, cropped style of sweatpants doesn't exactly fit over the boot that is my cast, and I can't really wear the cute, more feminine-looking heels that sweatpants have more recently been paired with for a more dressed-up look.

Me in sweatpants is more like this:

Yay for oversized school-logo pants! But I'm working with it, trying to find new combinations in my wardrobe to mix things up and go with my new pants-of-choice (or necessity, I suppose). And hopefully after spring break it will be warm again and I can wear skirts! It was a balmy 70 degrees here in D.C this past Friday and it felt amazing to have bare legs again. Not to mention much more stylish. 

I'm also contemplating cutting up a pair of tights so that I can slide them over my cast then tuck them in. Thoughts? Any other suggestions, for those of you that have faced the same problem?

Hopefully I will begin posting again, I've missed this. It's just hard to be excited about what I'm wearing when I'm I can't wear anything I want (for example, my jeggings. I miss them. Soooo much.)

So wish me luck! Who knows how these next few months will go...

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