Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life on the Hilltop

Ok, so I totally failed at taking pictures today - I was just so exhausted! I feel like ever since I got here its been just running around from one event to the next and staying up late and waking up early. So I took this photo from the NSO website, because I like it :) Its the entire freshman class on, I believe, Monday night? All the days blur together. I honestly have trouble remembering what I did this morning... Regardless, this was a fun night! The whole freshman class went to the football field, got tshirts and candles, and made a huge "HOYAS" in lights!

So I was planning to go to bed early tonight! I was like, I'm going to go back to my room and crash. It's past midnight, still up. Oh well, that's college right? I have my first classes tomorrow (so excited!) but thankfully they're not until 11:15 - I got lucky right? My earliest class is 9am and its only once a week :)

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I'm meeting up with a friend from Minnesota from tomorrow and I'm going to make her take pictures for me, so you will hopefully get a full-fledged outfit post AND some pictures from gtown! Sorry for all the caps. I feel like I normally never do it, but it feels appropriate right now :)

Have a good night, get some sleep (I could sure use some ^^)

Monday, August 30, 2010

OOTD: Orientation

It's still orientation here, so things are pretty casual. As of yet, I haven't found someone to take photos of me (still working on it ^^) so you will have to make do with my self-timer photos

rayban wayfarers
 vs pink tank top
vintage belt
martin&osa shorts
minnetonka moccasins
burberry bag

Oh, I forgot one thing on the list of credits for my photo - my orientation nametag :) Since Saturday, and through tomorrow, these have been our tickets to everything, and identify us as freshman. They say our name and college, giving a good conversation starter, albeit one that has gotten old rather quickly :)

Some detail photos. I don't know the exact brand of the earrings, they are from Nordstrom, got them during the anniversary sale. That picture of the earrings would drive my sister craaazy. She hates it when I tuck my hair behind my ears but miss a couple of strands. I do it a lot, I promise its an accident!

I need classes to start! I am really not a fan of all these organized social events, as they just breed a level of awkwardness even I can't accept :) I just want my routine, and it starts Wednesday.... I'm taking Russian, French, Economics, and a seminar. That reminds me, I need to get my books...

Hope you are all having a great first week of school if you have started! If not, you are very lucky and I am super jealous of you :)


Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Dorm!

View from the door
My side of the room!
My closet, which I think I organized quite well :) Thankfully though, there is a set of drawers as well, pictured below...
View of the room as seen from my bed...

Funny story: my roommate and I got the handicapped room. No, neither of us is handicapped, and as far as I know neither of us faked an injury. We were just lucky I guess. That means that we get a much bigger room! It is quite lovely, as we are both a bit heavy-handed when it comes to packing. The room is clean and lovely now, we will see what happens later in regards to that, but let's live in the moment shall we?

I am in New South, which is the co-ed zoo that I believe has the most freshman per floor. It's crazy! We have been ushered around various welcome events, and classes start Wednesday... I still need to get my books, should do that... Hope anyone else going back to school (regardless of grade) has a lovely start!

Enjoy the day, stay cool (it's horribly hot here ^^)

Friday, August 27, 2010

OOTD: Dorm Shopping

Today I am still living off the clothes I left out for myself, which means they are easy outfits and not always the cutest. However, I like simple sometimes and I love the olive shorts, which I bought a size bigger so they would be comfy and looser, which I quite like the look of

^ Here's me looking like a crazy person since it will take three trips to get all my stuff to Georgetown in our tiny rental sedan :) ^

hanes tshirt
target shorts
sophie watch (nordstrom bp)
minnetonka moccasins
zara bag

It's funny, my bag and shorts match exactly. I didn't mean for that, I just grabbed the first little bag I saw and this is what came of it - is it weird that I don't really mind? This little photo shoot is in our hotel room's kitchenette - it's quite a spacious room, bigger than I expected which is quite nice. The hotel itself is art deco-inspired which is fun :)

So, we drove all over Washington D.C today (and some of Virginia I believe) in pursuit of all the items on my dorm checklist. It is going to take forever to get all my stuff into my dorm room tomorrow, and who knows if it will all fit. Oh well! Perhaps I will post pictures of it all finished tomorrow, if I have time between all the silly orientation things. I suppose I probably will, since I have had time to do this and also check the blog and reply to comments. We have had a lot more free time than I thought we would. It's been fun though, and I can't wait to move in - I guess I'm finally ready for the real world! (or at least semi-real, a couple hours on a plane away from my parents in a big city is a start, right?)

Oh, and I've seen sooo many people with great outfits in the city, and hopefully I can start doing the street-style portion of my blog that I've been shooting for soon. Look forward to that maybe?

Once again, thank you for all the lovely comments and keep it up since I love love love to see them! And as I said before, wish me luck tomorrow, it will be a stretch getting into my room :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

OOTD: Plane Ride

Normally, I would never do such a crappy photo for an outfit post. But I overslept, no one has time to take photos for me, and we need to leave reeeealy soon. I promise never to do a mirror outfit post again after this :)

jcrew scarf
target shirt
martin&osa shorts
burberry bag

normally I would wear something more substantial on the plane, but since it is hot here and hot there, I just couldn't do it...

I loove my bag! I feel like its structured-shape makes it fit in with today's ladylike trend, but it's burgundy color and light weight will make it a classic that I can keep for the rest of my life. It was a graduation present from my parents who found it at a vintage/consignment store, and the first real designer purse I've ever owned. It's more of a fall bag, and it's not quite fall yet, but whatever I don't care :)

Half of my suitcases. My dad already took the big ones downstairs...

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my blog (keep commenting I love it!) but I need to go now so I probably won't get to responding, or even posting again, until later this weekend. Who knows, but I'm guessing things are going to get pretty crazy in my life... Wish me luck!


p.s love that some people thought that yesterdays shoot in the topshop dress was me - that would be my sister, isn't she gorgeous? Some people think we are twins, but her hair is waaay longer than mine :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer's End

Natalie and I did a quick little photo shoot on my last day here in MN. We only got to do one outfit because about 10 minutes in my sister ended up having to go to a chiropractor appointment. Sad. However, we did get some good photos, here they are
We had to run home so as not to be late ^^

topshop dress (it's mine but I decided to gift it to Natalie while I am away at college...)
target? (I believe?) heels

I love the flowers and the butterflies. They are two things I will really miss about summer. Ok, I have spent a lot longer than I intended on the Internet! I need to pack. I leave tomorrow for college! Ahhh! Wish me luck...

OOTD: Bicycles and Bowlers (a.k.a The Sad Carnie)

That's why Natalie said she took this photo - it reminded her of a sad carnie. It's the hat we think...
Don't ask me why I like this photo, I just kind of do. Ok, outfit details:
BDG bowler
target tank top
zara skirt

Some detail shots of my outfit. 

Well there you have it! Bicycles and Bowlers (a.k.a the Sad Carnie ^^).... Hope you enjoyed it! By the way, I leave for college tomorrow. It's so crazy! All my clothes are packed, just need to get shoes, jewelery and make-up into bag number three. I have been crafting and packing galore in preparation - maybe I will put some photos up later, of packing hell (a.k.a my closet)? Thoughts? :)


Oh, and may I suggest.... the VS incredible bra? Truly the only way to describe it is incredible, they were spot on with that name. Super comfortable, definitely worth the buy! (I just got some new underwear - courtesy of my mother, I didn't break the shopping ban, don't worry ^^)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


All of my clothing is in bags - I leave for college in two days!! Therefore, I am wearing some clothing that I am leaving behind, and it is not cute, not in the least. So I will not be doing an outfit post. Instead, I decided to compile a collection of photos I find interesting or inspiring. Type the word "inspiration" into google or flickr and you find some interesting things, to say the least. Here are the photos I found inspiring...


Note to self: type "Isabel Marant" into google images and you find some really cool things! I just love Isabel Marant, as I said in  this earlier post. Hope you like my collection...


image copyright to cecil beaton;  movie city of ember;  singaporebrides.com; from the book "divine inspiration: how to release the artist within";  vogue uk; sunset magazine; terry richardson for isabel marant; isabel marant children's collection

In the Future...

I was told by Grace, pictured below, that I need to become a fashion editor so that she can have contacts when she is older.
My dad proceeded to say that she needs to become a famous model so that I can have contacts. Maybe both? We shall see...
I had about 5 minutes to take the photos - kind of sad, she was a natural at posing and I have found I really enjoy taking photos of people (good practice for D.C, no?). I think she could be quite a good model...

Monday, August 23, 2010

"Target is the Name...

Cafe Latte picnic is our game..." wow that was lame, just thought of it and couldn't resist. My friend Beth and I went to Target to do some shopping for her (longingly looking on my part) and since we were short on time we brought our cake to eat on the go instead of eating it at the Cafe.
^This is my pocket fork^
We got a cart and set the cake up in the child's seat. May I suggest Cafe Latte for anyone in the Twin Cities? It's on Grand Ave, and has the absolute best cake. May I also suggest putting your food in the child's seat if you have to eat on the go at Target? It works quite well and keeps your food surprisingly steady :)
Note to selves: We both need cloches. This little black felt one was so adorable, and if I wasn't on a shopping ban I would have bought it for myself right then! There are Targets in the D.C area right? And I will be getting a job soon, right? We shall see...
Beth was my sunglasses-holder during the second half of our photo-shoot. Very helpful, isn't she? Beth has just started her own blog on her move from MN to the Big Apple for college and her new life there - take a look at it here. It's quite funny. 

That's all for that post. I'm going to miss random outings like this when I'm at college. Do you have any funny stories of when you did something totally random and really fun?

Enjoy, stay cool!

OOTD: A Little Bit of Sheer

It is horribly, horribly hot today in Minnesota. Therefore I put on my white button-down which is as sheer and light as can be - however, it didn't stop me from sweating quite a bit. Nothing can do that for me (or anyone for the matter) except some serious air-conditioning...

 Not such an attractive picture of me (I think I was complaining of the heat, but who knows...) but it shows off my outfit quite well

old navy top
vintage belt
martin&osa shorts
 minnetonka moccasins

 Couldn't resist. This picture depicts me in the middle of a failure of a cartwheel :)
When I asked my friend what I should do, she replied "Do a cartwheel!"

What do you think of my outfit? What do you wear when it's unbearably hot outside?