Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Last Supper

Sorry for the sacrilege, but it is kind of a last supper between some of my friends and I, if only for a few months. We all decided to go out for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants (112 Eatery in downtown Minneapolis) since we won't see each other before we all leave for college. Here are some photos from our evening, clothes and food...

This is my friend Shannon, who has the most outrageously amazing style I know of - that huge bow on her head is a headband, one of the many that she wears most days that I have seen her

My steak tartare... I know, I know, not fashion, but I love food too. I had never had steak tartare before, but I love carpaccio so I decided to give it a try and I love it!

My gnocchi (also delish) and Shannon's sweetmeats, which although they are made of odd things, are quite good if you don't think of their origins...

The top is Shannon and Erin showing off their outfits for me in the parking garage! I only had my iphone on me for taking photos, so, yeah... Shannon has a talent for layering so many things and wearing things no one else could pull off and making it all look amazing. And Erin, B as we call her (for her alter-ego Blair Waldorf - she is sporting a headband of course) looks adorably preppy and well put-together as per usual.

And here is an update on my look from earlier today. I kept the tshirt and boots but swapped out a skirt (also from target! As I said, I could live there) Over top I tossed the sequin vest that I am unhealthily obsessed with and wear far too often, and voila! It kind of reminds me of a Marant-esque Parisian-school-girl charm I talked about in my earlier post... And I know that I totally gave up on dressing for summer, this is a fall outfit, but I couldn't help it!

What do you think of our outfits?


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