Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Camera!!

Aaah, so excited! I got my new camera today and, god-willing, these are the last photos you will ever see taken by my old camera. Its not an slr (that would be a bit too expensive for my current circumstances), but it has the ability to use manual as well as automatic settings, and I looove it! Its a Sony Cybershot DSC-HX1, and the battery is charging right now, but as soon as it is finished I will go outside and start experimenting! Any tips for a new photographer with a camera she has no idea how to use?

A couple more random shots from this morning, when I didn't yet have my new camera... My sister's friend Cece is wearing an adorable outfit to go work this afternoon, isn't she? I love the white jeans, I've always wanted a pair but have been too afraid to hurt them... And here is me, taking a random photo of myself. Don't know why I like it, there is a random piece of hair down the middle of my face. Oh well, I kind of do. You can see a bit of my outfit, more on that later (with my new camera!!)


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  1. that camera is a babe!
    i really need a new one, thanks for comment my blog :) ohh i really need to check/sort my bloglovin i can't remember my pw!


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