Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What I Will Be Wearing this Fall...

There are so many ways to finish that sentence, but what I am most excited for is... BOOTS! After a little shopping trip to target boutique earlier today, I now own five pairs. Here they are, I can't wait to show you more of them -

My oldest pair, I bought these at Aldo about two years ago. They are slouchy and cool, and I will be wearing them with tights over short skirts and dress I think...

Studded, sort of motorcycle boot that I haven't worn for awhile, but I'm hoping to bring them back out for this fall! I have lots of skinny pants I think they would look great with...

You have already seen these in my bohemian OOTD, I recently purchased them at h&m - I think they go really well with fall's return-to-basics aesthetic, and I will be wearing them with some minimalistic outfits this fall I think!

I got these as a birthday present last year, they are from Nordstrom's (during their always-lovely semi-annual sale). They are reminiscent of this season's equestrian trend, something that I am in love with, so I think they will get a lot of use!

My most recent purchase, from Target! (they are only $40.00, if you happen to like them as much as I do) I think they fit in with fall's utilitarian trend, with the hardy sole and suede upper - they are gray, but I think they have an olive-y undertone as well. Can't wait to start wearing them! I'm thinking some floaty dresses and fun jewelery would make for a fun contrast, no?

I know I said that I can't wait to wear these boots for fall, but there is no reason I have to completely starve myself of this amazing shoe-wear until the weather cools down! I think boots can also be great transitional pieces, and to show you I have a few lovely ladies wearing their winter boots in hotter weather...

What do you think of my boots? Would you wear boots in summer?

top to bottom photo locations: Kirsten Dunst (, Sienna Miller (, Rachel Bilson (, Jessica Alba (

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  1. wow!!!! you have quite the collection of boots, i'm a little jealous haha!! i want cute pairs like you have. love your blog, definitely your new follower :)


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