Friday, August 20, 2010

OOTD: Easy Does It

 hanes tshirt
gap jeggings
steve madden flats
vintage coach crossbody

We were going to the mall today, so I decided to keep it simple - white tshirt and jeans, with a little purse that held all I really needed. You see, sometimes I bring my everyday purse to the mall and it can get pretty painful. Its huge and weighs a ton, not good for carrying around for hours. But this little bag, which I got on for about $20, (I would seriously recommend that site for bags, you can find some good stuff), is not only ladylike and on-trend, it is quite easy to carry

And by the way, may I suggest the white tshirt I am wearing? It is the same style as the one I was wearing yesterday, and I love them! They are actually mens, I bought them in small and shrunk them in the wash. You see, they came in a pack of 6 for about $7 at Target, which is cheaper than the one white tshirt I was looking at in the women's section. If you are looking for something really body-conscious, they aren't for you, but for me they are the perfect balance, not too big, not too small

They were a great buy, and now my only conundrum is, what to do with six of them? I won't be buying white tshirts for a long time...

What do you think of my outfit? Do you ever buy things from the men's section?



  1. I love men's shirts! You can make graphic tees out of the white shirts! Shred them. Get creative.

  2. I love those flats! Are you selling them for a good offer by any chance?


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