Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Dorm!

View from the door
My side of the room!
My closet, which I think I organized quite well :) Thankfully though, there is a set of drawers as well, pictured below...
View of the room as seen from my bed...

Funny story: my roommate and I got the handicapped room. No, neither of us is handicapped, and as far as I know neither of us faked an injury. We were just lucky I guess. That means that we get a much bigger room! It is quite lovely, as we are both a bit heavy-handed when it comes to packing. The room is clean and lovely now, we will see what happens later in regards to that, but let's live in the moment shall we?

I am in New South, which is the co-ed zoo that I believe has the most freshman per floor. It's crazy! We have been ushered around various welcome events, and classes start Wednesday... I still need to get my books, should do that... Hope anyone else going back to school (regardless of grade) has a lovely start!

Enjoy the day, stay cool (it's horribly hot here ^^)


  1. Oh, your room is lovely!
    I have to go back to school on Wednesday and I'm not looking forward to it :(

  2. Wow, nice dorm set up! That's a pretty big dormitory too.

  3. that's awesome to have a huge dorm room. i know my friends complain about having small dorm rooms so a lot of them just like to hang out and study elsewhere. :P so many sleepovers for them ahaha

  4. ahh, you're so lucky! have a wonderful time there :)
    Olivia x

  5. cute blog!

    please check out my blog and enter my giveaway :)

  6. Looks like a great room! and pretty impressive closet space.

    hope you enjoy school-- wish I was going to some exciting new college. I start on friday.

    Jade (

  7. lucky you! enjoy college! where do you go if you don't mind me asking?

  8. @under the fluorescents - I go to Georgetown university!

  9. cute outfit for school! aww living in a dorm seems so exciting!

  10. I have an obsession with looking at photos of how people choose to decorate! These are lovely photos! Thanks for visiting SHE and be sure to follow us :)


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