Saturday, August 14, 2010

Photo Shoot.... Outtakes

As with any photo shoot, there were many shots that we didn't use... and for good reason. Here are some of the random, funny pictures that I took, along with some that we didn't use because they were good, but not the best. Here we go...

And... she's a corpse ^^

This is pretty and artsy and I like it. Then of course she ruined the moment by running away from all the bugs on the column...

She was asking herself, "what would the girl wearing this outfit look like, what would she be doing?" Apparently, this is Natalie's "sitting in the bushes" face...

I like the disheveled, hair on-top-of-the-head look, but this is a bit much. Even she admitted she looked kind of like a poodle

"I was trying to put the jacket over my shoulder, but then you took the picture" - That pretty much sums it up

I liked this photo, but I liked the other one I used in the previous post better. Just thought I would show this, I think it's nice ^^

Hope you got a bit of a laugh. Enjoy!

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