Wednesday, August 18, 2010

OOTD: Black with a Pop

So, here is what I'm wearing today. Excuse the poor quality of the shot, I talked to my parents and I will be getting help with a new camera for my birthday! Can't wait to finally put up some clear, focused, quality shots. Regardless, here is what I am wearing -

vintage necklace
black tshirt - jcrew
black long sleeve - james perse
vintage skirt
(dog - labradoodle named Tilly ^^)

I swear I didn't get my dog to pose for this! I asked my mom to snap a quick photo for my blog, and my dog sat down and looked straight at the lens! She can be quite a diva sometimes.
Ok, quick story about my dog - when we let her outside in the winter when there's lots of snow on the ground, we wonder after awhile why she hasn't come back to the door. So, after a bit we go outside to check on her. And find her laying down in the snow five feet from the door. Basically, she gives up on living, and lays down in the snow to die. And we come out and are like, "Really Tilly? Honestly? Come inside" And she obligingly gives up the act and follows us inside. We have a diva of a dog.

Back to my outfit, I got this skirt yesterday and had already envisioned the outfit in my mind, minus the button-down from James Perse. However, its a little colder today in MN, so I decided I needed something to throw over it, so I grabbed this top. Then I decided it was too big and I wanted something a little nipped at the waist, so I tied it around my waist (you probs can't see this in the photo, so I'm explaining it)

What do you think of my outfit? Any funny pet stories of your own?


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