Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Casino then Chino...

Had a lovely night out being 18 (finally! My birthday was last week...) going to the casino then out to dinner at Chino Latino! As you saw earlier, my friend Jenny is back - leaving tomorrow. ugh - so we went out! We both did  a hilarious -slightly sketch - quick change between the casino and dinner, incorporating pieces from the first outfit into the second. I think we each created two cute looks! (Jenny with a bit of help from me ^^) And just because I'm bored, I'm going to give each outfit a descriptive title depicting the style :)

casino... "utilitarian glam"

forlove21 necklace
vintage shirt
old navy dress
target heels
vintage coach bag

chino! "vintage sophisticate"

gold earrings from USVI (made especially for me!)
 vintage caplet
old navy dress (same)
target heels (same)

casino... "downtown chic"

vintage vest (from my closet ^^)
martin&osa shirt
denim cutoffs?
luca luca heels
coach crossbody

chino! "uptown party" - minus the shoes ;)

vintage vest (same)
silence+noise dress
flip flops - she was wearing her same heels to dinner, took them off before I could snap a picture ;)
By the way, isn't she tan? I think it is completely unfair. But then again, that's what you get when you are working outside 70 hours a week, which is apparently how her summer went...

We had a pretty fun evening (I had a lucky streak at the casino :) ...) and - I think - did a good job combining outfits - what do you think? How do you segue from different occasions?


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