Thursday, August 19, 2010

OOTD: Summer Boots

Hanes tshirt
martin&osa shorts
target boots
ray-ban wayfarers

Inspired by yesterday's post about summer boots, I decided to try my own summer boots look! (kind of a la Kirsten Dunst) We are shooting on my roof, and just then the rain started coming down. And since my new boots are suede and haven't been waterproofed yet, that ended our shoot. I got my hair cut today though, and its super cute! College in one week... ugh I have to pack!

Picking up some books and movies for dorm life - I looove Half-Price books! (this photo is pre-hair cut, if you're wondering)
Sorry for the angsty-ness of this photo. I just wanted to show you my new ring, and snapped a quick picture of myself. Its so fun and huge, and I got it at Target! I could live at Target. Just saying...     


  1. That ring IS super cute! College starts in a week for me, too!

  2. I'm keen for that ring, its lovely!
    good luck with college :)


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