Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It scares me too...

In addition, to fashion, I have another love - beauty products. To be specific, expensive beauty products. Sometimes my makeup drawer scares me. There is so much, what to wear? And I always want to buy more. It's like "I know I have a gray eyeshadow. But what about this gray eyeshadow? Its different, isn't it? And look at the packaging!" ... and that's how it goes. Quite often it would seem...

After a rather large stint buying make-up (sometime around last summer/fall when I bought probs about half of this), I've cut back and have been trying drugstore brands. But I love going to Sephora, especially to look at the Dior section. I wanted to share with you my makeup and my favorites

Ok, I had to break it up into halves to fit into a more detailed picture... I love all of my makeup, but I labeled some as my favorites - things I will buy more of when I run out.
1. The Balm Time Balm Concealer - This stuff is great! I use it for under-eye circles especially, but to be honest I use it for everything. I don't wear foundation, so this is generally all I use. Sometimes I try to find a different concealer, but I always come back to this. One thing I will say is that it can highlight dry skin, so if you are towards that end of the spectrum, it may only work for under the eye.
2. Benefit High Beam - The magazines love it, and for good reason! This stuff is idiot-proof. It looks like nail polish, and the brush is like a nail polish brush too! All you do is dot it on your cheekbones and blend. Amazing
3. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - I love Nars. My friends and I used to go to Nordstrom at MOA and get done up by Ben, an adorable makeup artist who was so fun (and probs made so much money off of us...) They have such great colors though! This one is called "Sex Machine" and if layered I was able to use it for light stage makeup, but with a light layer is a great almost-berry color. I just need to buy the pencil sharpener for it...
4. Sephora Jumbo Eye Pencil - I bought this on a whim, it was cheap, and I love the color! When I don't feel like doing much eye makeup, I slick it on and feel fresh! The color is "Pinky Gray"

5. Stila Makeup brushes - just really nice. I have a couple, and I love their look, use them for everything. Enough said.
6. Shu Uemera eyelash curler- once again, enough said. Best eyelash curler on the market
7. Dior 5-color Eyeshadow palette- Dior makes the most gorgeous eyeshadow colors! If I had the money, I would own them all. The compact is luxurious, it makes me happy. I own two, they are called "Parisian Lights" which has lovely golden-champagne and pink-ish colors for day (it was limited edition, sorry), and "Stylish Move" which has dark purples that are great for liners and smoky eyes.

  Other ones I wish I had?
"Petal Shine"
"Extase Pinks"

8.Stila Major Lash Mascara - It's quick and easy, as I don't like to spend much time on my makeup - you couldn't tell that from looking at my makeup drawer, could you? It doesn't clump, its nice and black, overall great. Another favorite? Diorshow Iconic

Something else I love? This facial spray. It is a lovely way to wake up my face in the morning. I spray it on after I do my makeup, and it smells soooo nice. My sister steals it. When she is in my closet she sprays herself at least twice. Generally more. Maybe I should get it for her as a birthday present? What will she do when I take it with me to college?

And one more thing... I'm obsessed with perfume.
Here is my collection of perfume, I think I have somewhere around 2 dozen (as well as that little bowl you can see on the right that is filled with samples). Favorites?
1. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb
2. Vera Wang Princes
3. DKNY Delicious (the green one)
4. Anything Escada

And what do I really want? One of the new D&G perfumes, I'm thinking La Lune
Then again, there was a coffret I saw at Nordstrom selling all 5. We shall see...
(Dior and D&G images from sephora.com / Mario Badescu from nordstrom.com)

What do you think of my beauty choices? What are your favorite products?


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