Friday, August 13, 2010

Vintage Jewelery

So I own a lot of jewelery, and a fair amount of it is vintage. I thought I would show my collection to you, perhaps to provide some inspiration...

So, at first we were feeling a little artsy, and we put all my jewelery up on the chandelier in my closet. You don't get a very good look at the pieces, but I just really like this picture ^^

These are some new pieces I just got from my grandmother who lives in Iowa. I was wearing the one on the left for the photos earlier, I actually wear it a lot - its super versatile. The middle are some pearls, while the one on the right has these great tassels, feels a little retro

Next are some of my pendants and chains - the first two are long, I like to layer them, they came from a vintage shop on Grand ave called My Sister's Closet (for anyone in the Twin Cities). The next two are presents from my mom. The purse opens and shuts, which is a terrible distraction, but I still like it. And the end one is a cameo - I looove cameos, and this one is gorgeous!

These are my timepieces - the bracelet actually has a watch on the inside, so you can open it a bit for the time (I don't think it actually works though). The other two are watch pendants, the one on the end coming from  a flea market.

My thoughts/advice on accruing vintage jewelery:
1. Shop at flea markets - the stuff is generally well priced, and you can find a lot of interesting pieces. For example, I once just bought myself an old key for 25 cents and stuck it on a chain. That was the style, but instead of buying something marked-up and mass-produced, I had something unique
2. Buy vintage chains - they are great layering pieces, and are generally pretty classic. I throw mine over everything
3. Avoid kitsch - that is just my own personal prerogative. Some people pull off really crazy stuff and look amazing but, at least at first, stick to the more timeless pieces - they are a little easier to integrate into your wardrobe

Thoughts?  What kinds of vintage jewelery do you own and love?  Enjoy!

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