Monday, August 23, 2010

"Target is the Name...

Cafe Latte picnic is our game..." wow that was lame, just thought of it and couldn't resist. My friend Beth and I went to Target to do some shopping for her (longingly looking on my part) and since we were short on time we brought our cake to eat on the go instead of eating it at the Cafe.
^This is my pocket fork^
We got a cart and set the cake up in the child's seat. May I suggest Cafe Latte for anyone in the Twin Cities? It's on Grand Ave, and has the absolute best cake. May I also suggest putting your food in the child's seat if you have to eat on the go at Target? It works quite well and keeps your food surprisingly steady :)
Note to selves: We both need cloches. This little black felt one was so adorable, and if I wasn't on a shopping ban I would have bought it for myself right then! There are Targets in the D.C area right? And I will be getting a job soon, right? We shall see...
Beth was my sunglasses-holder during the second half of our photo-shoot. Very helpful, isn't she? Beth has just started her own blog on her move from MN to the Big Apple for college and her new life there - take a look at it here. It's quite funny. 

That's all for that post. I'm going to miss random outings like this when I'm at college. Do you have any funny stories of when you did something totally random and really fun?

Enjoy, stay cool!


  1. hi sweety, thanks for your comment!
    I love your blog <3

  2. Aww thanks for your comment! You've got a lovely blog!

  3. Target is awesome! I like those hats you are trying on.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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