Friday, August 13, 2010

One Stormy Night...

It wasn't raining, but there was some lightning on the horizon - sadly, it didn't get in any shots. My sister and I were bored one night (last night, to be exact) around 10 o'clock, and so we decided I would style a photo shoot and she would model for me. Excuse the poor-quality shots, I reeeeally need a new camera. Here are our results:

I wanted to do more fall clothing, so I decided the big sweater is something I would want to wear (see my earlier posts, I actually talk about this a lot it seems...)

aran isle sweater
vintage dress
vintage necklace
nordstrom bp watch (worn throughout)

This is posed by our next-door neighbors playhouse. I kind of like the juxtaposition, no? This will probably be my sister's prom dress, I decided to do a little dress-up for this outfit ^^

vintage caplet
vintage dress
jcrew belt
vintage gold chain
topshop pearl chain
target silver chain

We had a lot of fun shooting this one, that is until a bat started chirping in a tree right above us... our family has a lot of issues with bats. We keep a large net just in case one gets inside our century-old house (it happens fairly often. but at least we get them out and set them free, we don't call animal control...) Regardless of that random tangent, I really like this outfit. The military-inspired skirt with the lacy skirt is an interesting and on-trend combo for this fall

vintage shirt
topshop bra
vintage belt
limited too skirt (i've had it since middle school...)

Excuse the red eyes, I forgot to turn on red-eye reduction ^^ I don't really know how to describe this outfit, I just wanted to throw lots of pieces on for a sort of transitional summer-fall outfit: the light skirt with the heavier-patterned cardigan and scarf

h&m tank top
susina cardigan
topshop scarf
zara skirt

We had lots of fun shooting this outfit - its a tougher, almost utilitarian outfit. Natalie got to take her hair down and shake it around (which she of course loved), and we found a good place to shoot. There are lots of great shots from this outfit (you may see them later)

topshop necklace
inc leather jacket
old navy top
mossimo shorts

What do you think of our photo shoot? Enjoy!

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