Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vintage Shopping!

After getting rid of massive amounts of clothing in preparation for the move to D.C, I decided I wanted to find some new, fun pieces for my new, (hopefully fun) life. Here are my finds...

Upon coming home with this vest and a new dress (pictured below), my mother asked me if I was aware that the dress was XL and the vest was XXL. Of course, I just pick up clothing and buy it without trying it on or looking at the tag. Clearly not. The vest is quite cute oversized (more on that later...) and the dress looks adorable belted.

My sister, who came along for the shopping, was not a huge fan of the bag above. I quite like it actually. It can be worn as a shoulder bag or as a cross-body, and I can tuck the strap in to make it a large clutch. Its made of straw. I like it ^^

These were my first purchases. On my college shopping list, I said I wanted vintage-y blouses and military-inspired pieces. I think these fit the bill

If anyone reading this happens to be in the Twin Cities, here are my top vintage shops:
1. Rewind      2829 Johnson St NE Minneapolis
They have lots of (wearable) stuff, well-organized, good deals. This was my first time visiting, and I saw that the owner of the shop had a rack of clothing labeled "Mad Men" - perfect!
2. Go Vintage     1560 Selby Ave. St. Paul
Little pricier, but they have some really cool things! I definitely saw some old designer stuff, and the hats and slips are amazing

Enjoy!    - Alison

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