Friday, August 6, 2010

Sick of Summer

I'm reeeeaaally done with summer. I want to wear sweaters, full-length jeans, I want to layer. Contrary to the popular thought about MN, its really hot here (ok, in winter it is pretty frigid). Still. So, upon my discovery of polyvore (I know, I'm still learning ^^), I made this collage to describe how I feel...

So what I'm saying here with this lovely collage (as if you can't read it) is that I want to wear chunky sweaters. I want fall, now. And if I could wear sweaters, this is what I would wear them with - not all at  once of course. If you want to see the items on there, check out my polyvore account (alisonv).

Ready for summer to leave? What do you want to wear?


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