Wednesday, August 18, 2010

GG Fashion

I know this is cliche - fashion on the TV show Gossip Girl. However, while catching up on season 3 so I can be ready for the premiere of season 4 this fall I fell in love with this look, worn by Blake Lively's character Serena in episode 3:

I found this image on, which shows Blake in the dress - isn't it gorgeous? It's Matthew Williamson, and using it as inspiration, I chose a few other pieces...

Other Matthew Williamson...
Matthew Williamson, $850,

Similar Dress for Less...
Nadia Embroidered Dress, $44.90,

Inspired By...
Metallic Jewel Flutter Top, $17.80,

Got to be honest, I really wish I owned that dress! However, I think this top (above) is a cute option that I picked while inspired by Serena's dress. I know its cliche, and I know its overdone, but you have got to love GG's fashion!

What do you think of Serena's look? And my picks?


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