Sunday, August 22, 2010

May I Suggest...

That you check out J. Crew's sale section right now? J. Crew may be one of my favorite stores ever, they find the heart of the season and translate it for the masses and, albeit expensive, it's always beautiful.

"luxe knit un-sweatpant" $24.99; "redwood misfit chino short" $19.99

"scatter flower henley" $19.99; "fade-out sailor tee" $29.99

"faded chambray shirt" $49.99; "natalia dip-dyed satin ballet flats" $59.99
"chain and crystal twist necklace" $49.99

If I hadn't made a promise to myself to buy any clothing, shoes, accessories etc. until I found a job in the D.C area, I would be all over this. The thing is: I got all these Target gift cards for my birthday and such, which I would be so useful for college living supplies like toothpaste and laundry detergent, right? Except I spend them all on jewelery and my boots and to finance the rest of my little shopping spree. Target has some great finds. I just feel a little bad about spending all of it. yeah... So I cut myself off

And while I'm at it, the j. crew fall lookbook outfits are amazing

These are just a few. They are all beautiful. J.Crew has really mastered that whole thrown-together, effortlessly-chic, wear forever, kind of style. Always great


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  1. awe! i love j crew. i never buy anything from there though. the reason being: when i was like 11-14ish, my aunt used to take me shopping. mind you, she has no kids, so she didn't quite know where to take a teen to get clothes. so she'd always take me to place like j crew or jjill and i would get clothes from there.

    now that i'm about 20, i cannot stand wearing clothes that are 'nicer' because i feel like i look like my aunt. :( so i look more like a teenager now, because i can choose what i want to wear. hahhah. it's a bit backwards. hah but i don't mind!

    i hope that you had a great weekend! thanks for visiting my blog lovely!

  2. Yeah I really want that sweater, it looks so cozy!=) That necklace on the picture is lovely!

  3. Pastel colors! I just loved it... And the fade-out sailor tee looks so cute!

  4. Yow, look at those dip dyed ballet flats! What a perfect classic pair of shoes.

    And I'm on a self-imposed shopping ban as well. :)

    Btw, thank you for following! So glad you like the blog.

  5. i love j.crew! they have great quality clothing

  6. that necklace is AMAZING. it's totally something I would wear! Everyone needs a little sparkle!

    p.s. following you now, follow back if you fancy <3

  7. Obssessed with J Crewwww. I ordered 5 shirts. Oops! I just needed to update my LA wardrobe a tiny bit. And who reminded you of the sale? ahem. lol just kidding!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the collection. My fave are the pink shorts.



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