Friday, August 27, 2010

OOTD: Dorm Shopping

Today I am still living off the clothes I left out for myself, which means they are easy outfits and not always the cutest. However, I like simple sometimes and I love the olive shorts, which I bought a size bigger so they would be comfy and looser, which I quite like the look of

^ Here's me looking like a crazy person since it will take three trips to get all my stuff to Georgetown in our tiny rental sedan :) ^

hanes tshirt
target shorts
sophie watch (nordstrom bp)
minnetonka moccasins
zara bag

It's funny, my bag and shorts match exactly. I didn't mean for that, I just grabbed the first little bag I saw and this is what came of it - is it weird that I don't really mind? This little photo shoot is in our hotel room's kitchenette - it's quite a spacious room, bigger than I expected which is quite nice. The hotel itself is art deco-inspired which is fun :)

So, we drove all over Washington D.C today (and some of Virginia I believe) in pursuit of all the items on my dorm checklist. It is going to take forever to get all my stuff into my dorm room tomorrow, and who knows if it will all fit. Oh well! Perhaps I will post pictures of it all finished tomorrow, if I have time between all the silly orientation things. I suppose I probably will, since I have had time to do this and also check the blog and reply to comments. We have had a lot more free time than I thought we would. It's been fun though, and I can't wait to move in - I guess I'm finally ready for the real world! (or at least semi-real, a couple hours on a plane away from my parents in a big city is a start, right?)

Oh, and I've seen sooo many people with great outfits in the city, and hopefully I can start doing the street-style portion of my blog that I've been shooting for soon. Look forward to that maybe?

Once again, thank you for all the lovely comments and keep it up since I love love love to see them! And as I said before, wish me luck tomorrow, it will be a stretch getting into my room :)


  1. cuute, simple outfits are great!
    thanks for visiting my blog, follow if you like :)


  2. I love the fit of your shorts and the moccasins! I'd love to hear about your experience at Georgetown-- I was in the area earlier this year and loved it. Might be a potential university to consider.


  3. Ah, best of luck moving in! Hope your closet is nice and big, hehe :)

    I really love your outfit! It's very casual, but you've managed to look put together and so cute! I wished I looked that good casual, but sadly I don't haha.

  4. Love this look! I'm a university student as well! Dorm shopping and such can be so stressful :(

    The shorts are awesome!

    Love your blog! now following :) maybe you could do the same? Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting :)

    much love,

  5. Thanks for the comment :) I'd love for you to follow :) Great blog!


  6. Perfect moving outfit. Good luck moving. I remember my dorm move in day. So tiring but then worth it times a million!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  7. I'm a follower, so I'll be sure to check the updates for Georgetown photos and stories. It's such a cool area too!


  8. Hehe cute photos, sounds like you have been having some fun adventures! x

  9. You look adorable! I practically live my life in ourfits like these. ;)

  10. I love those olive shorts! xo

  11. Loving your shorts!
    Thanks for your comment to my blog.
    Mind to trade link?



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