Monday, October 31, 2011

sorry I fail at blogging

 I know, I know - its been an entire week since I last put up a post! It's just been so crazy, what with my mom visiting last week (which was so nice, just what I needed to rejuvenate me for these last few weeks before Thanksgiving break) and it being Halloween weekend... But now that I'm back, I'm making a resolution: I will be a better blogger (kind of vaguely defined resolution I know - but it will happen)

 target sweater
h&m cardigan
street fair pendant
jcrew skirt
gap leggings
aldo boots
coach bookbag

So I've decided that I shouldn't be allowed to choose my outfits the  mornings Nicole gets up after me - it's dark, I'm tired, and I can't really be responsible for what I come up with. I mean yes, I look cute now, but this is only after I came back to my room post-Econ and realized that there was some work to be done (before what was on top was worn with ripped jeans and moccasins - cute pieces, but not right for this particular outfit).

Updates on these, which you've seen way too much:
1) I wear this necklace all the time
2) Boots are still falling apart, still pretty stressed out at the prospect
3) You actually have never seen these legging before (as I don't normally wear leggings in outfit posts, as a good fashion blogger) but they are the comfiest things ever. I tell you, Gap Body makes a quality pair of leggings.

So my face looks kind of weird in this picture, but I liked how it was movement-ey but not blurry - why do I attempt to explain my thought processes?

Happy Halloween everyone! It's weird, having Halloween on a Monday, right? I actually forgot until a friend reminded me... apparently in the real world trick-or-treating and other activities and such are still happening, but in college Halloween is basically the weekend, when everyone dresses up (I was Dorothy, in case you were wondering)

Ok, now I need to go do some work before Nicole and I watch a Halloween movie! Halloweentown, to be more exact - I don't do well with actual horror movies... But guess what you can all look forward to from me as a blogger? Semi-regular posting! Get ready for it...

Monday, October 24, 2011

big fuzzy scarf

Sorry for once again failing at posting on weekends! I worked Friday, Saturday and, you guessed it, Sunday too - awesome Homecoming, right? The good news is I just quit! I mean, I am most definitely going to miss all the nice people I met and being around clothes all the time, but it was honestly going to be the death of me...

loft button down
h&m scarf
old navy pants (yes, they were only 97 cents. and yes, I am going to say that every time I post them)
coach bookbag
frye boots
various rings
bracelet was a present from Beth (originally jewelmint I believe?)

 So when I suggested I post here I was thinking how I wanted a different setting, and didn't really consider the golf cart in the background - sorry about that? (Also, sidenote: I've been really bitter about all the golf carts on campus ever since I was crippled and didn't get one. Mark my words one of these days I will take one on a joyride as revenge...) Ignoring my insanity Regardless, really like the colors of this outfit! I've worn the blouse and pants together, but throwing on the burgundy scarf and the black boots really brings it into fall I think. And the weather in Georgetown today was gorgeous! Yay for fall.

Ewwww. Just noticed in the close-up photo that this scarf is a bit prone to dust-collecting. Also it leaves red fuzzies on everything. But I still wear it! It's just so fluffy and the perfect fall color. 

My mom comes into town on Wednesday! I can't wait to see her, it's been wayyyy too long since I last saw my family - and I don't even get to see the rest of them until Thanksgiving! The difficulties of going away to school... Now I need to do some homework, and then actually get some sleep tonight - apparently chai lattes keep me awake at night? Not really what I needed, to be honest. But guess what? We all survived Monday! Have a good night :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

new clothing

Where are these new purchases from, you may ask? Would it be that trip that I took, oh, about 2 weeks ago? Yes, yes it would - clearly I'm really good at posting what I say I will post. I've actually worn all of these pieces before but, being the awesome forgetful blogger that I am, haven't managed to get pictures of them up yet - and they've been some cute outfits!

My cute little burgundy bow-blouse! Many adjectives and no commas... Wore this last weekend to work with my black skinnies and pseud-moto boots - basically felt like a model. It was fun, and made being unable to walk by the end of the day slightly more bearable. 

It's a blazer. It's oversized. It's tribal print. Beth may have tried to talk me out of buying it, but I couldn't help it! Wore it yesterday and, despite all the looks I got from the other, much preppier students around campus, quite enjoyed myself. 

Cardigan/blouse/thing with a really cute print! Wore it on the bus back from New York, and it looks nice layered over a basic tank and some jeans. Also, I really like the detailing around the neck.

Necklaces! The turquoise one you saw in yesterday's post, and the other pendant was in an outfit post from New York. Love them both, and we all know I need more pendants like I need a hole in the head...

As I sit here I realized that I didn't even take pictures of everything I bought! These are just the purchases from my new favorite store (that I don't live in the correct city for. Sadness.) There's also a cute little dress and a new winter coat! I guess I'll just do those later? It's me, so I'm making no promises as to when that will be... But guess what? Now the week is over, and we can all enjoy the weekend! (Except me, since this is a scheduled post and I'm currently at work for an 8-hour shift... but such is life) Happy Friday all!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

common room outfit post?

Upon seeing one of the photos she took for me in our quick little photo shoot tonight (literally taken like 10 minutes ago and shot in about, oh 1 minute) Nicole said, "You should totally make that your profile picture!" To which I replied - "Except... it's me posing in the common room." And that would make my life look sad... Fun story, right? Ok, on to today's outfit, which I quite liked:

urban outfitters cardigan and dress
street fair necklace
target boots

 I got this dress while I was home last fall due to my lovely foot injury - sidenote, being in the Mall of America on a foot scooter? Very interesting experience. Anyways, you can't tell in the photos, but the dress is quite fuzzy, and therefore inappropriate for the lovely spring weather I was going to return to. So I left it at home, to be brought back to school this fall. And here it is! Slightly shorter than I remember, to be honest... And it was quite windy today. There were some sketchy moments.

Yay for one of the pretty things I got in New York! This was $3 at the random street fair Beth and I walked through for a bit, and I've been wearing it wayyyy to much lately. But it just pulls everything together in that indescribable but perfect way! You know what I mean? Probably I just sound crazy, but what's new.

And finally I get to wear my suede boots again! Darn these rainy East Coast falls, they make dressing quite a hassle. Not only can I not wear my suede boots without obsessively checking the weather forecast, but I also have to plan my outfits around the ability to pair them with my green rainboots, or how they will hold up getting wet etc. Complain, complain, complain. I'm done now.

On another note, I'm working a crazy amount this weekend, once again. And it's homecoming weekend! Might be starting to rethink this whole "I want a job so that I can have extra spending shopping money" thing. We shall see. But now I'm going to bed, get some sleep before my Russian midterm tomorrow - wish me luck! Hope you all had a lovely weekend :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

when was the last time I did an outfit post again?

Ok, that was a long title, but really, when was it? I know I did some photo-montage quasi-outfit posts (don't ask me what that description was supposed to mean) in New York, but when was the last time Nicole and I creeped around the back of the Jesuit residence and took photos hoping people weren't staring out the dining hall windows and judging us? Too long ago. So here you go! And not to get you guys excited for nothing, but I'm really loving my outfit today...

old navy button down
gap tank
vintage necklace
j. crew skirt
minnetonka moccasins

 Yesterday was laundry day! And not a day too soon, things were about to get pretty sketchy in my closet... But this means that my favorite shirt is clean! Or was? I always seem to do this - as soon as this button down is clean, I think of a new way to wear it, and then it's dirty and since I'm way too lazy to do laundry more than once every month 3 weeks, I have to wait to wear it again! Why didn't I buy it in multiples?

Love the texture of this skirt. Originally I had planned to wear this outfit with my vintange sunflower skirt, but decided that it looked too country - so on a whim I pulled this one out and it was perfection! Tweedy, dark green (my current favorite color of course). J. Crew really does do it all well...

Ok now I need to wrap up this post without too much explanation of my day! I'm meeting my friend Emily for dinner and some much-needed catching up, since I haven't seen her in, oh, 2 weeks or so? Tonight is tutoring and a cappella craziness, so I won't be back to the room until around 11:00ish most likely... hope you are all having a great day!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

blog award

Sorry I'm such a horrible blogger! I just looked up my last post, realized it was on Wednesday, realized that it was just outfit snippets, and died a little inside. But I have an excuse! I just finished the most hellish weekend of work that has ever existed. 20 hours of work in 48 hours. Think about that for a second. And add on that I horrifically broke my foot less than a year ago? Yeah, fun times... But you know what is fun!? Receiving awards. And Molly, from She Wore Fashion Out, has done just that for me! So here we go:

The Rules Are As Follows...
-Thank and link back to the person who awarded you.
-Write 7 random facts about yourself.
-Pass on the award to 15 other bloggers.

So... 7 things you don't know about me (because clearly I don't talk about myself enough on this blog)
1. I skipped kindergarten
2. My favorite vegetable is spinach (or sweet potatoes? Why am I sharing this?)
3. In high school I was in a travelling all-girls choir and went to England, Italy, and Greece for various festivals/competitions. 
4. I'm currently listening to an Ingrid Michaelson Pandora station, which I have groomed in the past few weeks to play, in addition to copious amounts of her amazing music, contemporary piano and some really great a cappella. Best station ever? I think so.
5. I really like cupcakes (oh wait. I tell you that every day - ummmm, I also like brownies and cookies? And truffles. Let's just say desserts in general....)
6. My favorite movie is Love Actually
7.  I've been watching Gilmore Girls from start to finish for the first time in these past few weeks and am loving it! I'm on Season 3 right now, pretty much amazing :)

Well that was really weird fascinating I'm sure. Now, for the lovely ladies I'd like to tag!

(ok those first two girls are my friends from home, but everyone should check out their blogs they are both amazing!)

Ok, I know I should have more, but I'm horrible and don't read as many blogs as I should! Instead I read international finance, and other fun things like that.... I know you wish you were me :)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Now I need to get to work. I leave you with this, enjoy:

(Laduree macaroons = love of my life)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

outfit details

I was going to post things from New York, but then I really liked today's outfit so I wanted to post that instead. But of course, being me, I didn't get anyone to take photos of my outfit! So instead of an actual outfit post, you get details, snippets, shall we say, of what I normally post. Here we go

J. Crew sweater: Perfect weight for a fall day in the 60's - you may wonder why I need to wear a sweater when it's in the 60's? Because for Georgetown, fall seems to mean wind that could sweep you off your feet (and will turn your umbrella inside out) and very, very cold rain.  

J Brand cords: Gotta love green pants. Except for when it's raining and now you can't wear your rainboots since they are a conflicting shade of green... But did I change? Of course not. Wear the flats and suck it up (and avoid the largest of the puddles)

Well you get to see one of my New York purchases! This pendant is a little cheapie from the streetfair Beth and I perused Sunday afternoon. I just stuck it on the chain of one of my vintage pieces, and voila! This is the second day straight I've worn it... and I don't wear things two days in a row. It just goes with everything.

J. Crew flats: Still trying to break these in. Got to be honest, J. Crew's flats are absolutely adorable, but cut a little on the toe, at least at first. But it's getting better, and who could resist this little zipper detail? 

Well, this was probably an extremely boring post for all of you... But I just wanted to show my outfit off, and this may be the best only way to do it when you are stuck in a fluorescent-lighted room by yourself. Now I would like to bore you with more details of my life, but I have an exam to study for. Yay for International Finance... Good night all!

Monday, October 10, 2011

new york, take 2

So my previous post was titled "new york, take 2," as this last weekend in New York was my second time visiting Beth at Fordham. But my roommate got confused and was wondering where "new york, take 1" was - so I just changed it to take 1, and here you have take 2, with photos of Beth and I in Times Square

Ok so lot's of Beth's outfit is from our shopping excursion on Saturday, so I feel pretty confident id'ing most of her pieces - the dress is from my new favorite thrift store AuH20 in the East Village (so jealous that Beth can now go there whenever she wants), the necklace is from the street fair we wandered Sunday afternoon, and her bag (it's like a mini-me of my bag!) and shoes are from Cure, another thrift store in the village - we just might have done a bit of damage in the Village Saturday afternoon? 

I have to say I am loving her leather jacket though, right? I own a leather jacket and never seem to wear it, but Beth definitely rocks hers. We looked very chic out on the town together.

beret from Canada? (I know, super-specific)
vintage necklace
h&m dress and flats
coach bag
thrifted button down (tied to bag - Sunday was quite warm!) 

Can we talk about how much I love this necklace?  It's one of my finds from my new favorite store, and even though it was the most expensive thing either of us bought there at $24 - and Beth even bought a Burberry sweater - I couldn't resist. It's vintage-y, it's sparkly, it's chunky.... what else is there in a necklace?

Ok, that's a lot of photos for you all to digest and Nicole really wants me to stop writing so that we can watch the Lying Game - so that's all for this post! Perhaps tomorrow I will inundate you with pictures of New York food, or maybe show off my new purchases? Choices... Hope you all had an amazing weekend!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

new york, take 1

I'm in New York everyone! So excuse my lack of posting, but Fordham's internet doesn't like me - we've had to be quite creative to get me both Internet and my photos... Regardless, here is the first post of too many to come, just my outfit from last night when Beth and I went out to dinner and for my (second?) cupcake of the day...

topshop necklace
thrifted sweater
forever 21 skirt
h&m flats
banana republic trench (bottom photos) 

When I picked this sweater up while mom and I were in Minneapolis at "My Sister's Closet" she told me it would look ridiculous. And I said, no, I bet you that it will look awesome on... and it does! Can you get better than shoulderpads and sequins? Did I just say that? Regardless... I feel like it's a bit too crazy for the preppy world that is Georgetown, so I couldn't wait to pull it out in the craziness that is NYC. As I've seen, anything goes

Sorry for the blurriness! Such can be the issue of night photos. We're in Lincoln Center here, you can see the fountain that Beth made me climb on in the back left (I got in trouble, in case you're wondering. Thanks Beth). 

It's my trench coat! I feel like I vaguely referred to it a few months ago when I got it, saying that I would devote a post to its amazingness, and while I regret not doing that, I feel like it's finally time for it to be introduced. This coat alone makes all the trials of my work at Old Navy worthwhile. The good thing about working at Old Navy is that you get discounts at all their offshoots, including Banana Republic - yes please...

More posts to come, I'll show off the scenery, the food, the new purchases! Breaking the shopping ban = best decision ever. Have a lovely long weekend!