Thursday, October 20, 2011

common room outfit post?

Upon seeing one of the photos she took for me in our quick little photo shoot tonight (literally taken like 10 minutes ago and shot in about, oh 1 minute) Nicole said, "You should totally make that your profile picture!" To which I replied - "Except... it's me posing in the common room." And that would make my life look sad... Fun story, right? Ok, on to today's outfit, which I quite liked:

urban outfitters cardigan and dress
street fair necklace
target boots

 I got this dress while I was home last fall due to my lovely foot injury - sidenote, being in the Mall of America on a foot scooter? Very interesting experience. Anyways, you can't tell in the photos, but the dress is quite fuzzy, and therefore inappropriate for the lovely spring weather I was going to return to. So I left it at home, to be brought back to school this fall. And here it is! Slightly shorter than I remember, to be honest... And it was quite windy today. There were some sketchy moments.

Yay for one of the pretty things I got in New York! This was $3 at the random street fair Beth and I walked through for a bit, and I've been wearing it wayyyy to much lately. But it just pulls everything together in that indescribable but perfect way! You know what I mean? Probably I just sound crazy, but what's new.

And finally I get to wear my suede boots again! Darn these rainy East Coast falls, they make dressing quite a hassle. Not only can I not wear my suede boots without obsessively checking the weather forecast, but I also have to plan my outfits around the ability to pair them with my green rainboots, or how they will hold up getting wet etc. Complain, complain, complain. I'm done now.

On another note, I'm working a crazy amount this weekend, once again. And it's homecoming weekend! Might be starting to rethink this whole "I want a job so that I can have extra spending shopping money" thing. We shall see. But now I'm going to bed, get some sleep before my Russian midterm tomorrow - wish me luck! Hope you all had a lovely weekend :)


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